How to make contact with your Holy Guardian Angel?

Yes, but that process, that ceremony is a bit too long. But if you don’t mind, there is no problem.

You may write out your own invocation. Use the words, humbly, beseech, implore. Not just I order, command, etc They will come in a way you don’t like, and if the circle you prepared is not powerful enough, nor are you armed with Talismans that they fear, you’re in danger.

Even if it’s a simple circle you prepared, just two circles, name of some angels around it and the Tetragrammaton; but if you’re armed with Powerful seals/Talismans/pentacles that are dreadful to them, you’re safe. Yet do not mock or abuse them cuz they will tremble in your presence, yes, you will notice it, but do not because of that see them as children or order them any how. Apply total respect. And they shall be willing to always come to you whenever you call them.

These days I’ve been calling Spitits recorded in Theurgia Goetia. Uhh In my first operation, it looked like a whole nation came into the circle. I couldn’t believe it. Now my point is, I called the evil, churlish, stubborn and wicked ones but I was heavily armed, that when I speak they reply instantly. Nevertheless, I still talk like: If it pleases you, O great Chief Spirit, help me send off the Spirit of Darkness troubling so-so person, because I read that thou art excellent in chasing them away where they haunt.
And he, instantly, send from the battalions that came with him to go to the location I mentioned and do as I asked. Such is the way.

Some minutes later I made a phone call to the people the Spirits are haunting, and they said, “Oh we thank God, everything is fine now.”

It’s not really the circle or constraining them that’s rude but the manner of approach. And the manner by which they are constrained.


They are of different types, ready made. I just wear the right one(s) when it’s time to operate.

But with Spirits I’m already familiar with, who has tell me to call on them anytime, who are free with me. I don’t bring out the Talismans, I do leave it under my garment. But calling a Spirit for the first time… Ah I get fully armed. Except it’s a good angel I wanna call.

It’s not my thoughts but what exists, reality. And it’s not personal, it’s esoteric.

So I should call them with authority and commanding but at the same time being humble and pleading. About the pentacles, the ones described in the ars goetia: the solomon ring, The Pentagonal figure of Solomon made of silver with the seal of the spirit on the other side of it, the hexagram in calf skin are enought?



Yes, enough. Though, beside using the seals of the Spirit and the Tetragrammaton seal behind it, I didn’t use anything else from the book. I used those recorded in the Greater Key of Solomon.


Not the same thing, but take a look at this for getting a mentor who’s your Personal Daemon:

By the pentacles in the Greater Key of Solomon, are you refering to pentacles of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Mercury and The moon? The description of the frist pentacle of Saturn is “great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits”. is that the one you used?

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Yeah, things like that. But it isn’t just merely drawing it. Like the first pentacle of the Sun (El Shaddai), I have it casted on a lion skin. It can also be prepared on A4 paper, but an inch of a lion skin must be added, with temple incense, wrap it, and seal it with a yellow or gold thread.

One of it. I use this particular one alot.

The Pentacle which has a scorpion… That one has no ingredients, it can work well if drawn with ordinary ink. It can be drawn on an A4 paper. But I always make them into a seal. After drawing it, I add Sasorabia perfume or temple incense, then wrap it with red silk thread. Very terrible.


For my first evocation I would want to call duke Dantalion, . In the Greater Key of Solomon, the first pentacle of the Venus says “serve to control the Spirits of Venus”.Should I use the Venus one since Dantalion is a venusian spirit or any other would serve and i can draw it on A4 paper or where? and how the hell did you find a lion skin?

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I just checked the book, Goetia, it wasn’t recorded that he is a Venusian Spirit, but if you’re certain that he is, then you can use the Pentacle.

Yes, on A4. With the color that correspondence to that Planet. Or paint the paper the color that correspondence, and write the characters with black ink. Me for example, I would write with any ink color or animal blood, and then seal it with silk of the planetary color.

From those who sell Spiritual materials.


I deduced he is a Venusian Spirit by the metal his seal must be drawn: Copper, which is the metal associated with Venus, and I’ve read the best hours to evoke him are the hours of Venus . Would it be ok if i draw the pentacle in the metal of the planet, like, I draw the first pentacle of Saturn in lead, which is the metal associated with Saturn?


Ok. Cool.

Yes, it would be.

Use Venus, yes. There are often problems with the associations of spirits to their specific astrological correspondences, because they are rather complex beings, and the certainty of their essence characteristic for a particular planet may be easily confusing.

I heard so many versions of planetary influences for Dantalion, that some really made me wonder if people who claimed these influences, really have met this spirit. In one, quite famous list of demonic correspondences he was under Mars/Pluto influences, which completely don’t match the nature of this spirit in my opinion.

He is mainly assigned to Venus/Moon/Jupiter and these planets are kinda alright I feel, but the safest way is to use Venus as a more reliable and tested influence.

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I’ve read one of your posts where you talk everything about Dantalion and give tips for working with him. In this particular post you said that.

Great post, very useful.
So you have already worked with him, right? what method did you use to evoke him? Is the one described in Ars Goetia ok?

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Thank you, I need to update my post btw but the basic stuff I wrote there are alright.

Personally I didn’t use goetic method, I’m more into invocation than evocation, because I’m rather sensitive and my senses are enough open to spirit’s presence. I wanted his energy to stay close to me, keeping a deeper connection, so I didn’t need to evoke him externally, but that’s just mainly my choice and my kind or the relationship with this spirit.

When I called him for the first time (or rather catching his attention) I used elemental demonic circle according to demonolatry method. I used it once and then I stayed with daily sigil opening and meditation. You can see the invocation there:

I’m not sure if you find it useful for yourself, because there are people who simply prefer to evoke spirits and work with them in more goetic way, that’s understandable. I’m just sharing my experience and you can benefit from it or leave it.

Dantalion is rather a calm spirit and he’s very open to telepathic communication and your thoughts in general, so there’s a high chance that he will hear you anyway. If you aren’t planning to use him more than you are able to give him own work in return, he doesn’t have the tendency to be aggressive or unpleasant, but also don’t be inferior.

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Greetings can show me those talisman ki dly please

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They are the Pentacles recorded in the Greater Key Of Solomon.

After preparing it, I make them into a seal. Like this:


Because to get them on metals or buy the ready made is not easy, and besides, it works on A4 paper or parchment, so…

See this:

At times I call the Spirits into a crystal ball or a mirror, such as this.

This are other stuff I work around and arm myself with:


Can you actually see the daemons on the mirror? When you ara doing an evocation do you put the seals on your pockets or what and show them when they appear ?
Very good drawing by the way.


Do i have to do all this when doing an invocation to lucifer