Could someone kindly ask any demon or angel that gives true answers the cause of my medical problem?

I have been suffering from malabsorption symptoms for 10 years now, ever since a series of traumatic events when I was a child, when I was raped by a parasite repeatedly over the course of a year. My symptoms are that I have yellow stool, every time I go to the bathroom for 10 years now, weight gain, bloating in my stomach after eating, bone pains and cracking noises, brain fog, cracked lips, and white hair in my hair (I am only 23 years old). Every time I have went to see a doctor they didn’t believe me when I told them I was raped when I was a child by someone else, so they ignored my symptoms. Could someone please ask any demon or angel that gives true answers on hidden things what is the direct cause of my medical problem? Thank you.

Yellow stool- bile pigments are yellow in color, or in shades of yellow. yellow poop is fine unless it’s different than normal, has traces of blood, if it has mucus you probably have an infection. does it hurt? is the texture different? flotation etc are also aspects of it, note what’s outside normal.

weight gain-have you been checked for thyroid issues? how is your diet, are you eating enough calories? staying fit?

bone pains and cracking noises-is it localised to the knee? if yes and it’s often, get checked, might be a patellar (knee cap) issue, or it might ne arthitis. if you’re a cis-woman above 40 have milk or calcium in your diet, else you’ll be prone to weak bones. if you don’t you still might have a calcium deficiency or something else.

bone pain may also be side effects of medications if you take any, discuss it with your doctor.

brain fog- common with stress, anxiety, burnout and the like, have some time for yourself to decompress and relax. if you think it’s something energetic then balance your energies and ground yourself.

white hair- also common with stress, anxiety,and if your water has too much chlorine. chlorine is a bleaching agent and it will bleach your hair if it’s in above normal levels in bathing water, it’s concerningly high where I live.

if you really think it’s magickal, cleanse, banish and protect. I only know Archangel Raphael because I’ve asked him to help in my healing process. Ask him.

If your doctor doesn’t believe you, change doctors, period. Go to one who’ll listen to you. Most will not believe that you were raped by a parasite because many are practical minded, but if you do to one who’s spiritual they will believe you. say your physical symptoms first, then this after you get a prescription.


My whole life prior to what happened after the parasite entered my body and began to rape me my stool has been brown. My stool since that happened changed to the color yellow and bright yellow. It floats in the toilet.

I eat an ordinary amount of food for someone my age. My dad eats more than me and he is much slimmer than me. I am overweight but not by a lot. I am 190cm tall and 110kg, prior to COVID-19 I was 95kg, which is my usual weight.

No. In my whole body. Including my wrists, arms, and legs. I don’t take any medications.

I would but my senses are not open. I have had negative experiences in the past when trying to evoke demons. I tried to evoke Emperor Leviathan, Prince Orobas and Lucifer in the past. When I evoked what I thought was Leviathan at the beach, I saw a disturbance in the water, bubbling and waves suddenly around me like I was being pulled into the water. My mom had a dream about me and told me something was trying to take over my body. It turned out that it was a parasite, which I banished. I evoked Lucifer for a tarot reading, everything seemed fine. But after I told him he could leave and I could feel his energy leaving I went to another room suddenly what I think was a parasite said “you just called me and now you want me to leave, how rude”. I evoked Prince Orobas recently and heard a hostile voice swearing at me. I went to take a shower and could still feel the energy with me in the shower. It looked like it was another parasite, which I banished.

I told my doctor I was raped by someone my age, as in a human my age when I was a child. I am male.

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About the parasite situation and magickal injuries, I’d suggest waiting for a more experienced practitioner to answer. About the bone pains- did your doctor give you anything for it?

P.S: Please put up other layers of protection as well, stronger ones too since it seems parasites are very much drawn to you and your space.


Yes I will definitely do that. My doctor didn’t give me anything for the bone pains. Regarding what the parasite did to me. It entered my body and I started to develop a sort of compulsive behavior. Against my will I was made to shove household objects up my anus, including long objects, to the point of bleeding as well. No matter what I did to try and resist it kept on happening over and over again for a whole year. After I got rid of the parasite somehow I developed problems with evacuating my stool and I saw a colorectal surgeon and he found that I had anismus due to damage to my puborectalis muscle’s nerve. I asked a fellow black magician about this parasite. He evoked Legion and Legion told him the parasite was deeply attached to me and that it was eaten.

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That sounds terrible to go through, I’m glad that parasite got eaten. All I know to help the bone pains is having milk…
I hope you’re able to get a remedy soon. Good Luck :muscle:


Sorry to hear about the trauma you have gone through.

With respect, I think this is information you’d be better off seeking yourself. It sounds like you have consulted a doctor, which is good, and I hope you continue to do so.

To my knowledge nobody on this forum is a medical professional, and even if they were, it would be unethical and possibly illegal for them to attempt to diagnose you over the internet. And personally, I would not recommend taking a layman’s word (no matter how experienced a mage they are) for any physical ailments (if they call on a spirit for you to ask them about this), although other people in this thread have given you really good general, helpful advice from a mundane perspective about medical conditions.

For the real life side of things, please, please keep seeking medical attention irl. From a magickal perspective, I would recommend a couple of things. Archangels Raphael and Metatron for healing, and Melahel and Mahashiah, who are angels of the 72-letter name. Buer and perhaps Marbas(?) for healing if you prefer demonic entities. If your beliefs tie into the chakra system then I’d say focus on your lower 3 chakras.

There are also things like the “seal of manifestation”, “Raziel’s sigil/seal to defend against imposters”, and the servitor Luna – search BALG for these terms and you should find some helpful magickal tools.

Wishing you the best of luck :bouquet:


You could also try @DarkestKnight’s channeled mantra here to remove parasites and see what happens:


Really sorry to read your story, Marbas88.

It seems very hard.

I can’t help you to have a clear answer about the direct cause of your symptoms but I will give you my advice as an occult healer, and from what I can feel from you.

If I where you, I would begin to practice the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) twice a day — once at the beginning of the day and once at the very end. Doing this practice in this way could change profoundly your energetic structure.

I would also begin energetic work as Robert Bruce teach it in his books or in the course available on the BALG site. I suspect awakening your kundalini through this method will harmonize dramatically your energetic system.

If you haven’t enough “juice” to practice energetic work, consult an acupuncturist. He will equalize the energetic system through the meridians channels of your body.

Then, when you will be stronger, you will practice energetic work.

Do it. And never give up the LBRP twice a day.

Physical changes (your symptoms) will disappear slowly, but don’t forget that first the changes occur on the astral plane, and then the physical one with a certain delay due to the inertie of the flesh.

Good luck.


Check your diet. You’re eating something that disagrees with you. Get a book on IBS and also follow an elimination diet (there’s books on how) to find out exactly what.

Change your doctor, this one is useless, and don’t tell them this in future - ever. These people are muggles, it causes them to not take your seriously and assume your issue is mental. Let them focus on the physical, describe physicals symptoms only not the cause, you focus on spiritual healing separately.

Horses for courses - a regular doctor is only a tool to get a job done, namely the job of getting ore information and accessing drugs should you want them, don’t put them on any pedestals and assume they’re capable of any more than that. Don’t tell them anything they can’t handle.


I strongly recommend you Magickal Protection by Damon Brand for the parasite problems.

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:left_speech_bubble: Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points. — Knute Rockne

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