The Keys of Ocat: A Necromantic Journey

Hey @dagar :blush: watching the movie djinn at the moment… thanks for asking!!! And i am looking forward to know all about Keteriya’s journey :blush: @Keteriya


@Keteriya has managed to use @Anziel_Merkaba as a damned good excuse to be lazy. First I was moving apartments and getting ready for his visit, so I had lots of mundane things to do. I’ve had some servitor work come in, and well I’ve been lazy as shit, days I haven’t felt well because of my lungs and changing weather, days my kids were here etc.

I have however noticed a presence in my new apartment despite regular banishing and cleansing. It was pretty easy to ignore when I had company and the kids here but now that I’m alone, it’s ramped up to a very spooky feel and the knowing that whatever it is, is trying to get my attention.

I find it baffling since I lived on the other side of the damned wall since July, and previously haven’t encountered it. I almost feel like with Samedi and Kalfu’s surprise visit last week, and the fact they keep lurking in the background that it’s a reminder that I not only choose this current direction, I’ve been asking Samedi about it for months.

I sat in the kitchen the other night, ignoring the feeling to the best of my ability of this thing trying to communicate with me, feeling rather freaked out once again and going dammit all, I know I said I was ready but now I’m not so sure.

I find it intriguing and strange how when I use Samedi’s methods of summoning the dead to me, in droves for tasking them and giving them payment for my tasks, that I feel none of this fear. I can feel them coming to me, feel them coming near, listening and then they leave.

Yet when it’s something like this, something I didn’t call, it’s downright scary and creepy feeling to know it’s there lurking and watching, wanting my attention, wanting me to do something for it, rather than to do something for me.

I intend to get back on the ramble train tonight after @Anziel_Merkaba gets to bed and see what this new dead wants from me, I put out the energy that it could visit me for communication while I slept, as that tends to be the easiest way for me to get direct communication and it’s since ramped down, and while I can feel it lurking it’s no longer trying to get my attention. I do however know that ignoring it won’t work and I doubt that Samedi and Kalfu’s surprise visit was entirely unrelated, though I’ll leave room for human error as it was a shit show of hilariousness that seemed to be unrelated to anything other than my visit to the public defenders office.

So Idk, I feel like Idk how to relay my thoughts in a way that make sense to anyone but me, as I am of course bat shit mother fcking crazy and the weirdness is totally getting itself on in my bathroom…


The fear seems to stem from the fact that you didn’t have any control or say in what’s happening. Honestly I would banish it for coming in uninvited as to me that Is a breach of your authority. At the same time I understand your want to help it. It probably senses that and came to you because of it.

At the end of the day if it’s harmless id go ahead and do whatever you want but I feel like this could be a problem in the future if you don’t figure out how to say “this is my domain and you will respect that by asking for permission to enter”. Then again I might be completely off the mark so take what I say with a grain of salt🤗


I agree to an extent. I was discussing with Anziel the other day, about how this is why I have such a hard on for being the operator, this is why I don’t do invocation or any type of possession, because I dislike the feeling the dead bring with them, when they are trying to get my attention, when they are doing nothing more than watching me etc.

I agree, except the issue tends to be an issue, when I enter their domain, not the other way other around. I don’t have many just wander in through my banishing and warding, but… when they seem to be attached to a place before I walk in, that seems to be the issue. I notice this one the first night I spent in here, but there was so much going on, that I didn’t notice it to the extent I have the last few days. It seems to want to communicate with me, which is fine, but I’m not sure why scaring me is the way the dead get that across to me. If they strolled in like Samedi and Kalfu or pretty much anything else when it comes knocking, I don’t feel like I’d be as scared.

I’m not sure that makes sense, my fear seems to be almost entirely exclusive to the dead and shadows and I’ve not encountered a shadow since I began merging with the created shadow the last boyfriend sent to me for protection.

I just know, when the dead are here on their own, and not because I called them, it’s creepy and spooky and hard for me to keep control of my emotional states, and my fear.

Seems like this is what I was going to work with Anpu on, this irritational fear. I know I won’t let them hurt me, that I’ve got several things going on for protection and I’m pretty sure it wants help of some sort, so to fear it is ridiculous.

Yet I find my heart racing and fear creeping in, if I’m not careful.


Irrational fears are much worse than rational ones trust me. I’ll see if I can find some stuff over the next few weeks to help you.


3/31/21 Nonsensical Rants. Pathworking My Current Past Life (Shadow Work) - #76 by Keteriya

3/31/21 Meeting my new Dead Friend

I think I can get off the pissed off at dumb fcks train, and get back onto the ramble train and discuss my new dead friend now. I’m a bit flabbergasted by my encounter and the dreams from the roughly hour nap I incurred afterward. I was originally going to do a bit of a ritualistic thing and in the end opted for more simplistic, so that I could kill two birds with one stone- projecting and dealing with this dead that seems to want my attention.

I’ve found the early morning hours to be the most conducive to projecting and journeying for me. I’m not really sure why, as those are also the hours where I am finally able to begin sleeping more deeply. It baffles me how my own body and biology differs from everyone else’s, I simply know that it does. It’s not from years of working third shift, though I’ve heard people say that will fck you up my entire life, I’ve rarely worked third shift and never for any length of time. I loved it when I could work it, but usually 3rd shift and 1st are the two most demanded shifts for employers, and if I had tenure I used it towards putting myself on first, as that works best with children.

At least it works best if you’re the one that has to take care of them 100% percent of the time when you’re home. I’ve found that being on 3rd shift, means you’re expected to be up with the children during the day, cook lunch, clean cook dinner and somehow still make it to third shift functioning, despite the fact that if you napped at all, someone needed a diaper change or fed or something that the other person in the home just couldn’t handle so, third shift is not conducive to living, when you have small children, even if you shouldn’t be the only caretaker, but you find that you are.

But it never seems to matter how I explain it, whoever is on the other side of the conversation doesn’t get it so lets get along to business. I know that the early morning hours are the best for me to project or journey. I decided to take advantage of that this morning, as I already invited this dead to come to me in my dreams, and then was unable to produce a deep enough sleep to actually be conducive to communication the last few days. I figured if I’m going to fail to keep my end of that proposition, the next best thing would be to project to the dead and see what’s up.

There’s very little chance of me entering a deep sleep state, while laying in the bigger bed. I’ve tried sleeping in it and honestly it hurts both my hips, I toss and turn and can’t remain comfortable for more than roughly two hours. That makes it the perfect place to project from however, as I can get into a pretty deep trance, and keep awareness due to my inability to get comfortable.

I’ve been saving this death oil, that I concocted a few weeks ago from Connolly’s recipes and my gut instinct. I was originally going to use it and even sat it on the radiator to warm it up, then changed my mind last minute. I didn’t feel like it was the right time to go experimenting with shit, even if it is supposed to be able to enhance spiritual communication with the dead.

Instead I laid down on my left side as I always do when projecting, in this awful bed. I was alone, Atropos and Fairy were goodness only knows where and everything was quiet. I’ve using @DarkestKnight 's mantra for connecting to your inner divinity, when I want to project for a few months now, and I don’t know why but it seems to help. I know everyone else reported that it was very grounding, yet I find my odds of successfully projecting increase so significantly that I rarely fail to project when using it, and when I’m not using it, I get out maybe 1 every 4-6 tries.

I keep thinking it’s something to do with the fact that it is grounding, despite that not making sense to me logically. I’ve often read that in order to project, you need to be well grounded. Grounding is something I have to keep a close eye on as I tend to run high risk for getting fcking lost.

It wasn’t long before I felt like I was seeing through my eyelids. I actually kept squeezing them more tightly closed, as it was daylight and the windows are across from me, and I kept thinking somehow my eyelids were creeping open on their own. Eventually I put a pillow in front of me, where I couldn’t easily be distracted by the daylight creeping through the windows and returned my intentions to getting out, and communicating with the dead in my home.

Eventually I found Atropos had jumped up into bed with me, but she had a friend. Strange, I don’t remember having a kitten. I wondered where it came from, and how I forgot getting one. It was friendly, and I petted it a minute then Atropos went downright ridiculous cleaning it. I had the thought then, that it was one of her kittens. That makes no sense, as while she is still intact due to lack of funds and transportation, she’s never had kittens and there is definitely no other cats in my apartment to breed with her. She was licking the kitten so hard and so fast it’s fur was getting damp and matted.

The kitten looked to be roughly three months old, it was black and white with really long puffy fur. It was almost entirely black on it’s face, and back, and it was really an odd black for a kitten. It a jet black and it was super shiny and soft. It had a small bit of white on it’s chin, the tips of it’s paws and it’s belly. The white bits were as pure white as Luna’s fur had been. Atropos was licking the poor little fella so hard that his fur was wet all over. It was meowing in annoyance at her, but I noticed something kind of odd for a kitten and their fur pattern.

See, wherever the kitten was black, underneath the fur was pure white. Wherever the kitten was white, underneath the fur was pure black. It was strange, and I moved the kittens fur back and forth trying to understand how that possible, when the two colors were such stark differences and you couldn’t see the undercoat until it was damp from Atropos licking it. She was purring, but I noticed the kittens face was disproportionate.

That wasn’t too odd, sometimes kittens can look a little weird and awkward as they grow. This kittens nose seemed to be oddly small for the size of it’s head, and it was a pure beautiful silky black. I was looking at the kitten and thinking well, it’ll probably grow into it’s body and even out eventually. I picked up it’s paws one at a time, and realized they were huge compared to the kittens body as well. Sometimes you see this with puppies and I thought wow, I guess this is going to be a big assed cat someday, because I’ve never seen a kitten have such big paws for it’s body size.

I even wondered how she produced such a furry kitten, as this one would need brushing to keep it’s fur looking nice, and while I’ve seen cats and dogs have babies with fur like the other parent, this one sure had a lot of fur compared to Atropos. I was somewhat annoyed by the fur, as I prefer things to be low maintenance.

That was when shit got a little weird. The kitten was laying on it’s back and looking up at me. Atropos was laying to my right and purring. I was looking down into the little guys face, when I realized something was off. It’s face was not only disproportionate, but… it seemed to be shifting right in front of my eyes. It was kinda wavy, like a ghost or something, and almost humanoid and I was like what the hell. I watched and it seemed like it had a human shaped forehead, and eyes and then I got back to the nose as I watched it’s face and then… I fell back into my body, feet first.

I sat up, more than a little confused. Atropos was near me, watching like she always is when I’m projecting and the kitten was gone, but I had a strange sense of… being wrong. Not wrong as in dangerous or anything like that but wrong in my assumption that this dead wanted me to help it. I had the thought that it wanted to be my familiar, which makes not a lot of sense to me, yet it did appear to me as a weird shape shifting cat, and my real cat doesn’t seem to have any issues with it.

I took about an hour nap after that, then woke up to pounding on my door, which according to my text happened almost an hour prior to when I heard it, shortly after I decided to nap, so I don’t recall my dreams, but I do recall that they were related and that it was good things, figuring things out and how they were going to work things. I wish I did recall them but alas. Somehow my sleep was interrupted so I jumped right out of bed and lost those tidbits, as I almost always do when getting right out of bed for anything.


Thats crazy :flushed:. You mentioned it not wanting to help you. Do you think it wants to hurt you?

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No, and if I wrote it that way I didn’t mean to lmao. I thought I wrote it as in, it doesn’t need me to help it, or doesn’t seem to, which was what I first assumed. I assumed if it was coming to me, it was because it needed me, which is kinda vain and ridiculous and some other bull shit.


Aaaah that makes sense🤗

I know that at first glance, the Angels of Omnipotence, probably sound contrary to necromantic workings. It almost does to me too, and I actually read through the grimoire and found several things that should help me with the necromantic side of life, if applied appropriately. I also noticed, when I was creating simple steps for the initiation ritual, that is quite certain to turn my life upside down, that the articles poster, talks about drawing a circle for a portal in front of you during parts of the ritual.

Portal… Gates… Oh yes, that is something I have been doing here, and like I said- I plan to use many of Tempest sigils, in hopes of aiding my necromantic journey. I don’t think many of the workings will hit this journal, as most of it will be energy work combined with very specific sigils for a set amount of time. I will be posting most of it in the book club for discussion and what not, but the initiation ritual isn’t required for this working, and most of us in the club are not doing it, as far as I am aware.

I started my preparation hours ago. First I needed a shower, followed by a cleansing bath. Then I needed to clean litter boxes, brew floor wash, sweep my floors and mop. I say needed, because it was an energy thing. We already know I’ve had an extra little visitor lately, and it’s honestly not been bothering me but I don’t really want my apartment to become a breeding ground for unwanted things, and honestly. I feel so much better when I get off my ass and do things like this. I don’t do well with clutter and while I’m lazy everything just feels better, when it’s extra clean and I’ve put out energy to empty the place.

I used different herbs than usual, or rather fewer plus one. I used bay, sage, lavender and jasmine. I also brewed lavender, jasmine and chervil tea. I have to say it was a bit bitter but I didn’t hate it. I was working with instinct. I also made incense for the ritual using lavender, lemon balm, and hibiscus. I was originally going to use my cute little hand held coffee grinder to hopefully get the herbs all smashed up smaller as I thought it would help them burn better, and quickly realized that was a mistake. Instead I got out my herb grinder, wishing I hadn’t been quite so lazy.

I began by opening my personal gate. I then proceeded through each of the nine angels, using their visual pathworkings as given by Tempest and imagining opening a gate for each of them when I got to part where the gate on top of the pyramid was to be- similar to how Connolly opens many gates for the elements or other purposes. I went in the order Tempest gave the angels, rather than the order that was found online- thusly meaning I fckd up one of them, and their summoning servant, but I realized when I got the next angel my mistake, and simply repeated without misstepping. I swapped up the wording some, since I wasn’t intending to invocate, however.

With the first angel, I noticed a sudden sharp piercing feeling at the top of my left ear. The next angel I noticed a similar feeling above my right eye. Moving a long to the next and I thought I saw flashing lights right in front of both eyes, then the next I could have sworn there were blue squiggly things swirling in the air- slightly to the left. After attempting to summon each angel through their visionary pathworkings and by their summoning agents, I asked to be initiated then felt led to explain what I was hoping to gain.

I didn’t get as emotional as one might expect, but there were certainly some emotions to be had. Nothing tearful or incredibly dramatic however. I was about to ask the final angel to banish the other either when I heard the words, Forgive yourself. This brought some tears to my eyes, and I asked mentally if that meant they were on board. I heard a Yes. I then asked the ninth angel to dismiss them all, and felt… ripples of energy running up and down my body. It was strange, not quite like vibrations, but more like waves.

I then went and ordered lunch, cuz I’m exhausted and starving.


Fcking A. Idk why I take pictures since I can’t remember to include them.


Floor wash


Simple ritual setup.


That’s awesome!! It sounds like it went really well!! I’m glad :relieved: :hugs:


We shall see. We shallllllllll see.


Cool :clinking_glasses:


This morning, I made cone incense for my necromantic workings-both for use similar to smudging, and for rituals. I also made incense for use with the Angels of Omnipotence workings. For banishing I simply used sage and a binding agent, for the Angels of Omnipotence workings I created several types with herbs and binding compound and for the necromantic rituals I followed Connolly’s recipes.

Connolly gives us several recipes for incense, but I found myself not really sure what to do with those, other than compile ingredients as I had never made my own incense before.

As such, I naturally hit up google.

-Frankincense Information, Resins & Oils

Turns out it’s pretty easy, you mix the herbs, add some binding compound and then mix with a enough water to make a thick paste. After you get all mixed up you either use molds or shape it by hand.

As I was making several types, I washed my tools in between each type, and was careful to know what my intent was to focus on during the process. Energy and intent are really super important when you are making your own tools for magical use. I don’t think people say this fact enough.

I often think that one of the biggest reasons people see spells and rituals fail, is they have no idea they were supposed to be focused on energy and intent. See, the way I see it all those thoughts and feelings and whatever is going on in your mind, while you create your tools or work your rituals affect how effective your tools are and how well you get results. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spell mention that you need to put energy and intent into while you toss in ingredients, but they should. More people would believe in magic if they did, because more people would get results imop.

Honestly I think this is one of the biggest reasons GOM books work so well. The exact steps vary by book and author but often they want you to consider how it feels to not have your result. The point isn’t to make you feel like shit, it’s to raise your emotions.

Emotions are energy, strong energy at that. So they have you raise your energy. Then they have you imagine or feel or think about how great it would be to get that result, somewhere during the ritual, or when you’re thanking those angels or wherever it happens to fall.

So GOM basically asks you to raise your energy, then to direct it at your result. Boom results.

Apply those two things to everything you do with magic, whether or not your calling on entities, and your rate of results will go up ten-fold.

You can thank me later.

Anyways, the point of that ramble train is that I intentionally took a moment to wash my tools and reset my energy and intentions based on what I plan to use the incense for. If you ever wonder why your not supposed to do more than one ritual in a day, or why you shouldn’t have two different candles burning for two very different types of rituals at the same time- well it’s because not everyone is able to do that, and keep the energies separate.

Now then to get back to it, I’ve completed this mornings project, but it will be a few days until I can use my new incense. I’m not sure how they will burn or if the project is a flop but it was pretty neat to try for sure. I have plenty of stuff left over if it worked out well, turns out creating your own incense is actually pretty damned cheap and easy so I am hoping they burn well.

My cones basically look birds nest or some other nature shit. For the most part I used my herb grinder on my flowers and herbs but… eh. It’s not quite the same as if you’d ground it up with a mortar in pestle. My Jasmine was probably a bit too damp, and the lavender was impossible to form but I’m happy with the project for my first attempt. I wasn’t sure if I needed more or less binding compound with the lavender as it kept sticking to my fingers bad, but wouldn’t form into cones for shit.

My cones are also a bit bigger than those I’ve bought in the past- but I’ve never ever bought cones that burned well, smelled good and didn’t explode halfway through so. I figure I can’t have done any worse than anything sold locally around here, and well like I said it’s actually cheaper than any stick or cone incense I’ve bought to date. It would be a bit up front if you needed to buy everything at once, but I only needed to get binding compound and I still have more than 3/4 of a pound of that left. I purchased a pound and used something like 8 tablespoons total so. I’m good to go on it for a while and the pound cost me $12.99 usd, and only took a day to ship via Amazon Prime.


My dreamscape got a little bit scary yesterday morning. I’m going to keep this short and not detail every dream scene and happening but… The shadow that I’ve been allowing to merge with me, began calling my name again a few days ago. I wasn’t going to do anything about it yesterday, but I only had a guaranteed 3 1/2 half hours to nap, so when I laid down, I made the impromptu decision to see if I could use that time to find out what he wanted.

For some reason I was a little bit nervous about opening my personal gates this time. I think it’s because of the dead spirt in this apartment and my sons green eyed monster. It’s one thing to open myself up to a shadow created by someone I love, but it’s an entirely different matter to open myself up to give the shadow control, when things I haven’t fully learned not to fear could stroll on by.

Nether the less, I found myself calling the shadows name, and opening open my gates. Soon, I was somewhere else. It was rather interesting honestly, though it wasn’t places I knew- there were people I knew. It’s not uncommon for entities to jump into my dreams and this dream was sort of an eye opening experience.

See, I already have known that the reason entities tend to jump into bodies that already exist in my dreamscape, is because it takes more energy to take their own form and because it runs high risk for startling me awake, or scaring the shit out of me. I’ve not however comprehended how it worked, and while I like to think I rarely miss an entity in a dream, as they tend to say or do something that makes me go Wait, you can’t know that- because you don’t know that about me, or I’ve never shared with anyone, or I’ve never met you before or whatever. It usually jolts me right into a lucid dreaming scenario, even if I don’t gain control of the dream.

Well like I said, this dream was all about entities jumping into the dream bodies that already exist in my dreamscape. It freaked me out a little bit, because I guess I didn’t realize it was my shadow at first. He jumped into several bodies through out the dream, causing me to not run away, but to keep leaving the area.

He finally got it across to me, that an entity can jump into literally any body, that is currently in my dreamscape. Then when a woman approached, and told him something in the body he was in, he put his hands up next to the left side of my face, and told me to turn to face the other way. I didn’t understand, but he explained that particular body was done. All of the energy it had innately from the dreamscape was gone, and it could no longer exist.

I’m not sure what he shielded me from seeing. Surely they don’t literally deconstruct, or dissolve or just disappear right before your eyes… but I suppose I won’t know till next time as I was afraid of what I would see. It might have been as simple as the body just disappeared from the dreamscape, but I was afraid to see and it probably would have startled me awake.

It wasn’t until the end of the dream, that I realized it was my shadow showing me things- I eventually got to see his form, but I was still a little… nervous, or maybe even a little freaked out by what he was sharing with me. Up until near the end he hopped into the nearest body, to show me how they could move and follow me through the dreamscape, even when I ran. I didn’t run in this dream, but I have run in the past from things in my dreams, that seemed to find me no matter where I went.

My shadow was showing me, that if a spirit knows I am in the dreamscape, as long as there are dream bodies around me, they can enter those and essentially jump to my location. I’m not sure what it is I’m sometimes running from, I just know whatever it is scares me bad, wants to harm me (at least in the dreamscape) and now I comprehend how I can never seem to get away from whatever it is, until I manage to wake myself up, or wake up semi normally.

I’m not entirely sure what good this does me, or why my shadow felt the need to share, but he stopped calling my name after I woke up, I couldn’t forget the dream if I wanted to, so I guess I got the message.


I forgot to mention, that I emailed Connolly before I started this operation. There used to be a graphic file available on her website for the Keys’ of Ocat, I’d seen it in the past but it was no longer available. I assumed everything in the file would be in the physical copy of the book that I purchased for the keys, and I was mistaken.

Yesterday she emailed me back, no commentary or anything but with the graphic file. It has more than the physical book of keys, and while many of the sigils and stuff are in the other books, it’s real handy to have the entire file, so I recommend you reach out to her and get this if you are considering working through the Keys of Ocat and the related material needed to perform these operations.



Did you try her book necromantic sacraments?


I have, I took the ritual for charging items from there, and the initiation ritual I did as well. I haven’t used her prayers or any of the other things she touched on briefly in it however.


Usually I can’t be bothered to do baneful work. A good 'ole FCK OFF takes care of almost anyone that gets in my way, but once in a while, people are dumb fcks. You can take them out to a bar, set them down for a friendly drink, and let them know exactly what will happen if they continue, and well. Somehow they just don’t get it.

I’ve been pretty busy with my servitors and book club, but someone finally pushed me to the line, and well considering there’s only a handful of members on the forum I still respect after the last 24 hours, I now have a pretty open schedule. My book club can figure it out on their own, because I know I sure will.

With all this free time looming on the horizon, I found it a great time to finish up a baneful project that has been niggling at my mind.

I began by mixing to together flour and salt clay.

I then crafted a poppet to resemble my target.

From there, I began creating a mirror box to put the target’s poppet in, so that I would not need to do so after I completed my working. I didn’t have anything small enough, so I made my own box.

After all of that, I was ready to get out my tools and get things ready. I dressed my candles with the death oil I had made from Connolly’s book and set things up the way I wanted them for the working.

I then began by opening the gates of Ocat. I then called upon the spirits that may protect the target, in order to buy them out. It turned out it wasn’t necessary, apparently my targets relationship with them is all an act. This made me giggle- just a little. I then lit my candles and began evoking the entities I chose for this working. None that someone who knows me would expect, but alas- no one actually knows me that well, so no big surprise here.

Payments were given.

Then the working was backed up with my energy and completed.

My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
'Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me
Losing friends and I’m chasing sleep
Everybody’s worried about me
In too deep
Say I’m in too deep (in too deep)
And it’s been two years I miss my home
But there’s a fire burning in my bones
Still believe
Yeah, I still believe

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me
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You’re one bridge I’d like to burn
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Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again

I ain’t fcking around.

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The remains were taken to the creek out back, and an offering was made to the local land spirits to show my respect and appreciation.