Spirits & Finance

My experience with demons and investing has led me to learn many things about finance magick.

Most people I’ve seen mention spirits and money have discussed “fast results” or “boosts in pay & business.” But I just wanted to start a topic about experiences in finance magick to help newcomers get fuller ideas on its nature.

What kind of fiancial or entrepreneurial projects have you worked with entities on?


Mode note: This is a magical forum, so please limit any discussion of business projects to only how magick was used. Any advice about investing/stock tips, how to build an online business, or how to get into cryptocurrentcy, etc, will be removed without notice.


Here are a few topics about success with money magick. Newcomers and beginners can do a simple forum search and conduct some research on money magick and find these:


Wow, @QueenMustang. Amazing list.

I’ve used Rayadyah, Rahadetz and Zachi from Angels of Fortune.

Minacharai can be good if you’re new to business. Yasyasyah for strong determination and will in finance.

I keep hearing good things like Poiel / Poyel. But he’s an angel of the 72 letter name, so that be quite a commitment. You often have to call them a lot.

A lot of people call Clauneck, who’s now known for wealth. However, considering he weighs your soul, that seems a bit suss to me.

But man, I want to know what entities The Weeknd calls. Lol. (Seriously, though, if anybody knows) (and mods, if it’s not ok to ask, sorry — kindly delete this line)

I’ve employed Foras (#31 Ars Goetia) to bring opportunities for profit. He made me encounter a few people who shared investment ideas and helped me get in on it. Made quite a bit of money as a result.

3 candles, (Triangle) the sigil, and a burning bowl in the middle, throwing in sweet tobacco behind the sigil. This entity works well with smoke.

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