Hey my name is aisha I have zero experience in magick I’m here to gain insight on parasites and tar sprits as I might be dealing with them


Welcome @aisha222

Where are you from?

What makes you think so?

I’m from India

It all started when my best friend and I used the ouija board back when we were 15 we came across this sprit who claimed to be a higher level demon back then we dint know what it was later we found out it was a parasite that was feeding off of us we then got it killed but apparently I kept on attracting more parasites and tar sprits because of my unhealthy mindset.
I looked up more about these things and read this post about astral parasites that attaches itself to the base of its hosts brain inducing anxiety and sense of danger the parasite however does not create anxiety just heightens it which is precisely what’s going on the past few days. I’ve gotten parasites killed before but I’ve never felt this anxious and threatened I just want to put an end to all of this and to know how many of these are around me for me to feel this way.I’m scared do something on my own as the author of the post I read specified to have an experienced healer remove these parasites

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And how, exactly, did you do that, if you have no experience in magick? :thinking:

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We got someone else do it for us but that’s not the point they keep coming back


@aisha222 I have a few clear suggestions:
Go out and Walk, Swim, Exercise…

Talk to as many People as possible:
parasites are drawn toward loners…

By the way, how are you doing Today?

Nir666 :black_heart:

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Try both of these:


Someone else on here had a similar case, also a spirit stemming from an Ouija board, that kept coming back. When they called for it to be removed, they left for a while, but then they came back the next day.

So my advice would be to use the mantra @DarkestKnight suggested, and use it whenever you feel they are nearby. Secondly, I’d suggest learning a good banishing ritual and then practicing it twice daily.


Book Marking that thanks @DarkestKnight

To the OP I agree with both of the above posts.


Thank you,I’ll try them out.