Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

Hey All,

I contacted the archangel Raziel, and received some mantras and Words of Power to help out the beginners that come to the forum and don’t know where to begin.

These mantras are safe, and have been peer tested by a handful of experienced forum members, but feel free to take a look at my post history if you are wary of my motives for releasing them or about trying them out.

I will state here at the beginning, though, that a few of them do produce a highly energetic effect, and so do come with a warning from Raziel.

These mantra can be either chanted or vibrated.

To connect to your innate divinity:

EH - TA - LA - VEE - DEH - LUM

An alternate pronunciation of the above: EE - AH - TA - LA - VEE - DAY - EH - LUM

I have found this mantra to be very centring and grounding. It feels like I am a rock within the tumult of reality, unmovable.

To raise one’s vibration and loosen and remove negative attachments, including parasites:

AY - EEM - MA - TA - AH

Raziel’s warning: This mantra will remove all unhealthy energetic attachments, including attachments to vices, addictions, abusive people, and obsessions. When these things are removed, you may feel a sense of loss, especially if they are deeply entrenched within your energy system. One tester found themselves losing the urge to indulge in their smoking habit after chanting.

If you are host to a parasite or other vampiric entity, vibrating this mantra will shake them loose and drive them off. However, it won’t be pleasant as they will fight back and try to get you to stop using the mantra.

I felt this mantra vibrating my entire being, and my body tingled with energy up to a half hour after using it.

Note: This mantra should be used in conjunction with other protective measures, such as wards and banishing for full protection.

To manifest material needs:

AH - AH - TEM - EE - EH - LU - THOTH

As you vibrate this mantra, visualise what you need.

Raziel’s warning: Do not try to use this mantra for greed. It is for what is really needed only, not what is wanted. Failure to abide by this may result in either the mantra not working at all, or backfiring.

One tester reported that this mantra gave him a great sense of peace, despite his desperate situation.

To unlock one’s magical potential:

HEH - EE - LAH - AH - EE - EH

One tester reported this mantra put him in a light trance, and I experienced a light influx of energy into my head and solar plexus.

Please give these mantras and words of power a try, and feel free to post your results. May they help you in your Ascent.


The very last one, seems to be a good way to get ready to do a ritual or working. Chanting it, DID get a light trance going, very quickly. It brought the energy I usually held in reserve to the forefront for use. Useful especially for those who have difficulty realizing their strength, or who struggle with using energy.

I honestly think that if practiced intensely a bit, you could bring your own life force or soul to the front and use a bit of that in workings. Potential for danger is there, so I think that a little caution is needed with this one. I dont think it gives anything energetic, at least that I’ve noticed, but I do think it is a very good tool to help manifest or empower something yourself.


Thank you, I will test them and tell you the results.


Booking marking this instead of the test thread. I wrote most of them down in the beginning, but prefer to double check I copied them right lol. I like that they are all in one post instead of several replies now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a beginner what did you mean by unleashing magical potential?


Is the “E” in “VEE” pronounced like “VIIh” or like a prolonged phonetic “E” ?

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I think he meant removing energetic blockages and thinks like that, that will help you sensing energy and basically empowering chakras and things like these


A prolonged E.

It basically charges you up.


How is AH-AH in mantra for material needs pronounced? Could you write it phonetically if it’s not too much of a bother…sorry to be the pain. X


It is already written phonetically. It is pronounced AH as in father.


Bookmarked, I plan on using these for the maiden run of my mala I made. I don’t plan on starting that for about 2-3 weeks. I will try to remember to come back and update.


Before I went outside I chanted this and I feel chilled out after 3 minutes of chanting only


You are right, thank you so much.


AY as in pray or as in light?


As in pray.


@DarkestKnight can you help with pronunciation of HEH LAH and EH


HEH is pronounced like in the first part of the word help

LAH is pronounced like the word law

EH is pronounced like in the word exit, without the x and it part.


I would like to offer something of respectful conjecture on the pronunciation of the word law

@DarkestKnight, in your home country accent, would you say the word law with a relaxed ‘ahh’ sound?
Compared to in the UK, with an English accent, when we say the word law, we purse our lips slightly making an O shape, as if we are about to whistle, which then produces the W (double-you) sound at the end of law.

I’m only saying this to highlight the difference in accents heard in other countries. I would think yada, yada, yada or blah, blah, blah or shah or even aagh (as you jump out of a tree or stub your toe) would rhyme perfectly with the word of power LAH ?
Since phonetics are often described for English language yet the sounds of words differ in other parts of the world.

I can see why you say Lah sounds like law in your accent spoken with a more relaxed jaw and I just thought I would offer an alternative perhaps more similar sounding word choice.

Honestly, I’m not nit picking here, just noticing a difference in accents.

Nah?? Aahh. Here’s me going blah blah lol.

Lah… :blush:

By the way, thank you for sharing these words of power. I’ve not used them yet but I will do as they have grabbed my attention.


I didn’t think of accents, so thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Bumping this thread for the newcomers.


Actually, thinking about it, me saying

That seems a bit lame.
Should have said it like this… LAH sounds like aagh (as you jump through a window, or out of an about to crash helicopter to save the damsel in distress and save the world).
You know, just to keep it real :blush: