I have a parasite/egregore stuck to me

other witches say my energy is extremely dirty and a presence is clinging to me. What is your advice to get rid of entitiy?

There’s an entire thread on parasite removal. Use the search function to find it.


I asked Michael for help killing the parasites but it doesn’t seem to work, would it make sense to summon a spirit(Yeesch) again or will the parasite become more attached to me?

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I don’t use those spirits, so I can’t really answer it. Please search for the thread, which has a lot of options available

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It won’t become more attached for you trying to dislodge it, but it will try to hide. You may think you’ve got rid of it and it’s just hiding.

I have not tried Michael for this but I have had a lot of success with Samael, who also taught me more ways to kill parasites. The main problem is getting hold of it, of you ca do that then you can attack it, and keep attacking it until it runs away or dies.

I don’t ask entities to do this work though, since it’s inside my own energy field, and I’m cagey about what entities are invited into that, I do my own work. :slight_smile:

Look up this book on Exorcism by Josephine McCarthy, there is good advice and how to’s you can try, and I just use visualisation to ‘see’ it, ‘see’ me grabbing it, I usually ‘see’ it caged it in metal so it can’t escape, and then I burn it up from inside.

But we have a few tutorial on how to remove them, if you browse them you should find something that suits your preferred way of working:

This is a megathread, some of the links are also lists, so drill down to find all of it.


Use this to get it to release its hold, and then eliminate it, or call upon a spirit you trust to do it:


Another option you have is to evoke Duke Murmur and charge him to remove the parasite and destroy it or escort it to the underworld.

Duke Murmur is an excellent excorcist.