Self harm thought

Sometimes i found myself with self harm thoughts during my magic practice, i want Some chant or Power of Words to overcome it , anyone can help ??


See this powerful thread:

I would call angels, in general. Most will remove those feelings and urges from you. Self-transformations like that are some of the first things angels grant.

Now that I think about it… I find it’s really hard to hurt oneself, or even get overly depressed, if you’re regularly doing any kind of angel work. (Hmm. Tip to self!)

I also find the “Basic Calling” from the book “Archangels of Magic” from Damon Brand to be highly transformative in this regard. Of course, there’s more advanced work in there that’s great for this too.

Here’s essentially the same thing as the Basic Calling from that book, but free:

Also, this isn’t in English like Damon Brand’s version is, but it’s still very easy to follow along. (I think Damon Brand must’ve watched this old video!)

Thank you so much…


You can direct the negative thoughts at an enemy. Throw all of the pain, anger, frustration, despair at them Also, you can clean your aura with a white/gold light around yourself. Might work.