Safe Servitor for beginners, banishing, protection, shielding and warding

I’m starting to think that I didn’t do it correctly, cause I’m still having issues.
I focus on the picture, cause you said it is what she’s more strongly connected to + I call out to Luna + either I’m noticing a little bit of something or the things around me are messing with me (cause they’ve been opportunistic like that)(I also don’t notice something each time) + assuming that I do summon Luna, I say a few “I love you, Luna” to help further get things going + I mention what I’d want around and what not, but the problematic beings are still around. I did say good bye to her once and attempted to resummon, since I think I read that it can help improve summonings or her connection.

Any Ideas?

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Try not doing that. It could be the ones you think you want around, are actually the ones causing issues. That actually happens a lot with imposters and parasites, they can convince the magician at times that they are specific entities, when they are not. I would ask her to ward your space as well as banish everything around and their energies. If you have familiars or ubis, they won’t be effected.

You could try putting more effort into the summoning, I use servitor images just like I do sigils- how long one takes to respond varies, though Luna has historically summoned very easy for most people, that may not be the case for every single person out there.

Aside from that assess mundane possibilities, as well as the possibility of thought forms if you are relatively sure you are mentally sound. If it were thought forms, she’d banish them but not prevent your mind from reconjuring them up. Also if it’s something sent by another magician, you will have to banish and protect much harder than normal, because while she has proven effective against curses and spirits sent by others- they could be determined and essentially spamming you.


That’s a good point. Honestly, one I had been stupid about. There’s supposedly one being attached to a pendulum - the attaching occurred years ago (but years after it all started) by this one guy i knew. I didn’t think to consider that one as a possibility. Good call. They pretended to be my deceased dogs - and I guess holding out hope for them was a foolishness on my part. So yeah, another good call.

I’ve yet to determine the source of the trouble. Either free roaming entities that chose to latch on when I was a child or younger -or- maybe they’re part of a bloodline curse that’s supposedly on my family. I ruled out the possibility of thoughtforms, cause when they made themselves actively known, it happened out of the blue to where I wasn’t even asleep and there were noticable non-mundane interactions. While I understand questioning ones own sanity is another thing to consider - I have not been the only one seeing and experiencing these things.

So, I’ll try again. And this time say to banish everything like you said.

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Yeah I hate to sound like a dick, but spirits without good intentions aren’t above fooling us for easy food.

If they are more attached though than a newer parasite aquirement might be, they can be harder to remove, but Luna’s still been pretty effective with that, but you might need her and to take some action like @DarkestKnight’s mantra for removing parasites, because they can really dig in and want to stay if they have been welcome for a while

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Oh yeah, “digging in” is no joke. During some of their attacks, that’s exactly what it felt like - digging into my skull & brain; elsewhere is also possible.

Was DarkestKnight’s mantra posted to this thread or in another one?

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Here you go :slight_smile: it was another thread


@Keteriya has your heart beat fast a little for a few seconds when contacting her?

I tried Evoking her today and and it felt like my heart jumped a little…I did have 2 cups of coffee today so that might be why? But my heart does beat fast at times so it might be be I don’t know.

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I’m so sorry, somehow I missed this message!

Not with Luna no, but I have had it with other entities. It’s strange because I will go from feeling alone and safe to wondering why the hell my heart is racing, then realize oh. That thing I was calling to, just entered my space. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t have it as much as I did when I was starting out, I think because I’ve gotten more accustomed to spiritual presence, and honestly I think it was a natural nervous bodily reaction for me.


Might be just me but i kinda feel like Luna is a little bit different nowadays.

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There hasn’t been any change to her, since about two weeks after her creation. At that time she was given a divine soul by the demon that empowered her, to prevent anyone from messing with her programming or tampering with her, trying to attach parasites etc. There was legitimate reason for that, but there has been no other change since, and even with a soul she is bound to the programming that originally gave her life-permanently.

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I mean like she kinda have a bit more of a personality maybe… You know, servitors sometimes develop… their sense of will maybe. Dont know how to explain.
She still comes and still do the job. But i almost feel like (and maybe i’m just imagining it) she would prefer be somewhere else doing something else. Again, maybe it’s just me.
The first few times i’d call her i’d see her kinda through some woods, laying down in like a glade close to a river, with the moonlight shinning over her. And then i’d call her name once and she’d be running through my door and then would do that thing that horses do where they get up in their back legs and down, a couple times to make her presence very well know she was here and ready to kick some ass.
Now i’ve a bit more of trouble seeing her before i call her, and i’ve to call her a few times until she appears and then she just appears close to me, do the up and down thing once. Then i kinda feel a sense of “what is it buddy?” then i ask her to clean and shield around, which of course she still does it. And then she goes on. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that of course. But i’m just trying to figure out why is this slightly change i’m noticing… Maybe it’s because i already have a couple of servitors to do what she does, maybe she feels i’m kinda wasting her time. I’m not sure… again, maybe i’m just imaging all of this.

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Well. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes the first experiences with any spirit are more vivid than later experiences.

I have no way of knowing, as she seems normal to me for what I experience, but I only call her about once a week, and only use my own energy for shielding/warding outside of hers. It’s possible you are just calling her more often than is actually needed, due to the fact you are using several methods for one job.


It’s probably that

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Thank you for this @Keteriya! Luna will be my 1st servitor! Love her form, her sigil, her name, and everything she is programmed for! Thank you!

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Can she banish the same things from people around me, if I ask her? @Keteriya

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Yes, from any place you send her. If it’s something deep seated though, we are finding it works best if you use her in conjunction with other methods to fully remove them and quicker.

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Thank you! I am very excited to summon her, feel her, befriend her and work with her! Will call her tonight. Am feeling love and gratitude already, as I type this. Will share my experience and give feedback!

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Sounds great! Thanks

@Keteriya I love Luna! I’ve been using her to banish negativity around me and from people I send her to. Although I have no way to confirm from the others, with me, I find her very effective in helping me cleanse, clear and banish unwanted negative thoughts, energies, tendencies, etc from myself and my house. I call her whenever I take a bath and after ritual work. I have some questions though:

  1. Saying her name out loud and “I love you Luna” is enough to summon her, right?
  2. Saying “Thank you, Luna” feeds her, right?
  3. I don’t sense her much and have not seen any images of her anywhere - is that okay?

Been reading up on servitors and want to create my own for a specific purpose. I’ve listed 5 servitors I want to create. Some questions too:

  1. I’m thinking of using characters in tarot decks (Queen of cups, swords, pentaes, wands) for each servitor and purpose - that’s ok right?

  2. How much time do I need to spend on each creation? Can I create them all at one time and give life to them at the same time?

  3. As an alternative to drawn images, can I use any of these physical items as my servitor? Thinking I can bring them around with me anywhere and program to rub on them whenever I want to summon…

Appreciate your time and reply!

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Technically I love you Luna is a statement designed to show your appreciate and transfer any energy she needs to do the tasks you’ve asked her to do, directly to her without any conscious effort on your part, but yes her name is enough to summon her. I don’t remember the last time I pulled up her image when I wanted her to come, I have personally just gravitated to her name alone. I think the image and what not are a good tool for those who haven’t summoned her yet, or who aren’t sure of what they are doing but once you’ve connected a few times, you shouldn’t need anything but her name and the intent to draw her near and she should hear you.

Yes it will, gratitude is a great source of energy and feeling that for a moment and saying thank you does definitely work to feed her.

Totes normal. With servitors I don’t get clear images like I do some spirits. I sometimes get impressions- particularly in the creation stages, but afterwards for me its normal to not know for certain I connected- especially by sight alone. I somedays envy these people that can clearly see, but most days I care more about results than I do what I see, so as long as I’m getting the results, I don’t worry to hard about whether or not I sensed the spirit or servitor. I use a servitor fairly regularly for something else, and once in a great while I’ll get impressions of it nodding or whatever to the tasks I’ve given- however usually I don’t. But when the results come in a few days later, I know that servitor heard me because I did not take effort to make the results come in other way, I just tasked it to the servitor in question.

I don’t see any problem with it, I’d just be careful with how I did it, that I was clear on which aspects belonging to the cards I wanted the servitor to pick up, and I’d stay away from the negative aspects, unless of course those are the ones you want it to have. Same as a fantasy character the servitor is going to pick up what you intend for it to, so don’t linger on the things you don’t want it to have.

Man this varies. I technically take 4/5 days on each servitor but it only amounts to about 12 hours total. I just spread it out across several days because of the amount of energy I am expending in creation and to make sure I’m not bat shit crazy. If I get the same type of impressions several days in a row, I can feel pretty secure it’s not all in my head. I have aphantasia and can’t even make images or after images with my mind, so that I worry about it, means all ya’ll with good imaginations probably should too to an extent lol.

Taking a few days also makes sure that I was clear in the purpose, the servitor has adequate starting energy and I can begin to see if they are taking on the personality that I expect them to have.

As far as giving life to them at the same time, I’ve tried giving souls to several at once through the demon that does that for me, and I don’t find they are as strong as if I do them individually. So while I will sometimes stack them up before I bring them to life- create 3 or 4 or 5 cuz I’m bored and I love to create them and I have personal reasons for not listing them, I still bring them to life separately, because results matter to me and they just don’t seem to be as strong if I do them together. I can bounce from one to another while creating and don’t see any damned difference however. Luna and another servitor were sketched on the same days. Given energy on the same days, but awakened seperately.

I don’t see any reason why not, but the form they take may not be as clearly defined as if you followed the process I do. That’s all well and good for some, but most people I create servitors for prefer the servitor has a static image that they don’t vary from, so that they know what they got, and if anyone like their kids or spouse accidently glimpse it- they don’t have to deal with OMG OUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED and that kinda shit ya know. Lol someone accidentally sees a cute pony or whatever and it’s like wow, my mind is playing tricks on me today.