Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

So last H is silent? I felt some minimal internal change by only thinking once about first mantra, i didn’t chant it aloud.

Also, how are these mantras written? I would like to write them in google translator and see how are them spelled.

Yes. Like the word “huh?”

What you mean? They are written the way I wrote them.

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I thought you wrote how to pronounce them, and they are written e.g. for first mantra somewhat like HTLVEDLM

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I wrote them phonetically, yes, but that is the way I received them.


I need a personal computer very bad.
Current pc is already 13 years old and doesn’t work properly

If I use this to get a computer both for working as freelancer and also I would stream games, I need powerful pc so can raziel help me to get that, I don’t think its greed but I want best pc parts I can.
It costs lot of money so would he help me?

Think about this: why do you NEED the new computer? If you can’t find a real reason, then it is greed.

It’s not like a pair of shoes (you can go barefoot) a job (everyone needs one) or just food. If it is a luxury element, then it is not a need. Now, if you use the computer to make a living, then it may qualify.

Yes I will stream games ofcourse
On youtube and twitch to make living

… I don’t think (yet another) youtube gaming channel will be enough to make a living.

So I wouldn’t say this qualify as a need. Sorry.

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So I know we talked about how I used this one-before an exploratory soul retrieval journey once.

Well, I’ve been using it when I want to project for journeys the last two or three days, and I find I get out a lot easier during sessions I use it, than when I just go with the portal alone.

I can’t say I know why, though I have read (idr where) that being well grounded makes it easier to project/obe so. Perhaps that is it?

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I don’t honestly feel any different or more grounded at all, but I don’t always succeed in getting through the portal when I haven’t use it during this time frame (and the past) but I do always succeed in getting through the portal when I do use it.

Maybe should note, I only chant it out loud 5-10 times, to ensure I’ve got it right, then chant it internally from then on.

Actually, that’s not entirely true- I feel safer, when I chant it. Like more confident nothing bad will happen. I don’t have crazy fear of projecting like I did in the past though, so it’s a boost, but not a game changing boost, because I can talk myself through how I always end up safe when I do it- and ease that bit of nagging fear I still have, even when I don’t use the mantra.


I’ve been using last one.
Fastest way I’ve ever gone into trance.
I was also using a singing bowl tuned to the crown chakra and I had a piece of selenite over my 3rd eye.
Briefly, I felt like I was outside of myself even though I was keenly aware that I wasn’t.
Heart rate jumped.
By the time everything went back to normal, I felt amped.
One of my abilities has been in hyper mode since doing this chant.


Hi, is the parasite removal mantra safe? Can there be a counterattack?


Yes, it is safe.

As for counterattack, I did say that Raziel warned that any sort of parasitic attachment will try to stop you from using the mantra.

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Does that mean they can attack me in my sleep? To stop me.

It’s more like they will attempt to manipulate your thoughts and emotions so you will lose the motivation to use the mantra. Remember, you are the food source for parasites, so they very rarely want to actually hurt you; they only want to feed on your emotions and energy so they will try to keep you in certain negative states of mind so you continually pump out the emotional goodies for them to gorge on.


Thank you. I’ll start today.

Bumpity-bump :slight_smile:

Thank you for this! I’ll definitely be putting these to use sometime today.

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