Lilith - Sex Goddess or Lethal parasite - The warning is out


This is a warning to others who stumble upon the tempting lure of the highly sexual presentation of the ancient destructive nature power Lilith. It is warning because through my own experience I have come to conclusion that this sex-goddess-Lilith people are working with is actually a huge and dangerous parasite.
Subsequent research has confirmed this. Josephine Mccarthy has concluded the exact same thing (can be found in the apprentice section of the Quareia course) that people believing they connect to an alleged ancient sex goddess through the Sigil and name of Lilith really connect to a dangerous parasite, which is hazardous to health.

Short explanation would be that it is true that an ancient destructive nature deity or demon (however you classify that being) is still existing, which ancient people refer to as Ninlil, the great destroying wind. People through the ages distorted, perverted and changed the story and ideas about this being (likely due to fear of nature’s destructive forces and humanity’s efforts in controlling and fighting these forces rather than acknowledging and respecting their work and function) to the extent that people would no longer connect to that being any more, but a spiritual parasite would happily step in and pretend to be what these people tried to connect with in order to feed on their energy.

Here is a quote from the apprentice section of Quareia:

“And what is truly sad is that the people interested in the occult and these ancient powers only looked as far back as the later Hebrew texts, and most certainly did not look in any depth from an inner magical perspective. Through the actions of these people and their ideas, a massive parasite has built up over hundreds of years that today operates through this window of the occult ‘Lilith,’ a projection of the female sexual revolution of the 1960s grafted on top of a much earlier projection of a fear of female power, child-birth, disease, and death. It’s always the woman’s fault, didn’t you know…? To this day, that parasite continues to feed on the clueless projections thrown out by budding occultists.”

Another member of this forum also came to similar conclusions about the modern occult Lilith through other sources: Lilith's Real Name: Lady Wind - #5 by Purple

It is true it can give you intense arousal and orgasm like you have never felt before WHILE you are being sapped of your energy, your brain torn apart, and ultimately cancer manifesting outwards and premature death as a result. But I recommend to not be tempted to fool around with the parasite due to intense sexual stimulation, which may be fun, because over time the parasite can dig in really deep, and start to be so intermixed and ingrained in you, that you become a composite being and then it can almost become impossible to get rid of it.

After long enough time it can start to force feed and stimulate you physically without the need for conjuring images in your mind. Imagine driving your car and you get a spontaneous orgasm out of the blue that you did not anticipate or try to seek? Yea it might cause you to become a danger to others and your self.

Of course if you really are already skilled and very confident with various banishing, protection and exorcising skills then it could be a decent learning experience to see how really huge and strong parasites operate and behave. But it can be tough work getting rid of it, if it gets to dig in deep, so again I urge you to heed the warning, especially if you are a beginner in the occult arts.

A normal trait in parasites is for them to dig in to your brain in order to manipulate and control various impulses, hormones, mental imagery, senses etc. to spur you to release the kind of energy the parasite is feeding on. So whatever your desires and perceptions are the parasite will induce and fabricate the necessary images, sensations and presentation to dress up and act like the fantasy you may have about this Lilith. It will seriously mess with you mind.
It will even try to take control of your body and push you out in a true out-of-body experience (happened once for me where I saw my self from the outside while looking at this huge aggressive energy around me and within me). And this parasite (and others) will fight for its new home, turf and host, which is its food source, so if you resist the harder it will break you down, stir up your weaknesses, imbalances, fry your brain etc. to regain control over you so it can feed, if you happen to die in the process that is no concern to it.

These parasites are dangerous and I mean life-threatening, so step carefully.
But yes you may experience many months or longer with fairly decent and pleasurable sexual arousal and satisfaction without any super alarming exhaustion, weakness and ultimately sickness depending on how healthy, fit and balanced you generally are, your inner immune system, your natural interest in sex (which will be greatly amplified by the parasite) and all kinds of other factors. But eventually you will be destroyed and drained over time.

Of course I might be wrong and maybe I connected to a sexual parasite while others connect to something, which is not a parasite but a true deity, I cannot be 100 % certain about this…

… But again my own really intense and thorough experience along with these various sources corroborating my own conclusions makes it feel right for me to strongly warn people who may be tempted (and also due to posts on this forum) to connect with this Lilith parasite.

And please notice I am not trying to insult anyone with other ideas and experiences with this Lilith, even though I am also truly putting out these words to those who now have a connection to the sexual Lilith to prompt them to think a second time and assess their situation very carefully before they conclude that it is indeed a deity they are engaged with and not a massive parasite actually causing serious damage to them selves.

This is an attempt to help through warning, so other people do not have to suffer needlessly or even die prematurely (and yes I am not exaggerating here).

So take care and best of luck to your journeys in the occult world!



I mean there’s the real Lilith then there’s the common thoughtform created by occultists throughout the years that is very much a parasite. It’s just a matter of distinguishing the two. I find that the overly sexual one while the real Lilith is capable of such. It’s not exactly like her.



Blockquote I find that the overly sexual one while the real Lilith is capable of such

Please clarify? Do you mean that the parasite is, in your experience, the more overly sexual of the two, and that, while the real Lilith is capable of toe curling, she is not SOLELY capable of such?

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Basically saying the parasite is the more sexually focused one. While Lilith the real one is not all about such and when feeling her you won’t go “oh damn sex” the parasite will make you want it, desire it. Lilith the real one is more than just that.


I’ve worked with Lilith for a while, but I’ve always seen her as an ancient Goddess. She can be and is very sexual, but it’s only a small part of her. Pleasure for the sake of it or chain orgasms that become dangerous definitely sound like a parasite, and not the beautiful Goddess I’ve enjoyed learning from.


I called her “female spirit” for a long time. It took me awhile to realize it was Lilith but when she shows up it is give me comfort, like energy bubbles of love that feel amazing and hugs.


Lilith has much more capabilities like self love, love. She is motherly and I went to her via Lucifer.
So I’m reading this as. We have a parasite and we have a Dark Goddess.


Here’s what I’ve found for me…

If I call her using her enn, a very different Lilith energy shows up than when I tried to call her by name alone.

When I call her using her enn, she is all business with me, tells me what I need to work on, and has actually helped me get rid of parasitic thoughtforms in the past.

Basically willing to help me become better.

There were only a few times where there was intimacy between us in dreams, and those times did not consist of sex even though we were both naked.

It was mostly hugs and playful caresses, like old lovers that have known each other for a long time.

She will kick you out of the nest if she thinks you need it though to make you tougher, and if you piss her off she could send an unwanted entity to mess with you.


Beginning work with her was difficult. Maybe your energies just clash? Also, have you thought ahe could be draining you of your energy in an attempt to purify it?

Not saying this is the case or trying to call you out just some thoughts.


Lilith is amazing. Sounds like the “parasite” you encounter is a trickster.


The Lilitu were a race of Mesopotamian wind demons. You get a reminder of that when you upset one and a freak storm blows in and blows a tree down on your house. True story


That was quite something :joy:


Hey everyone,
Thanks for your inputs and insights and for sharing your experiences.

I have learned a lot from this experience, forced to apply even more discipline than normally, to study and practice more magic to solve the problem on my own and learned a lot about this class of spiritual beings and toughened my inner immune system etc.

Nothing like getting a hyper-focused and alert state of mind automatically and effortlessly, when you are thrown into a crisis (that is if you actually have a survival instinct). That is one of reasons I think of crisis as a gift potentially (if you survive at least), lots of opportunity for development, change of your habits, open your mind and sharpening your senses etc. (even more than in our everyday training since you are forced to be much more alert and driven to survive).

So yea I may even end up thanking this parasitical being for challenging me, which ends up teaching me a lot in many ways.
Never the less the warning is still out, since lots of devastating damage was done as I explained in the post. Someone just may die one day to this being. So I think it is in order to call out a warning.

I do see things from an inner perspective in vision also, I do see energies all the time (while not in vision) and other things and sense things in order to correctly assess the whole scenario.

Anyone who has ever had the slightest experience with a true spiritual parasite, or even just studied or observed one from a distance, knows the tell tale signs and characteristics of any spiritual parasite. I won’t repeat those, since they are in the original post.

But again beyond no doubt this was a parasite, but an unusually massive, tough and intelligent one, which makes sense since if it indeed is operating through the window of the occult Lilith and has fed, grown and become experienced through hundreds of years, it can have become big and powerful to almost resemble a god.

Even just on the same day of my ritual (which was done in order to learn some specific things related to sublimation of sexual energy), did I ask this being to leave again, since all my alarm bells started ringing, but a parasite is not negotiating, it will just fight for its food if it is able and has to be taken out with force.

Things get very complicated here because I had a strong telepathic connection to another living human being around the same time and over a small period of time this parasite completely copied this other person’s energy and image pretty well (and in very intelligent ways, where it would act on the same time as me and my human connection would meet telepathically, which made it even more difficult to expose the bugger… a smart one), which fooled me for a small period of time which made me feed it a bit.

Parasites are skilled craftsmen in making just the illusions that you want, whatever you want it to be, it will present it self as that, in order to satisfy you and thereby feeding on your energy through the release of your emotions. But if you are certain and safe then all is good and well and you don’t need to listen to my warning, all wonderful.

Though after it was exposed through vision I started strict starvation of the parasite (and it started using other imagery when I no longer reacted to its imitation of my human friend), which made for a good ascetic challenge with sexual abstinence (I believe that not using magic, if you can manage without gives you the chance to develop a stronger inner immune system, will power among other things, and in the long run become stronger than if you armor up too much).

So after some good periods where I effectively had starved this parasite so much that it lost its grip, became weak and almost sedated I saw in vision how my inner immune system locked it up for the expulsion and composting processes to begin. Great.

I felt so great that I was confident in opening up to my telepathic connection to my human friend again, after we had agreed to not share telepathically while I fought my parasite (who I had been dearly missing through all my self control and battle with the parasite), though unfortunately this was not a good idea because some warm loving feelings between me and my friend would sort of revive this being again to break lose and try to force feed through me again (so yes this parasite is not only feeding on strictly hardcore sexual stimulation, but everything in between, love, caring, hugging warmth between to beings etc)

Anyways then I could start all over, and lots of battles and good challenging moments was forced upon me (which in the end has been good for my training). Only in the end did I start to use the heavy guns with all kinds of banishing, exorcising rituals and visions and protection magic because I was starting to get so alarmingly weak and sick by the this parasite’s destruction and manipulation, which even resulted in very classical symptoms of brain tumor growth along with intense pain in the brain constantly.
So I also had to change my eating habits to starve the cancer growth, reverting to hardcore ketogenic diet without carbs, which worked incredibly fast and now I have no classical symptoms of brain tumors.
So yea serious business dealing with a very big and devastating parasite and I hope you can understand why I felt almost obliged to warn people about this.

A possibility, but also food for thought for you is also to consider that other sources also conclude that this Lilith that people believe is this mother type, sexual goddess or whatever ideas have developed over the years only connect you to this parasite and the original Lilith or Ninlil from Mesopotamian myths is forgotten and NOT connected to anymore by most modern occultists.

Mind you a parasite CAN also have a symbiotic relationship with people where not much harm is done, and if it is fed once and in a while it may not need to mess so much with you, it may only seriously destroy you when you try to resist and throw it out, but eventually over time any huge parasitical infestation will take its toll on its victim.

But yea then we all have something to think about, food for thought. I will take it into consideration what I have read from people responding here, and then with all respect and politeness please just consider for a moment if it not a trickster parasite that you have been connected to as well and not this goddess you think it is.

All the best and may you maintain health and vigor for years to come :slight_smile:


Yeah, no kidding. So let that be a warning to folks who think they are just cute little fuck toys.


Hi there, its me, the guy that last morning wrote on behalf of Lilith to defend against your post.

Now…believe it or not, this whole year I have been in your situation, but I wouldnt call mine a parasite, but a succubus, which would be the proper terms, they are sentient and get hurt easily, and mine was definetly younger than yours.

The thing you need to remember about entities that act parasitically towards us is that in a sense they act like a mirror, it is ultimately primarily our own fault that we end up in that situation, perhaps we did not know what we were getting into, perhaps the sexual temptation was too heavy that we are willing to die for pleasure, perhaps we acted stupidly during a ritual and pissed off the entity greatly, in any case, it is primarily our fault when this happens, as we went looking for trouble by giving them an in and not knowing the rules of the game and how to comport ourselves.

I had mine tell me she had loved me, giving off a vibe of being hurt (although she could have lied).

When i asked another member to contact Lilith for help on my behalf, apparently she frowned as she had no idea about this, in other words, this succubus went rouge.

Now, I see you are handling it and learned to become sexually abstinent to avoid her feeding, I wish I had had that strength a year ago, or at least understood how it worked without being scared at first and just let her do her job, maybe things would have gone different. reminder, she came to me, not the other way around.

You are in control, they can only feed on what you give, remember, you are in control, and if it is a pissed off succubus, try asking someone on here to contact Lilith for help if you need to.

I believe most Succubi hurt you because you messed up on something with them, though I could be wrong, remember, Lilith is not a spirit, but a Goddess, there is a difference


The only question I have is how you invoke her??? Did you build a relationship with her before you ask her for sexual favors??? And what your intentions are with her??? Cuz she is absolutely amazing. On all levels of every aspect of life. Don’t use her name the way you do cuz ovi you did something bad or wrong. I really wanna kuss you out but I respect this site so next time you say wrong things about a certain entity, or deity make sure you know who it is


Yes I remember you :slight_smile:
Thank you for a good and constructive response!
Interesting how you have had a similar experience…

All is under control now, this was never a cry for help. It was to put my experience out there so other people may not make the mistakes I did and at least be much more careful. (I don’t want people to die needlessly)

Under all circumstances I totally agree that all my troubles were due to my own faults and I take full responsible for my actions and I don’t complain :slight_smile:

The whole discussion about Lilith (well or should we say the original ancient Ninlil, who the concept of Lilith has developed from) and whether it is a massive intelligent parasite that is fully capable of making the necessary illusions in people’s minds to make them perceive the parasite to their own ideas and expectations or a true deity that many people claim I don’t know. I am not certain or convinced about anything.

I have to explore more, look from an inner perspective in vision and research more to get to the bottom of it.

But luckily we do not have to convince each other about anything in particular to get along, but sharing experiences and opinions is always healthy to get new perspectives to dig further into.

So once again thanks for good sharing and have a nice day

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First of all I am sorry that you have been offended in some way. That was never my intention.

But if I understand what you are saying, then you get the urge to curse (kuss) me out because I share truthfully my experience and start a civil discussion with respect for other people’s opinions?

Look we do not have to threaten each other on a forum, where people are entitled to their own opinions, where experiences and links to research can be shared for people to learn from each other.
To get mad about such things that is what doesn’t seem right here.

It is good to hear that you have amazing experiences with entities, so go and be happy and do your thing and feel free to disregard my story and links to sources and feel free to see it all as nonsense, but there is not the slightest need for hostility here.

In regards to your questions I must conclude that you have not read my texts, since the answers can be found there, so if you really want to know go and read what I have written and hell who knows, you may even learn something new.

Peace bro and take it easy


I know the son of Ninlil, and based on what i know so far about Lilith, I don’t think they are the same being


Yea I agree,
I am exploring this possibility that Ninlil is real and still existing as a destructive deity/demon that you CAN still access (but most people don’t), while Lilith the way she is perceived today is a fantasy made up by human beings BUT sort of made come true by a powerful parasite, who said ‘yes thanks’ to all that emotional energy poured into the inner realms by people trying to connect to something which didn’t exist and it said: 'oh but I will make this Lilith exist for you, I can dress up and put on a show for you, don’t worry I will be anything that you like, while I suck your life force".

So yes we absolutely agree that they are not the same being, Ninlil and Lilith, where Lilith seems to be the giant parasite attracted by people’s imagination over the years and Ninlil the actual ancient deity.

BUT as I said I have not drawn any final conclusions and I am still searching in order to be sure. But I must say I am inclined towards this possibility that I have described, due to my own intense personal experience, which later let me to pretty solid verification of my own experience by trustworthy sources…

Speaking of which:

This is a link to a text written by Josephine Mccarthy about demons in general and modern misconceptions about demons where Lilith is also discussed:

Here are the most relevant quotes to this discussion, but of course the whole text is interesting:

“It is also interesting to observe that in today’s world, demons are seen as things that corrupt, control, or possess the individual. This is a massive swing from the early idea that ‘demons’ controlled nations, nature, etc.”

“Powerful parasites, which we will cover in the next lesson, are also destructive beings. These are usually the ones that pester individual humans. What differentiates a parasite from any other type of destructive being is that a parasite behaves the way that it does in order to feed itself, whereas other destroying beings (deities, angels, spirits) are destructive because that is what they do: their actions and functions are potentially destructive to us, but are not destructive per se.”

“‘Demons’—i.e. destroying beings—do not possess people; parasites do.”

“The destructive forces that flow through natural events work in tandem with angelic beings and deities, and are sometimes identified as destroying deities. Some of these destroying deities in nature became ‘reclassified’ over time into being demons. Of course, wherever there is the word ‘demon,’ the young modern occultist sits up to attention and reclassifies it again as a ‘deity,’ but still within their modern fantasy form. My favourite example of this is Lilith, who started out as Ninlil.”

“Over the millennia, the power we know today as Lilith started out as a powerful creative/destructive deity…and ended up as a pseudo-blow-up doll for frustrated occultists, and a fractured, unbalanced role model for female occultists. Over the years, everyone projected their own issues, agendas, and fantasies on this identity, and as a result the true nature of this being is largely ignored—much to the detriment of magicians.”

“It is pertinent to note at this point that the names of the deities often changed, switched, bound together (Mami/Tiamet/Ninlil/Mullitu/Ishtar), and drifted along with the twists and turns of societal development. So when you come to do further research, keep this in mind. Also keep in mind that some of the early translations and interpretations of the Sumer texts have been rewritten by lazy researchers who assume much by way of their own religious and cultural stances. So you have to dig deep and beyond general articles: you have to go back to university texts. I have provided some links to get you started. You will know when you spot the quality research… the bells will ring!”

“Ninlil was the partner of Enlil (the male southern wind), and in the cuneiform texts she is sometimes referred to as the north wind. She also gave birth to the war god of the north wind.”

“So we have a female power who exerts influence over the winds (both inner and outer—remember, there is a difference), the underworld, the land, and the stars. As things get out of balance, her influence brings destruction in the form of storms, disease, and death to sweep away imbalance.Over time Ninlil morphed, and by around 600bc she had become a wind deity who heralded death and destruction: she became sidelined, viewed as something negative, something to be feared. This happened to a lot of the early, powerful female deities in this region: they were either suppressed (for example Asherah) or viewed as evil—the beginnings of demonisation.”

“The feared wind/destruction deity continued her descent in the eyes of man, until she was identified as Lilith or Lilit, a night monster who ate babies and made men masturbate at night (hey, let’s blame it on a woman…).”

“But it didn’t stop there. By the time we get to the 6th century ad, she appears as a female demon in magical inscriptions on demon bowls and amulets. Somewhere between 700 and 1000 ad we have another shift in the story of Lilith, as depicted in the Alphabet of Ben Sirach: she becomes the errant first wife of Adam.”

“In modern occultism, Lilith has been bandied about in all directions as a goddess of lust, sexuality, childbirth, dark moons—you name it, people have pinned her attributes to make her fit their occult views in accordance with the society fashions of the time. From the end of the Victorian era in Britain to the rise of the wild sixties, Lilith was pointed to as the goddess that flouted the norms of society…or became a nice cuddly mummy goddess who loved women and babies.”

“It would be hilarious if it were not so sad.”

“And what is truly sad is that the people interested in the occult and these ancient powers only looked as far back as the later Hebrew texts, and most certainly did not look in any depth from an inner magical perspective. Through the actions of these people and their ideas, a massive parasite has built up over hundreds of years that today operates through this window of the occult ‘Lilith,’ a projection of the female sexual revolution of the 1960s grafted on top of a much earlier projection of a fear of female power, child-birth, disease, and death. It’s always the woman’s fault, didn’t you know…? To this day, that parasite continues to feed on the clueless projections thrown out by budding occultists.”

Here are some of her sources:

The old Testament
Early medieval Christian writings
Biblical text of Isaiah (34:10–14)