Is it a parasite?

English is not my native language, I use a translator, and I hope I can explain things clearly:
I hope someone can help me distinguish whether this spiritual body is a parasite or not.
I have always felt as if there is a spiritual body following me since I was young, which is a inexplicable feeling.
Perhaps it’s the credit of this spiritual body rather than my own intuition or something. That spiritual body may help me predict things, such as meeting classmates on the street later, which university I will attend in the future, and who my roommates will be in college. It will create a strange feeling in my chest to tell me, or use a short statement in my mind to directly tell me. But I find it difficult to distinguish between my own thoughts and the words spoken by the spiritual body.
I have always made wishes to this spiritual body since I was young, written on paper or spoken directly in my heart. Most of my wishes can be fulfilled, such as I don’t want to go to school this semester and want to study from home, I want to transfer my annoying classmates, and I want some money to buy games. Usually, it will be realized quickly. The wishes mentioned here are all realized within a few days. When I was a child, I thought it was scary, but now I’m used to it. I don’t know if I predicted the future a few days in advance or if my spiritual body fulfilled my wish. Anyway, I will thank the spiritual body in my heart.
Last year, when I thanked the spirit body for helping me realize my wish, I asked me what the relationship between me and the spirit body was worth its help. I used a random character drawing function in the game to see its answer. I didn’t know anything about Occult at that time. I feel strange that the character ‘love’ appears, and I still don’t believe it. I think it may be a misunderstanding, but I can’t do anything, so I just let it go.
After reading many posts on the forum, I feel that I have also encountered parasites, especially things that can help you achieve your wishes and create feelings of love, which are very strange. But I have some doubts:
Parasites don’t seem to help people grow, but I don’t know if it’s my own efforts or what. I feel like I’ve been growing rapidly since I was born, and my knowledge, intelligence, understanding and thinking about the world, and psychological qualities have been improving. Especially after I started to contact with spirit bodies last year, I felt that my growth was faster, and I also learned a lot of new knowledge, especially Occult. I have also begun to understand the world from a higher perspective.
But I feel that my life has been filled with pain and despair from birth to now, full of setbacks and misfortune. Is this caused by parasites? Is it a parasite that keeps me in pain to absorb my negative emotions? Or is it that my life was originally so difficult and attracted parasites?
Another strange thing is that the chart of my birth time stated on my medical certificate of birth does not match me at all. However, when I first arranged my chart, the chart that appeared in my mind was very accurate. The solar arc chart even shows the day I first came into contact with the spirit last year. According to the aspect explanation displayed in the book ‘Solar Arcs’, the aspect generated that day is interpreted as a new love.
I started using seal of manifestation and spells two days ago to try to drive away parasites, and I don’t know if it’s working. I recited the spell thirty times today.
The Seal of Manifestation - General Discussion - Become A Living God
天使的力量和咒语 - 新魔术师帮助和介绍 - 成为活着的上帝 (
If you have any good suggestions or ideas, please let me know

This particular entity doesn’t sound parasitic, because it’s not gaining from you at your expense, which is the definition of parasitic behaviour. It sounds more like a different phenomenon such as a guardian, guide or ancestor helping spirit.

It’s not difficult to understand this being could love you if you are it’s descendant.
This spirit could be helping to ward against parasites even.

It can be but it could also be the environment, the people around you and their energy interacting in a negative way.

But once you feel bad and put out negative energy yourself, that is tasty food for parasites that, like ants at a picnic, come for the treat and then make life worse to milk you for more. A regular spiritual hygiene practice to cleanse yourself and repel unwanted entities helps stop that but won’t fix any underlying problems.

you are amazing!! thank you. But if it’s some kind of guardian spirit, can i know its name or seal or something? how to? meditation and ask its name?

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Language/wordy names are a human thing, and they are difficult to glean through subconscious means. This is because the subconscious doesn’t use language, it thinks in symbolism and art… the right side, waking mind, conscious brain uses language and has to interpret the symbols into words. It’s possible but you might have to work at it, that interpretation part is tricky.

What I find what works best, is to make up a name for it that you like first. In a calm, quiet state (meditating), reach out in your mind to that feeling of the entity, it’s “energy signature”. This is actually it’s name, but there’s no words for it.

So direct to that entity, “I’m going to call you x, hope that’s ok.” and then you will associate that name you chose with that feeling of who the entity is. It’s like a special shortcut for you that’s easier for you to use as a human.

After that, I think you don’t need a sigil, but you can either make one using the Rose Cross Method, or get one by asking in meditation. You can use the name in meditation and it will very quickly bring up the feeling, then you can direct the question to the entity “please show me what you look like, or your sigil in my minds eye that I can use for sigil work”. Write down what you get back without thinking about it. You conscious mind will want to insert itself, take control and make up answers, it’s just doing it’s job but it’s always wrong so don’t let it.

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you possessed a vast store of knowledge :+1: :+1:i will try the rose cross method. many thanks to you

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Thank you and you’re welcome :smiley: Best of luck!

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