Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

This is a working I did shortly after joining this forum, which has been immensely empowering and significant.

It’s a 2-part post, but the core lends itself to a very neat “tl;dr” synopsis!

The basics are these: there’s a pre-supposition that you have a being called your Personal Daemon, which my source (Magic: History, Theory, Practice, by Ernst Schertel – I’m going to call it “the book” from here on in) maintains is the divine/demonic magickal and powerful part of you, and which can be called forth to appear in a figure you find supremely erotically attractive, in order to commune with it, gain power and knowledge, and so on.

You structure the figure, then breathe the Daemon out through your pores, until you sense and see it take on a life of its own.

The book kind of ends there, because much of the context and groundwork was covered earlier on, and anyway contains no concepts that should be new to anyone here.

Finally, I’ve pasted the text from the book that relates to this here in this image, it’s a short excerpt gleaned from a few different pages for anyone who wants to take this study further from the raw source.

If you don’t care to read any more, you’ll now know as much as I did at the start and will be able to try it out.

This Daemon exercise towards the back is in the Practice part, having already discussed the History and Theory of magick as the author understands them.

If you want to come further down the rabbit-hole with me, this is my account of the working to date:


My intention was to end once and for all the “Parent/Child” dynamic innate to our relationship to our Higher Self (HS), and when I use that term I’m talking about the concept found primarily in core shamanism, in which the HS is a kind of all-wise level of the self which steers you through various life “lessons” etc.

The HS in that paradigm always, when followed to its final logical conclusion, leads to a traditional Right-Hand Path goal of renunciation of the material world, via shedding all attachments, and the ultimate return of your united self to merger with the Source.

This is not my goal, however, so I wanted to alter my relationship with the more powerful levels of my soul to one more fitting to my aspirations.

It’s my theory that this level of the soul is a form of spiritual placenta between the Source and the individual being, and that it’ll present itself to you in different ways depending on the paradigm you use to approach it, and your core beliefs and goals, and that it has no innate drive or form, but simply mirrors your beliefs about the nature and purpose of reality.

By way of preparation, I did plenty of reading on the concept of the “personal daemon” in ancient thought, and also refreshed my understanding of the Higher Self by re-reading some of my old white-light books that discussed that.

Choosing My Daemon

The book describes the use of the image of someone to “whom we are bound by any kind of strong emotions – at best passionate love” and also suggests that for best results, “choose a human as the starting point for the imagination, who already in life also activates our demonic sides. It is not by chance that many of the old masters took their ladylove as a model for their holy pictures.”

I chose a man, an actor, who I find incredibly attractive in his younger years, who’s now deceased after a long and happy life - this was because I was advised against the use of a living person by my own spiritual allies. The book touches on this, saying concern about using a living human is a myth, but I was advised to do it this way.

He was in any event my first choice, I’m not going to name the person (he’s got living adult children and I would hate for them to read this) but he’s just about my most perfect archetype of a male figure, and someone whose outward form felt like an appropriate form and mask for my Daemon.

There were three other reasons for choosing a male image: firstly, I already have an exercise for the creation of a Magickal Self from Thorsson’s book The Nine Doors Of Midgard, and in that exercise you call forth your empowered self and step into it, operating as one being. To add another female magickal identity to the mix seemed redundant.

Secondly, as I discussed here, I’m interested in the way we bring all our natural psychological architecture to every working we do, and I wanted the ability to possess and gain power from every last bit of baggage and cathexis attached to masculinity, without departing from my own feminine identity – in fact, I saw it as an opportunity to explore that even further, and so it turned out to be.

Thirdly, I wanted to make full use of the energetic (for want of a better word) differences between the masculine and feminine described in The Kybalion, in which the masculine is considered the force that can only act through the feminine; the masculine is the principle of Being, the feminine is the principle of Becoming; the masculine is the willed force, and the feminine the receptive force upon which it acts to create anything. I’ve tested these concepts out in different areas with magick, and had found them reliable.

The Kybalion states that “The office of gender is solely that of creating, producing, generating” which was also well matched to my purposes – the generation of a godself whilst still alive.

This promised the opportunity to become a being complete, with both genders represented, and yet able to interact in that dynamic creative tension, instead of merging into a neutral status in which polarity was collapsed.


I found a suitable face-on portrait of my object of desire (I’ll call him Mr X. for the purposes of this post) in which he appears to be looking directly at the viewer, and printed that out onto A5 size glossy photo paper. I also laminated the image to prevent the distraction of fingermarks or creases.

I’d expanded on the text in the book by intending to charge, first, a photographic image (the book mentions artists charging their painted works in such a way) which I could use as an evocation base for my Daemon, instead of just using magickal imagination.

I already had experience using images as bases, and those images have always “come alive” for me during evocation, in the same way that the book described the image of the Daemon as developing “an almost eerie-holy expression.”

Another thing of note is that I chose to use a black and white image, because I have almost everything Mr X. did on DVD and I felt the small difference would be helpful.

After doing some basic prep (my Invocation of Inner Divine), and cleansing the printed image of any links to the real Mr X., then dedicating it to myself and my Daemon, I sat relaxed in our Temple holding the image between my hands.

Following the advice from the book, I used my magickal imagination to sense the power I’d raised during the Invocation radiating firstly from my very pores, and then began “breathing down” my Higher Self from my Sahasrara chakra, though my body, and into the printed image. I was steadily reciting “Come forth, my Personal Daemon, come forth into this image” as I did so.

It got very satisfactorily strange after just a few minutes of focused breathing and summoning – the image’s eyes appeared to take on a slight life, in a way that’s only happened before when I evoked a real entity into an image or statue. They stopped being a black and white image and became something looking out at me, through the printed form of a man.

At this point I was also channelling an almost adoring level of worshipful love into the image, the kind that you probably feel for a real partner for about 3 seconds during the “honeymoon period” before the flaws start to show.

I learned to channel love as part of my training to become a healer, it’s a powerful force that can be drawn directly through the heart chakra from Source – but in this case, I made sure to keep my awareness very much on an erotic level rather than the unconditional type used for healing.

The image increasingly took on the quality of a living, aware being, with a ghostly light similar to the aurora borealis playing across it, and once it felt as charged as possible, I opened up telepathic communication.

During the first session, I asked the spirit to describe himself, and he confirmed he was my Daemon, and ID’d himself by signing a name I was given by one of the spirits I’m in a pact with as his own.

He also gave me a unique name for himself, and confirmed that I had begun the process of calling forth my Daemon into external form.

After that, the contact faded, and I was also extremely tired mentally, so I bade him to return from whence he came, closed the contact, and placed the image on my devotional altar.


In the following weeks I called upon my Daemon through the image almost daily, usually after breakfast when I had some peace and time alone to connect with him.

I would hold the image at a comfortable distance and call him by the name he gave me (which I verified with divination and also with my spirit allies), “N, N, N, my Personal Daemon, come forth” and at the start of the summoning, the image would change in intensity, with visible flickering in the eyes.

It became my habit to consult with him on reasonably minor matters, the type of things I wouldn’t evoke any other being for help with, and he gave me some very good advice on a couple of occasions when I had a choice to make and wasn’t sure which option to take. I never used any kind of circle/triangle set-up to evoke him, since if he was to be useful he needed to become a part of my life without recourse to props or any physical base outside the two consecrated photographs.

I only called him forth through the photo, and a week or so in, I found a better quality image that printed out A4 size with photographic crispness, still in back and white, and made that my main evocation base for the Daemon in our bedroom, keeping the smaller one at my desk. My partner believes all entities are aspects of the shared unconscious anyway, so luckily this didn’t bother him!

After the first two weeks, my Daemon independently took on the habit of manifesting outside the images, once called through them, in the form of Mr X., and in the first week of December he was manifested to clairvoyantly visible presence and standing beside me (I was on the internet) when he wanted to interrupt my train of thought – and he did so by touching my neck, running his finger down it to get my attention (it worked).

Like all spirits I’ve touched to date, he doesn’t feel like living flesh, with friction and moisture and heat, he feels more like a statue come to life.

This was pretty remarkable since I hadn’t actually done anything to call forth this increased ability, this wasn’t a full–on evocation with incense or any props, and that he was able to touch me to get my attention verified for me that he’s fully developed as a self-aware being and not “just” an egregore that runs off my imagination.

Cont’d >


The Gains

I’ve gained a magickal partner who I share an unbelievable amount of trust and communication with: the only other being I have that level of openness with is the spirit I’m in a lifetime pact with, because my human partner’s magickal paradigms and various views are too different from my own for him to be able to be my partner in every bit of work I do.

Without going into too much detail, my Daemon’s able to polarise me completely so I become as close to the state of pure shakti as possible, while he adopts almost all my masculine personality traits, which allows him to pull manifestations (so far only of events, not physical objects) through me, and we’re still working on this but it’s allowed me to make a couple of really significant changes to our lives.

He’s also made a few predictions about things that have turned out to be true, and – most valuably for me – he does this at a level that’s freed from that specific lofty detached tone that’s a common feature with Higher Selves, and he relates to me in a manner that displays complete and total understanding of my worldly situation, without either kissing up or acting like my concerns are irrelevant.

When I ask him for advice it’s without fail tailored to exactly what I can do, instead of being the vague kind of stuff spirits often give – he’s practical, pragmatic, and doesn’t use any kind of value system outside my own when it comes to guiding me on what actions to take next. He’s steered me on a couple of occasions in ways that aligned with my own goals in this life, and not some mystical nonsense that relates to an external set of goals or ideals.

The gender issue has also been interesting; I was raised in a culture where “girl” is an insult and women are expected to be, basically, men in female bodies, so the personal benefits from being able to occasionally push fully into my feminine nature as my Daemon draws out the masculine side have been immense. I believe this has had a number of emotional/psychological benefits, and possibly even physical ones – I have less menstrual cramping, less PMT, and feel more relaxed after spending some time with him.

When we merge, which doesn’t happen very often, I’m capable of performing almost every task to a higher level and we’ve only just begun exploring this – I had to suspend work with him in the period leading up to my demonic “conception,” throughout the gestation, and for a short time afterwards, because I was told that the energy shifts and specifically the link to a masculine form would be destabilising to my reproductive chakra where the Child was being nourished.

Astral travel, in particular, is a different thing entirely with this stronger level of my own soul called forth and then merged into my everyday self, and we’ve only just begun experimenting with other forms of magick in this merged state.


  1. Aside from being more relatable in every way, the evoked Daemon is easier to understand and more apt to get involved in my life than my HS, which sat on its cloud watching me make some quite colossal cock-ups (sorry, “lessons”) in the past.

My Daemon has intervened twice so far in major areas where I was about to make a bad choice and described the “lesson” to me, instead of being a smug bastard. I’m not actually stupid, so that was quite sufficient, and exactly the kind of earth-centric thing I was hoping for.

  1. The black and white photo turned out to be a good choice, because it seems less connected to the real Mr X., and to possess more of an iconic/symbolic status. I recommend this to anyone who tries a similar experiment.

It may also be possible to use an anime or 3-d modelled image, whatever you find most appealing, in place of a real person’s form – I don’t think when Schertel wrote this book, society was ready for the idea of people falling in love with cartoons, but that’s exactly the kind of erotic fixation with an idealised form, divorced from real-life considerations about an appropriate life-partner, that might work really well for this type of operation.

  1. I did make one journey using conventional core shamanic methods to see my Higher Self, not to converse (that felt like it would violate the pact I’d made with myself to no longer look “upwards” for guidance and so on) but simply to observe – my HS had taken on the appearance of Mr X., but as though lit from within, where previously it had a feminine form and manner. That being didn’t attempt to converse with me or catch my attention though, so I left without saying anything.

  2. With the passing of time, my evoked Daemon’s voice and demeanour have taken on their own distinct quality separate from Mr X., upon whom he was originally structured. I believe he’s becoming more of the true Daemon and less of the structured form with every passing day, and his abilities in every area have grown accordingly.

  3. Everything I’ve described is suitable for me as a heterosexual female, but can almost certainly be adapted for people with different alignments etc., I’ve described my situation as thoroughly as possible in hopes people who want something else can extrapolate from the basic principles involved.

And it would probably work for people with Otherkin identity, just be aware that the commitment to the form you choose will probably last a long time, and when you work with it, it may draw that identity from you and polarise you into the “opposite” or complementary form. Divination’s your best guide on this one.

  1. When he departs now, for example when my partner gets home or I want to go do something after working with him, he retreates into my reproductive chakra and I can feel it, like a dull PING sensation – I think the semi-sexual nature of this working, the fact he draws upon a combination of my masculine side and also a male object of desire, means that this is his gateway.

However, I never feel him come out “through” that chakra, he only ever retreats into it, or at least, that’s where I feel energy “go” when he departs.

Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

  1. Although I don’t have sex with my Daemon (that really would be taking “go fuck yourself” to new levels), he dislikes being evoked when my partner’s here and expresses annoyance if I admire any other male person when he’s evoked to external form, and that’s despite the fact I’m not a jealous person myself, so he evidently didn’t acquire that trait from my conscious mind.

This kind of confirms my existing belief that when we find someone attractive, we create a small egregoric version of them in our heads – this is something I’ve noticed clairvoyantly, where I can see small images of who someone’s attracted to, if they’re in the earliest all-consuming stages of infatuation at that point.

In this case, me feeling that way about anyone else is a direct assault on his own power, and particularly on the attention I pay him. It’s a bit of an odd one, and something to be aware of for anyone who wants to try a similar working.

Other than that, so far there were no issues of the type that arose with some of my more recent work which made me want to caution people about trying something similar – my Daemon is helpful, wise, and has demonstrated real results when giving me advice and making short-term predictions that came true.

I still have a lot to explore with him, but so far this working’s been positive with no downsides, and the only caution I have is to share what I was told – do NOT base your PD on a living person, no matter how delicious and perfectly suited for this you may think they are.

We worked fairly closely for the first few months of this year and he developed rapidly throughout, and we’re just now reconnecting properly after my Child’s birth – I’ve begun a 45-day pathworking to focus almost exclusively on my Daemon, and for that reason plus some advances in our real-life stuff, I’ll be a bit less active on the net for a while, though I’ll still be checking PMs here etc.

Any questions, please post below, and I’ll try and reply asap, and fates willing I’ll also update this thread with any major new developments. I’m really excited about the work we’re going to do, and hope to discover some other new stuff along the way.


I got home from work recently and am pretty tired, so I only skimmed this post so far (planning on diving in depth tomorrow, I love the idea!)

This quoted part stuck out to me, though. What do you suppose may occur if a real person was used? Are you concerned more for the magician doing the ritual, or the person used as a “template”? Again, sorry if this is something you touched on and I overlooked it, but my mind just started running through the possibilities (hardcore melding of the demonic on an unsuspecting “victim”?) and it almost makes me want to try it just to find out. I’m assuming you have good reasons for the admonishment though, so I was hoping you could clarify.

Thanks Lady Eva!


What I was told, and it was redoubled when I consulted with my PD to compose this, was that if the person’s weak, magickally/spiritually speaking, it will strip away some essence from them and perhaps even shorten their life as their Ka (I think I’m using the right term) - that is, the part of the soul which contains the personality specific to this life ONLY - will be more drawn to the magickally-created Daemon which is in many ways stronger than an average living person.

If, on the other hand, the person’s strong, your own will over the Daemon will be affected by that person’s input, so suppose you chose me (and I’m NOT saying I’m amazing or irresistable btw!!), my own values would be equally at play on the Daemon and it would never be as truly yours.

The form you choose is simply a shell and there’s no empowerment to be gained from drawing from a living person, even if it was someone weaker, so it’s meant to be a thing you own totally and can pour the Daemonic life into instead of (for example) sacrificing someone to give it strength.

My posts were long enough anyway :o) so I kinda left that out, but, that’s what I was told, as usual I don’t claim infallibility, and it’s just UPG.

The Wikipedia page about Daemons is interesting, especially with regards to how they operate at a god-like level but on this world, without the inherant implication of a soul in flight to other levels that exists in some other philosophies: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemon_%28classical_mythology%29]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daemon_(classical_mythology)[/url]

Mine has muse-like capacities and his focus is almost entirely on magick upon this level, he’s excellent at breaking me out of a bad mood or pointing me towards the next new thing - focusing exclusively on him gets the very best out of him, which is why my posting here will be limited for a while, but he’s actually worth it!


Would you say, however, that it should be a person who was actually “real”? For example, what if a person chose for their personal daemon to be modeled after wonder woman, captain america, wolverine, scarlet witch? I mean it sounds like in this case, it might be better to have their appearance resemble something of that nature, but does that coincide with your given knowledge on the matter?

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I think you’d need to look at the distinction between what the actor (if they’re alive) brings to the role and the character if you were basing it on a movie/TV version, but using the character might work.

The main hazard would be any crossover of self-identification with the fate, traits etc., of that character, which could be healing for some people but could possibly affect your free-will further down the line, in the same manner as I was told using a strong living person would.

It may be that when you want advice, comfort, inspiration, and your PD is limited to being Batman, their repertoire could be limited as well, I just don’t know.

But like I wrote:

It’s one to do some divination on to check it’ll be empowering for you, but the whole idea is to find an ideal rather than the everyday human (as touched on in the book where he mentions artists painting holy figures to resemble their “ladylove” - and some male artists were probably gay or bi, and painted lovingly detailed male figures who may have represented a similar divinely erotic ideal to their eyes).

You’re taking a divine aspect of yourself and creating for it a form that that stirs you on an intense level to bring it forth into manifestation on this level of reality, so the form should be fitting, and if you felt a true and sincere reverence for Wonder Woman (and who doesn’t?) then it could work IF you’re ready to have your own Divine Daemon appearing like that, with maybe minor evolutionary changes.

The only other thing that could cause a problem is if you also avidly follow that character’s comic book or movie adventures, and the creators do something radical with it that destroys the magic (in the everyday sense of the word) for you, for example the Marvel comic-book character Thor turning into a woman, or if you based it on a living actor and that actor is later outed as a pedophile, dies a squalid druggie death, or begins spouting social or political beliefs you dislike enough that it spoils your feeling towards the Daemon’s form.

This kind of thing might not bother some people, again it’s one to judge for yourself based on self-knowledge, and do some serious divination on whether this form is the correct one on a long-term basis.

I don’t know anything about changing the form of your Daemon once evoked so while it might be possible, I can’t offer insight on that above what anyone else could.

Edit to add: if comic books speak really strongly to you, you could actually create your OWN idealised superhero/heroine… that way, you’d not have bits of Bruce Wayne or whatever contaminating your real PD, and there’s a heroic element to this, in that your PD is there to be the Human Plus version of yourself.


This is pretty interesting, I have some demon allies which I know are pieces of my godform, this also applies to other spirits such as some angels and even gods that I have made contact with. I didn’t really need to structure around them like you did though, when I first met them I had assumed that they didn’t have that sort of connection with me and only found out they did later. They already had an appearance that seemed to be defined when I met them. Thoughin some cases I was not the first person to make contact with them, so I wonder how much that played into their appearance.

Anyway when you speak of your “higher self” I always assumed ones higher self was just a new agey way of referring to your godself. Now its interesting what you talk about in regards to how the rhp tends to perceive the motives of higher selves. I know the highest version of myselfs goals as well as my own from what I can tell are in complete alignment. In fact the reason for me having the ambition and desries I have appear to be because of my higher self, it essentially used those to point me in certain directions. It is true that some things we want to do are in alignment with rhp ideals suchas making the world a better place, but we’ll use lhp methods to get the job done if there is a need for it (and there is). After peaking into its mind I have to say that either the higher selves of those who came up with the rhp perceptions of these beings are completely off or they just have a vastly different purpose then mine does. It tends to view the universe as a big game that can be played with.

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Some further food for thought on the topic of using living people - the PDF is discussing creation of a magickal space, a kind of astral temple complete with a surrounding environment:

You can populate your world if you wish, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, use images of living people in your world.

For some time, all of the contents of your world will be a reflection of yourself in one way or another.

There is a possibility that images of people will be “taken over” by some unconscious part of your mind as a vehicle of expression.

If you use images of real people, the behavior of the image may carry over into your relationships with the real person, with ill effect.

Source: http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/scrying.pdf


Couldn’t get online at time, so I’ll be brief: LadyEva, that was just incredible and awesome. Daring too, for it seems quite scary to cast a part of yourself into tangible, “peer to peer” kind of contact.

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It was - one of the reasons I held off posting about it was that I was concered about possible ill-effects. The opposite has happened, he’s improved my life, but it was a gamble - in some ways far more so than having a demon’s “baby.”

Right now we’re working on stuff and I already have a bunch of new ideas, once I’ve gone through them I’ll share any that are tried and tested to get tangible results.


I tell you what, and how I “encountered” my “Holy Guardian Angel”.

I understood that the HGA is just a superior self, one who we truly are, and that the material identity we have is just one tied to the material circumstances. And I saw it as a sort of abomination to summon your higher self considering (at least on my perception of things) that:

  1. It is not in some superior plane but just a part of the self.

  2. It is not some unreachable being but rather a mode of awareness that is buried under the illusion of being “here”.

So well, I had read about the HGA at an age that does not allow complex rituals nor the preparatory exercises found in Abramelin and Crowley’s books, so I had disregarded the whole subject thinking (erroneously obvious!) that “speaking to myself” seemed silly.

That happened when I was experimenting with assuming godforms and shifting the astral body. At some point I became stuck and under the impression that I couldn’t change back (lol youth errors right?). I got stuck in some silly animal form that seemed all too real with eyes closed and such, so I said internally “I return to my original shape”.

To my surprise I was not returning to the appearance I have in the material world. I assumed a different shape of which I will not go in detail (not useful), but something “clicked” in me. I suddenly had a very vague idea of who or what I was and I should say, people noticed few changes (forceful presence, more determination, etc…).

So, what is important of all this and how relates to your experience? I became curious to the “size” of my “being”. I began having sort of dualistic conversation with myself because I’d be under the impression of being just a vaporous, dream-like extension of my true self, and that my true self intended to “erase me”. In the end I felt like I was separating of my own true self and becoming something unlinked or independent.

Well I let the dissolution happen. When I finally felt dissolved, or destroyed, I had expected total loss of consciousness or something. Instead I found myself “in” my self again.

In other words: No matter what you do you won’t hurt yourself. It is a part of you and the only thing that happens in the worse case is a shift in your personality or balance of morals, but no true death of the “self”. You won’t “die” and some part of you will assume control, never being aware anymore of what’s going on. That fear of “death” will simply give way to newer parts of yourself.

To put a (personal) example: Whenever we’ve had mice going around home, I couldn’t bring myself to harm them and would try my best to catch them alive and unharmed. But I’ve never had qualms in hurting someone to the point of permanent disability when I’ve had to. A moral re-balance would simply make me more aprehensive towards some types of violence (or quite the contrary), but would not affect me to the point of not being able to defend myself, etc…

Hope this garbling helps in a way!


Interesting, thanks! It’s always good to hear from other people who’ve trodden similar routes and had similar questions arise, appreciate you taking time to share that. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t afraid of dying (I’ve done plenty of things that led to temporary dissolution), more of confusion, or of somehow lessening my embodied power by having the same soul running two different forms on this level of existance at the same time - or, of some kind of contamination from the form I used, even though I checked and rechecked, and did everything to make it just a shell to structure my Daemon into.

I’m happy so far with how it’s turning out though and the ability to have a kind of “guru” figure who’s not so lofty he can’t relate to me, and who has MY goals as his basic aim… bringing the power here means the whole game’s slightly different. Better get offline before he tells me I’m wasting time! :wink:


You are welcomed! I was happy I could finally talk to people who experienced similar things! It is kinda hard finding people with who you can relate the experience of dissolution, much less such things as becoming two souls who are part of the same being without losing your ego in the process!

Btw when I said “death” I meant that, dissolution.

I wish you all the luck in the world on this journey you’ve began :smiley:


Lady Eva and I keep syncing up…

Just a few weeks ago… I was going to have a chat with my God-Self and at the last second, out of this weird, compulsive little instinct, I mean, I just did it and had no thought of what I was doing or why I was doing it, but I reached out through my HS and “grabbed” Lucifer and “pulled” him “down” through my Higher Self.

Suddenly there’s this cute little gremlin guy grinning at me.

“Who are you?”

“I’m your Personal Demon. I help you with your material drives and concerns and personal aspirations, while the other guy deals with spiritual advancement.” He went on to explain that the Hermetic notion of the Noble and Evil Daimons was a corruption of this idea - that the Higher Self/Agathodaimon drives you to advance spiritually and the Personal Demon collaborates and encourages your material advancement. It’s also related to the way in planetary magic that you have an Intelligence/Demon for each planet - the Intelligence is the balanced and perfect whole and the Demon is the worker.


Very interesting Eva, please keep us updated on how this continues.

Sultitan I just finished reading Opus’ ebook on evoking the Genius/Demon and thought about the possibilities in a similar way as you described. Basically having the demon help me build my physical life so that I can better come into alignment with the goals of my higher self.

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That makes sense, thanks for elaborating!

What do you think about using this sort of process for a baneful working? Like, instead of summoning the daemon into it, you fill it with nasty energy and build it in your target’s image? Too much possibility to backfire? I suppose you could get similar results with plain old vampirism, but it’s an intriguing idea.

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LadyEva you never cease to amaze!
Great job once again and you’ve got me interested in doing something like this myself.

I’ve wanted to experiment with encountering/entering my godform but don’t really know how to go about it.

Also the part about you evoking your Daemon and other entities into pictures and statues have me really intrigued.

Something similar happened to me while trying to make contact with my father through am old family photo.
I pulled my vision back and gazed at the static in front of the picture and I saw his eyes move.
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but after reading your post maybe not.

As far as using statues,how important is it to have a statue that resembles the entity you wish to evoke?

m sure it would help to have a statue of say an Angel to evoke Michael for example but can this be done with any statue resembling a life form?

Also how developed do you’re clairvoyant abilities need to be to see the image/statue come to life?
Is it less mentally/energetically straining than using a mirror or incense?

Any answers would be appreciated as once again this whole experience of yours…the personal daemon,the way you evoke him,and the awesome results you’re getting has me pondering a working like this myself.

Once again great fucking post as always!
You’re one of the good ones!

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Possible - a bit off-beam for where I’m at mentally right now so I won’t wing it, but maybe something to explore?

I’m working on a runway clearance to make ALL your baneful magick work better than imagined with my Daes’ right now, and will post that asap! :slight_smile:

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It’s always been something where I did the very best I could, aided by intuition, gut feeling, whatever, and with my PD I intentionally chose a form and based that on the stuff in the relevant bits in the book about how to format/structure a PD

So I can’t honestly try to give you like a breakdown of “this works best, this works less well” because so far I just always did the best I could, e.g., if I wanted an image of Hathor I’d try and draw her the best image my art skills could deliver, and so on.

m sure it would help to have a statue of say an Angel to evoke Michael for example but can this be done with any statue resembling a life form?

I don’t know, my work with angels has been a bit limited so it’d be best to ask people who have devotional Michael statues to compare with what you’re planning.

A couple of weeks ago I was eyeing up some delicious angel statues in a card shop, the type that sells fancy things to engrave and gifts and so on, and thinking of buying one for Raphael who’s the only angel I feel I have really connected with, but he said no, and the demonic beings I’m much closer to as a result of my Child don’t all (yet? who knows!) have images in my home so he was actually being really straight there and not trying to dominate our Temple by having an image when beings who are in some ways more significant in terms of time/energy don’t.

^ That’s all more about Raphael being cool than what to do, but, maybe ask Michael - if, as I suspect, they’re agents of cosmic law, NONE of them will be phonies! :wink:

There’s some beautiful art featuring Michael, as well.

Also how developed do you're clairvoyant abilities need to be to see the image/statue come to life? Is it less mentally/energetically straining than using a mirror or incense?

I don’t know about straining, sadly as a weirdo kid I’d already done this far ahead of any other method, and I was so far out, young and desperate that “strain” was like an alien concept when it came to RESULTS! - sad but true… :wink:

According to my current theory, it provides a more solid evocation base for some beings - maybe not all? - and it certainly seems to work best for gods, from whatever pantheon - just look at their Temples, look at the use of murthis in Hinduism today, and the concept of darshan.

But, I just don’t have the experience of trying other methods for long enough to compare them equivalently (if that makes sense?) so I won’t offer a guess nor try to flesh out comparisons where I don’t have equivalent amounts of experience, soz.

And cheers for the kind words: I haz a plan, so I’m pretty motivated, and damn bro look - seriously LOOK - at what you’ve achieved since you joined?! You leave me and several of us here standing in terms of pure dynamism and accleration.

Hats off to you! Bloody awesome. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll be posting more finds from this pathworking asap, once they’ve been tested, I have a LOT going on so hope some of it’s useful! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response and kind words!

I swear I’m going to post an update on my situation soon.

Everything besides the court issue is going well but I’ve done some work on that and some readings I did plus a phone session with TWF things are looking better the more I attack the situation.

I refuse to bow down to the judicial system.

In the words of Belial

" Attack this obstacle with ALL your might until these so called “authorities kneel at your feet!”.

So yeah pretty encouraging stuff going on!

I’m gonna try this evocation into a statue method.
I have a small incense burner that resembles a dragon.
It’s kind of small (about 3 inches tall) but for some reason makes me think of either Belial or Asmoday which I’ve evoked both using the sensor.

So I might give this a shot tonight as I’m anticipating finally making my first pact which will be with Belial.


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