Spirit to get rid of attachments?

I need a little help helping a friend. For a long time, his sister has struggled with mental illness. Not long ago, she took a sudden very serious turn for the worse and has been hospitalized for awhile now.

He mentioned to me that he thinks that there may be something attached to her that has been basically feeding off of her already vulnerable mental state. He had asked me to do a tarot reading for him on the situation, and before I even touched my cards, I started getting these really wild downloads popping into my head, and as I was typing them out to my friend, he was confirming the relevance of a lot of it. I think he may honestly be right.

The thing is, I felt really uncomfortable suddenly about reading cards on whatever this is. I’ve never had that happen before, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t. I personally am not trying to become super involved, but I would love to know if there’s a spirit I can direct him to that may be able to help.

Try this


Archangel michael

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Thank you! I’m going to send this over to him to try.

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