My First Evocation

I’m new to ceremonial magic and evocation. I read “Ceremonial Magic and the Power of Evocation.” by Joseph Lisiewski. His method of evocation seemed complicated, but less complicated than other methods I’ve seen. I was preparing to do the evocation as laid out in the Heptameron, on a Friday during the hour of Venus.

I was wanting to evoke Sallos, in order to ask him to bring back my partner of 11 years who left me July 1st. we’ve been hanging out and going on dates a few times per week for the last month. There have been some very small signs that we’re progressing towards reconciliation, but not fast enough for my tastes :wink:

I’ve been practicing getting into Theta/Gama state, which is quite easy for me. My back ground in shamanism and witchcraft helps me in this respect. Since I quickly get into TGS start repeating the name “Sallos” and I quickly start to feel a presence, resulting in all my hairs standing up. I can even do this while standing in an isle at work.

Yesterday while at work I got into TGS and strted repeating the name “Sallos” as well as an ENN I found on a website for him. My hair stood up and I felt a presence. I continued and could see what looked like vapor forming and moving in front of me. The vapor looked similar to gas fumes. I figured this was the physical appearance. I spoke to it. I felt as if it could hear and understand me, but I wasn’t getting communication from it. I was probably blocking myself, because someone could walk in at any moment. I thanked Sallos and asked him to go in peace.

Later that night at home in my apartment I cast a circle, lit a red candle, drew his sigil, lit incense, and gazed at the sigil. The sigil quickly looked as if it raised up off the paper, started flashing. At that point I looked up and gazed through the smoke, chanting the ENN. I started to feel a presence, but it would fade in and out. I then chanted Sallos over and over. I started to see the vapor through the smoke. In my mind I created the thought of having the smoke help give form to Sallos. It seemed to a bit, but didnt work that well. I was trying hard to get a more physical appearance, but it wasnt working, and I was having a hard time maintaining TGS. I decided to speak to Sallos. I asked him for his help in bringing my lover back, and asked for a timeline of it coming to full fruition within 30 days from that moment. In my mind I heard a chuckle, and it seemed to say it won’t take nearly that long. I asked for a word or words to call upon him without a circle, so we could communicate. In my mind I was told to just use the ENN I had spoke before.

I thanked him and told him I would honor him and praise him publicly when he brings me what I have asked. I then told him to go in peace into the world in order to bring me what I have asked.

The feeling of the presence started fading away.

I feel like the incense, casting the circle, and trying to get a more physical appearance than the vapor actually made it more difficult for me. Afterwards I couldn’t help but think, did that happen? Was Sallos here? Something was.


I think so, fwiw - I haven’t worked with Sallos but you did everything right and got a visible manifestation, and intuitive guidance. :thumbsup:

Good luck with this, 11 years is a LONG time, I can see why you wish to mend things back up.

Have you considered a journey to his Higher Self using the shamanic method?

This is why I ask:

Sounds like you did great there though, and I hope things work out!! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you,

I’ts good to get some confirmation from someone with experience in evocation. I didn’t know what to expect. Since I didn’t know if it even worked. I’m going to keep practicing daily to get better. Do you think it’s a good idea to keep asking Sallos to brig him back, until it’s more clear to me that I’m actually communicating with him?

I’ll also try the shamanic travel to my partner’s HS and talk with him about returning.


This is probably a successful evocation. Good Job. The fumes that look to me like heat waves are a good indication of where you want to be. For myself, once the heat waves comes, it is followed by what I call smoke or fog (some may call it ectoplasm) and that is when I personally make the best connection, but my intuition tells me that you had a successful encounter with Sallos.

Do you use a temple? One thing that you will notice that if you do more evocations in the same room, the air thickens quite a bit, and it is very noticeable.


I’m going to go with no, if it’s done from the POV that magick is a bit intangible and you feel like you need to keep banging on his door (so to speak) - you got a manifestation.

E.A. posted a love spell video a while back and in that one, I think it was that, he mentioned asking for a sign from the spirit to let you know that the working was proceeding, a kind of early signal so that you know you’re not waiting, and hoping, in vain.

You could do this here, as well, and that would justofy a 2nd evocation, to pass the request along.

Hopefully someone will recall which video it was and post it below, he’s done a few on that topic because I think almost every magician at some point runs into romantic problems, and I don’t have time and privacy to pore through them all right now. :thumbsup:

Good luck with his HS! You may have to make a strong case for this, I did, so my advice fwiw is don’t assume they will automatically think it’s best, but you CAN win them around, and get your goal. :gift_heart:

@Lady_Eva Could someone (probably a sorcerer) just outright defy their HS, and do whatever they want regardless of what their HS thinks? Just letting your HS make decisions for you seems so not LHP.

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Thank you!

I’ll have to keep on when I see the vapor, until I see fog. Yes. I also feel the evocation happened. I just had no frame of reference. I didn’t know if thats what happens =)

I don’t have a temple yet. After Sallos brings me what I’ve asked him for, I’ll work on getting money so I can purchase EA’s courses, and afford to purchase or rent space for a temple.

They could, but since that’s one representation of the literally godlike aspect of your own soul, why would you wish to?

It’s my theory that this level of the soul is a form of spiritual placenta between the Source and the individual being, and that it’ll present itself to you in different ways depending on the paradigm you use to approach it, and your core beliefs and goals.

Most people have as HS that protects them and guides them to some extent, kind of parentally, and as sorcerors we have the option to learn from it, not to treat it like meanie mommy who sets bedtime at 8pm, and makes us eat all our vegetables… :thinking:

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Ahhh, yes. I saw that video!

Good idea for a 2nd evocation. I’ll evoke him today/tonight and ask for a sign.

Do you feel a circle is necessary? Is this just coming from judeo/christian subjective synthesis that demons are evil and you need protection from them?

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I seldom use circles, and if using one is going to add bother to this or delay you, or otherwise be a nuisance, you don’t feel intuitively that it matters, AND you already got that fine result without it, it’s not likely to be important now. :thumbsup:

Just curious why you feel the Higher Self is not LHP? Could you depict this a smidge? Just curious.

@Rcs4215 Not the Higher Self per say. Just the concept of blind obedience to a Higher Self dictating what you should do in your personal life.

It IS you, though, so in most cases it’s looking out for your power.

I did a working around this basic idea, to bring it to a different and more approachable form:

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Ah I see. The higher self is you astral self. The one you astral project with, the one you send out of your body and trust what it shows you is out there, and who has lifetimes of knowledge and experience. The whole point is to tap into your higher self bc it is the higher self that will guide you. When you heard that little voice and didn’t listen to it, and you get screwed by not, you did deify your higher self. I think we all have done that. “Shit why did I do that, I knew I should not have”. You did not follow your intuition, but rather your cognitive self did override the higher self. That is what you want or you were just curious? The whole basis around our meditations is to tap into our subconscious and align our minds. bodies, and spirits. When they are fully aligned you are a power house. Thats my opinion. Not sure what would be not LHP about the higher self.

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I am not fully aligned. My intuition sucks, I am working on that heavily

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To draw closer to death and become more dead too (Necromancer here). Otherwise agreed with that statement.

I am fine with guidance but I do not like the idea of being controlled or subservient to a Higher Self no matter how much it thinks it knows what is best.

Also @Lady_Eva are your HS and your Inner Demon the same thing???

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I forgot to include that during my sleep last night after the evocation, I had 3 dreams. In each of these dreams I was engaged in some type of magic to bring my ex back, which is what I asked Sallos for.

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Congratulations and good job