How to break a blood binding?

Too bad, I would have suggested that B should revoke the worth of their blood offering, visualizing how this blood is nothing but rotten by now and not a vital source of connection.

If a third party is necessary to disband the blood connection I would try to water it down step by step. Instead of a cord cutting with fire the third party could try to literally dissolve the connection with water colour and a piece of paper. I did this approach with a connection that wouldn’t go away with the usual candle flame.

For a blood bond I would probably recommend more than one attempt, for good measure

(I’ve used this technique on a rather fresh and really intense connection, back then. The target grew cold on me instantly and vice versa)


I would call upon the angel Opfaal, from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to free the magician from any kind of spiritual bondage.


But the bound parts obviously don’t want to sever the binding :pensive:

I have the KoF book but I haven’t called any of the spirits from it before. Do you think it would work if the one doing the request is not part of the binding itself?


Mmmmm I would have never thought of watercolors. This seems worth trying.


If you give it a try: do not overthink the process. The bottom line is: the more water you’ll add, the more the vibrant colour (= the rich and vital blood) will fade out. You can get creative with that prompt in whichever way its currently manageable for you.


Yes. Opfaal will work with a third party calling. Many here have had success with him in helping their loved ones break addictions, for example, even when they didn’t want to.


What about that Raziel mantra for negative attachments?

Couldn’t you direct the raised energy at the intended situation rather than thyself by thinking of it and chanting the mantra?

Or is it not the same as the Hindu mantras? Shamefully I’ve not worked with yours as much…:disappointed:


Honestly, I don’t know if the remove attachments mantra can be used for another person. I’ve never used it that way.


I don’t know it, where could I find it?

I also wonder if it would work considering I only know the two people involved but neither know I want (or would attempt to) break the blood binding.

What if the “like” being bound, despite the dynamic?


You can find it here:


Thank you! :blush:


Would not matter with this mantra. It will remove it whether you like it and want it or not, if it’s bad for you.

I’ve used other mantras on other people, but not these angelic mantras yet, so we don’t have any testing for this application that I’m aware of.

I’m almost certain the energy can be redirected like this, but don’t take my word for it since we’ve not tested it lol :joy:

I have no idea how many repetitions or anything. To use it you’d just think of the people, directing it to them as you chant it and raise the energy.


Thinking of the specific scenario between them would be even better though as it would more finely direct the energy to one area, rather than allow it to choose the negative attachments that are easiest or the ones that are the worst.

So choose for the energy for a better result rather than allowing it to make the decision.

Just an update because I shoulda thought of this when I tested the mantra to begin with.

But I didn’t have anything I wanted to remove and was just testing it, and I’ve learned a lot since then about energy and mantras! :rofl:

One of the reasons I’ve not spent more time on dk’s mantras is I didn’t feel qualified because I didn’t have any background/foundations with mantras to base results on.


Thank you so much to everyone!!!

And tbh I think I’ll use those mantras for myself lol I just did the one to remove negative attachments for myself, and it felt really good, I’ll be repeating it often!

I’m still unsure about how I could use it directed at other people though (because of the blood binding I mentioned between other two people)… but I’ll find a way.

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Well chanting any mantra builds up the energy basically, bringing it into your life or readying it for use.

Some mantras it just builds the energy up, you feel it, but it doesn’t do anything.

It’s because those energies don’t know what you want them to do, you’ve basically just built up a storehouse of that energy type.

Directing energy is really simple though and not many people explain you should do this with mantras. I don’t know if I’d have figured it out if I had read one sentence in a Baal Kadmon book mentioning it was why Hindu mantras fail for most people.

They build up the energy and never direct it.

To direct it, doesn’t matter who or what or what situation, or if you know the details- you just to need of them.

Then think about it while chanting. You can even do actions that direct the energy like with sympathetic magic to make the link with your mind that you want the mantras energy to go there- but you don’t have to.

You just have to think about what’s wrong and then the energy knows where to go and what to do.

You don’t need to know how to fix it, the energy figures that part out.

It’s usually easier to chant the mantra without a direction to start with. You’re not used to the energy so it can be difficult to both chant and direct for a bit.

Kinda have to use two segments of your thoughts consciously until you memorize the mantra and can just chant it while thinking.

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Tbh I was a bit skeptical… until I started to chant the words (the ones to raise vibration and remove negative attachments).

I also used the Sword Banishing at the end.

I did the chanting because… what’s the worst that could happen, right? At worst, nothing. But instead, I got an unexpected sense of relief.

I will keep trying to master these mantras for myself and then direct it at this situation I mentioned in the beginning.

That thread of mantras should probably be sticky’d in the forums, it’s too good.

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Conflicting views on whether or not it helps get eyes on the topic.

I’ve seen it help with newer forums, but I think the thought is since this is an older forum there’s too many valuable resources to sticky them all.

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Find a better partner for either, one that will stick.

They both dated other people, but those other people won’t stick because they’re bound


I did it, but that’s because my kid helped lol just found a better one, went back, found one, had kid, went back, kid helped me find a better one that stuck.

It took me ten years and having a kid in my mid 30s.

Now I am free of her lol