Does everyone have a Holy guardian angel?

So I asked Lucifer awhile back if I had a Daemonic guardian and he said no but that I did have a Guardian angel so that made me wonder does everyone have a guardian angel?

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I’m positive that I don’t have a guardian angel.

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Do you have a Daemonic guardian?

The HGA is neither Holy, a Guardian, or an Angel… It’s just a poorly named term for the godself.


Throughout my life, I’ve definitely felt the presence of demons watching over me. Although, it seems that they shift. As in, they hang around for a few years and another demon seems to take over for a time. As I became more and more aware, I’ve noticed the energy slightly change as a new demon took over. They would always have the same demonic feel, but they would also exhibit their own individual energy that was personal to them.

Now, I’ve noticed some people I interact with, they sometimes have what seems to be an angel hovering over them. Not sure if they are a guardian or not though.

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My sister is psychic. She has seen at least 4 of them. She said they were all female, all about 7 feet tall. She said she could feel that they were “very peaceful, and very very powerful.” I had her look at mine, and she saw a bright light.

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Yes we do. Not necessarily an angel per sé but we do have spirits that walk with us since birth.

Some are protectors of various natures, others are not so friendly, all they want to do is destroy.

Including you if you don’t know what your dealing with.


Try this


It’s my theory that this level of the soul is a form of spiritual placenta between the Source and the individual being, and that it’ll present itself to you in different ways depending on the paradigm you use to approach it, and your core beliefs and goals, and that it has no innate drive or form, but simply mirrors your beliefs about the nature and purpose of reality.

I did a working to access mine in Daemonic form: