(FGA) Fallen/Demonic guardian angel

Is there such thing as the counter part of the HGA (holy guardian angel) called a « fallen » guardian angel?

Has anyone experimented with this ?

Any ideas or suggestions in calling him/her it?

No, because the HGA is NOT an angel. It is something else entirely. It cannot “fall.”


At this point you are just splitting hairs and playing with words. The HGA = Your Higher Self = Your Godself = Whatever other names that keep floating around that all refer to the same thing.


Actually there is a view that the HGA is a holy guardian angel.

HGA is said to be a minor aspect of the higher self that is used to mediate between the higher self and the lower.

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I am actually genuinely curious, but thank you for your honest opinion

Well, i stand somewhat corrected then. Though my main point still stands lol

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I regardless of our agreement of disagreement on any given issues, I highly value your honesty

True. Crowley, the one who first translated the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage along with Mathers, originally believed it to be a shard of the True Self, but when he was older, his view changed and he began to view it as an independent being in its own right.

@Taramurti I spoke to EA about the HGA, because I’ve been thinking about performing the Abramelin Operation for myself, and he has done it, so I wanted to know if it was compatible with LHP and he said it was. Take that opinion as you will.

You might also be interested in @Lady_Eva’s Personal Daemon operation, which is similar in a way to what you’re looking for:

Evocation Of My Personal Daemon


I was just reading about the HGA a couple of weeks ago in the book, “The Magick of Aleister Crowley - A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema”.

You may like to check it out as it contains “more user-friendly versions of
Liber Samekh helpful adjuncts to…study of this most important ritual work”.

This thread made me think of the following passage, which I found quite fascinating at the time of reading (p. 175):

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin, the Mage postulates that every
individual has a Holy Guardian Angel; a spiritual Being unique to each of us.
This Being, whose true nature can only be adaquately explained by itself, is
more than a projection of our perfected Self. Indeed, until we have united with
this being, we do not even posesss the “equipment” necessary to comprehend
its nature.
By assuming an attitude not unlike that of a love-sick suitor (who can do
nothing but pine for his beloved), we trigger within ourselves an arsenal of
inherent emotional responses which can be focused and amplified to such a
degree that union with this abstract lover is actually achieved.