Raziel astral senses chant

Where can i find the Raziel’s astral senses incantation that @DarkestKnight channeled?
I searching for 38 minutes but cant find it on the forum😖

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Everything I channelled from Raziel is here:


It doesn’t sound familiar, no.

What does that have to do with the stuff I got from Raziel? :thinking:


Apparently, according to what I found on good ol’ Google, the Behatiah conjuration is used to call the jinn.

I am not versed in Arabic magick, so unfortunately, I cannot help.

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It sounds like it is probably similar to the Gallery of Magick stuff that uses angels as a sort of guiding hand for the demons.

Remember, in Arabic lore, the jinn are considered to be tricksters and mostly malevolent towards humans, so the angels, I would assume, are for the protection of the magician.