How to train your legion

Alright, thank you for your insight. :slight_smile:

Hi Velenos,

Does this mean that you got your legions scanned to see if the spirits actually existed.
Is my understanding correct?

I took it as Vel saying he himself scanned them, but if not I too am curious what the second opinion was…

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I scanned them as well as some people I know who scan yes.

Can I share my legion with you for scanning.
Not doubting or being disrespectful to Qayos but just a little inquisitive.

@Hysteria Perhaps you might be interested in this:

Thanks Dark, as per usual you find the coolest threads. I’ll take a look!

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A further update: My friend has told me that he is definitely feeling inspired to create, but finds himself lacking the motivation to take advantage of the urge.

I think I’m going to have to recall my legion and retask them, maybe split them so half inspire and half motivate.


Funny. I’m noticing a pattern of sorts. Last week I worked with Orias, he delivered, but it was short lived, because he did what I asked… and more was needed.

When trying to get something for other person, I see, there is where some issues arise.

In any event, it is cool that things are going well and the legions do work.


I’m a little curious because I did not call or create this. However I have been told I have a legion behind me. Who follows and helps me. Would that be the same without me even having to create it?

Bumping this. Is anyone still working with their legion?


I’m curious as to the results everyone’s been getting. I’m in the process of creating my own legions.
Have you been getting results with yours @DarkestKnight

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Yes, my success rate has been 50:50.
Few have worked seamlessly and few havent.


I should… but the lockdown has been going for way longer than expected and I need things going back to normal before doing this one.

Are you still working with the legion, Knight? I remember you reported it working before.


I’ve had success with subjective goals, like adjusting my energy and bringing inspiration to a firend, but so far, I haven’t tried them on anything material yet.


I managed to let them make some weird, overwhelmed software for me.

Funny thing? I’ve spoken with other people that have to use the same website. I’m the ONLY one who managed to make it work by just adding my middle name during the identification process. Okay, they may be more people, sure, but I’ve not heard about it.

In any event, it worked, but I don’t know if software can even qualify as material.


I’ve decided that I’m going to task them with tracking down my lost mail and deliver it to me. It might be impossible, but my Qayos legion is 444, 000 strong, so if it is even remotely possible, they should be able to pull it off.


Tracking… that sounds like a very useful skill for them to learn.


Especially since my mail seems to get lost all the time lol

I’ve ordered three books that have gotten lost in the mail so far. I hope the same fate does not happen to my new tarot deck.



They did it! My fucking legion did it!

The book that was lost in the mail three weeks ago was just delivered today.

It took them only four days.