Third eye opening issue

I’ve been trying to open my third eye by visualizing the color purple and it getting brighter and light coming into it but nothings happening like no feelings no visions any advice anyone

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Try also 2 affirmations from the Robert Bruce’s free Energy Work Primer: “My third eye opens” and “My brow center is awake”. Look your image on the mirror at between the eyebrows.
If you have an indigo (dark blue, for example) candle, practice E. A.'s blue ray meditation.
And there are techniques based on body awareness, such as pretending to penetrate your brow’s center with 1 or 2 fingers and stir clockwise then anticlockwise. If you want, visualize but, above all, feel. Gently rub fingertips over all your brow up and down, left and right.


I visualize the rainbow one color at a time and visualize the corresponding Chakra starting with the red and climbing up the spine. The energy should build up as it rises. :sparkles::blush::sparkles:


not sure if i have completely opened mine, but am definitely aware when it becomes active. I think of energy traveling up my body and centering between my eyes and above them slightly. Once i get the sensation, i can maintain it fairly easily. I found another method that helps me is while meditating with my eyes closed, if i visualize my thoughts in that area and then clear them to the right and left at the same time, it seems to begin as well.


There are spirits that can help with this and accelerate your progress. Opening your third eye isn’t much use unless you use the abilities that unlocks to do magick and communicate with spirits.

Swirly purple energy balls are cool and all, but manifesting with magick is a bit cooler, I’d say.


Hi Angel,

I would like to share my humble opinion on this matter.

First, the third eye does not need to be opened, in my perception it needs to be reactivated. We lose a lot of our senses when we become adults.

You are trying to “visualize” with your third eye. This concept is wrong.
You don’t use this eye to see like your normal eyes, but so that it conveys the sensations of images that overlap with what the carnal eyes see. One image over another.

First try to “feel” the physical presence of your third eye. Feel it there.
Start by chanting “HI” like Ri from River or any other syllable that you feel vibrating inside your mouth in the nasal region. Change the tone or volume according to how you feel.

Repeat this exercise until you feel the “physical” presence of the eye between your eyebrows.
Do this in a dark room, free of distractions and lit by a candle at a distance of 4 or 6 feets.

The sensation of the presence of the third eye can vary from person to person but is usually very similar to a light onset of tickling.
It usually hits behind the ears and is concentrated in the middle of the eyebrows. It takes some time to get results.

After that, start with simple things like looking at objects in the dark room lit only by the candle.
In time, for now avoid having any reflective surfaces in the room like mirrors and metals.

Notice, feel the objects one at a time. Some of them might catch your attention, some might not.
A chair, a table or a vase. Look at them and notice that there is an energy around even inanimate objects.
As if it were a kind of aura or the energy carried by people in these objects.

Don’t care about colors or intensities, just “see” the subtle energy glowing around these objects.

Over time you will notice differences between this energy and the way it glows. Certain personal objects have stronger intensity.

After this phase, use a reflective surface. I prefer a shallow black bowl of water, but you can use something else.
Put this close to you and look directly. Don’t imagine anything, don’t force it, just look knowing that darkness opens the doors of infinite emptiness.
Right now, be careful not to enter TSG, that’s not the goal right now.

You will begin to feel your third eye subtly vibrate and keep it that way.
Keep looking.
At some point you will see sparkles and not distorted images. Make no mistake, these are small lights that you will “feel” like a light breeze pushing you.

These exercises take time and don’t rush to get results. Every person is different.
Faith, intention and determination are important factors.

After all this, probably during a summoning, you will start noticing the entity’s forms during a ritual.

Make sure this is exactly what you want. Once that Clair is activated, it will be very difficult to deactivate.
You can start to see things that aren’t pleasant even when you don’t want to.
The third eye is not fundamental or essential for practicing magic.

I wish you good luck and success.


Not necessarily. Sometimes, its like OMG, I’m losing my mind seeing stuff that I know other people don’t see, or OMG, I know other people aren’t noticing these things, I’m losing my mind. Then, you can be trying to scry and be like “I know I am a fraud and making this up.”


I don’t understand what you mean, maybe you can clarify please.

But what is the purpose of activating the third eye if after that the person tries to deny what he has trained to achieve?

Are you calling me a fraud?

No, I’m just talking about my own problematic internal dialog. Most people in my life don’t really believe in this stuff.

Hi, what helped me was the combination of Raziel’s mantra for magical potential, Blue ray meditation and Sohum mantra.


There were other techniques like pressing with the top of the tongue on the palate as because the roof of the mouth cavity seems to be related to the 3 eye and when you press should center and concentrate on the third eye

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I recently realized my problem is that I have a problem focusing on it so any advise on how to better focus on it?

My 3rd eye opened when I entered the golden dawn through the neophyte grade, it says that the neophyte grade contains all the grades in it so it makes sense.

That was with 6 months LBRP, middle pillar, and then a meditation on a hermetic principal.

Yoga and meditation are supposed to be really good too.

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