Need help with stubborn spirits

I have attachments ive had for many years now.
Ive tried banishings and other spiirts destroying them but they keep coming back some how.

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There are a few solutions to this.

  1. Create a protection servitor and train it to become strong enough to keep all forces out, except the ones you want to be in your life, if any.

  2. Call on a demon that could help kill these spirits that are harassing you, like Stygal, who is a demon that brings death. I’m sure there are others.

  3. Set up strong astral and spiritual protection, wear crystals and bracelets that can do this for you or perhaps charge a protective talisman, you could, for example wear Archangel Michael’s sigil on a necklace and then charge that as a protective talisman, you could anoint it with some ‘fiery wall of protection’ oil, which can be found on eBay.

  4. Try to get to know them and what they want, but stay protected when and if you choose to approach them, you would do this astrally.

Those are just a few ideas, best of luck.


Ive done most things of this

You said most, try all of them and then let me know if they’re still bothering you.

I’m sure you have tried many methods though, but gives the ones you haven’t tried a go.


Have you tried this? It is explicitly for removing attachments, and I have had feedback from people saying it works very well.


Hey sounds good. I want to try trap them. I know they hate running water and salt and sage. I know there is secret ways to kill a god of any spirit for thT matter but i just dont know how to go about it.

There is no secret way to kill a god.
You need to figure out who is it by trying your best to get in touch with it, contact it many times and persist, being forceful and putting intention in it. There’s spells to keep it at bay but if it has always come back and you’ve tried all these many things I’m afraid it’s not going to be simple.
Is it harmful in anyway?
Why do you wish it to leave?

It feels to me like unfinished business.

Very interesting. If you dm me ill tell her its alot.