Angels of Omnipotence for cursing

I’ve been reading Jareth Tempest’s book on the Angels of Omnipotence, and I noticed most sigils can be used for baneful purposes.

Has anyone tried them this way? How did it go?

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Nope I know Gordon Winterfield has a book on angels of wraith, that’s supposed to be brutal.

I bought the book you’re referencing but Lady Eva (search function will help) advised against it so I returned it.

I’ve worked with those angels in the book “Wealth magick” by Damon brand and that worked well.

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Yep, I’ve been working on Angels of Wrath and DoM too (I’m throwing everything at my target lol). I’ve also been thinking of using the Master Curse from Magickal Attack, but I’ll wait at least for a month or two because it might not be necessary.

I chose to work with Magickal Riches for money, precisely because I read these Angels of Omnipotence (featured in Wealth Magick) can be a little disruptive.

What I found curious about the AoO book is that there’s a sort of “plot twist” to the lust for results: you can repurpose all that energy to keep fueling the ritual more and more with your feelings.

And each sigil has a baneful side. For example: Ublisi’s Blessing can be turned into a curse, Tulatu’s Make Yourself Lovable can be turned into Make Someone Repulsive, and so on.

And considering how disruptive they can be… I was wondering if all that disruption would have to be dealt with by the target themself. So I was wondering if maybe someone already used AoO this way, and what the effects might have been like.


How did you do that of repurpose all that energy of seeking for results? You need to know transfiguration (emotio/energy) or not?

I unfortunately cursed myself with Angel of omnipotent last year.
My bf of two years was getting distant. He gave me a ring on my birthday. Unofficial engagement. Then started talking to his ex.
I used exile someone aimed at her. Also used make someone make a decision
Well, he exiled himself from my life and chose to friendzone me. He still claims he loves me, but he went back to her, screwed her, screwed our former landlord and called me up last week drunk for some phone sex.
I used another bring someone back into your life and now my ex before him has been hounding me with I love yous.
I created two servitors to curse the first ex that went back to his ex, to where he wouldn’t ever be happy, would get sick, have accidents etc. Well that’s working great. Damned dude can’t make up his mind to save his life. Very unstable, always changing his mind about where to work, what he wants to do where he wants to live etc. Every other week he’s messaging me saying he’s gonna do something different.

We stay in touch because I kept him as a FWB for a bit, until the landlady thing. Now I just don’t know. Can’t seem to break connection with him as we have some sort of karmic thing still unresolved


This makes sense. I think Gordon Winterfield addresses this in DoM, where he mentions a demon that has the power to make somebody make a decision… but that’s it. No telling what the decision will be. And if the operator wants it to be a specific decision, it could be best to ask some other, more suitable spirit for it.

This is interesting. I have Damon Brand’s book on servitors, but I never made any.

I did the Master Curse from Magickal Attack but I have no way to know if it worked or not. Guess I’ll find out eventually.

Try the “Remove Parasitic Beings” and “Protection Against Influence” rituals from Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. I wrote something about it here. I remember right after doing the “Protection Against Influence,” I had some interesting revelations about someone that helped me make a few decisions.

I would also recommend the mantra to remove negative attachments, which you can find here. I was feeling quite (emotionally) unwell and some users recommended those to me, and I’ve been feeling a lot more stable since then.

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