Mental parasite vitality drained

Hmmm I have an unorthodox idea that I think a lot of people will disagree with…

At one point I was under some kinda possession. It was able to move my face and I just felt very wrong. I tried the LBRP and it did nothing. What helped was calling on my incubus to sort it out for me. It stopped and the problem never came back.

Maybe you need a spiritual companion to help fight this with you? What if you get a succubus through the Letter of Intent Method to Lilith? If you did that, explain your situation in the letter and see if a tough, heroic succubus is willing to help you out.

What could go wrong:

  1. If you’re being attacked by something strong, it might find a parasitic being instead and have it pretend to be a helpful succubus. Just make sure you focus on Lilith’s sigil enough to make all this legit.

  2. If you’re especially paranoid at the moment you could believe the succubus is leeching off you when she isn’t.

  3. If nothing’s attacking you and you’re just experiencing mental ill health then the poor succubus might not be able to engage with you if you can’t ever awaken your psychic senses, and that’d hurt her feelings.

This is just a random idea I thought up in case you’re desperate and it seems like you are. Just be very respectful to Lilith.

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oh yeah, I also tried to contact lilith afterwards and yeah lilith definetly did the parasite on me this was my thinking from the begining but i remember seeing a sitri sigil in my head when i tried to talk to lilith but i attracted ghosts after invoking lillith everything went downwards after i stopped having sex or masturbating and then i really realized it wa actually there

i have done wverything with cleansing and banishing and hasnt been to a help as its a mental one on the etheral, im i know i got a locked heart and solar plexus chakra but i dont know what to do

I’ll chakra scan you now.

Root: energy around there, likely safety concerns. Sacral: okay. Solar plexis: good, no issues. Heart: grief energy around here. Throat: fine. Third Eye: open. Crown: extremely open and swirling.

Try cleansing your crown chakra and closing it a bit and see if you get some relief.

ayyy man amazing can you dm me?

Give this a try:


ive been trying that for a while do you know any other good methods?

Did the chakra work help?

How long is “a while?”

3 days

And how long per day did you use the mantra? it’s likely three days was insufficient to shake the parasite loose.

i use them probaly 10-20 minutes a say

Im suffering same. I feel so deppresive and usually have thinks my magick is not working, like a blockage. Sometimes I feel my servitors are not obbeing me. What cold be the cause?. I ever made LBRP ritual and Medium Pillar before rituals. What is the problem?. Could please, please, pleasee scanning me?. I feel in blockage just now. I thinks YHWH is messing with me. In due that I ve asked COHZIER for help and freedom of this bad egregor ( I was religious jewish, but now, no more.). Please scanning me, tell me whats about my chackras?

i think now my chakras are pretty okay

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That is great to hear. I hope your feeling somewhat better.

Yes your chakras are looking pretty good to me now after I visualised cleansing them. It might be that it takes a day or so for that calmness to sink in after the panicking has left your system. Maybe try making a blessing and protection jar for yourself?

Beginning of this topic for reference: OP originally thought someone else had cursed him.

Hey any good rites to remove unwanted spirits?

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