Rejecting the Universe 🌑

Emoji title. I am going to EDIT this, put in pictures and alternating text so people won’t get bored reading it. This is a serious post.

Hello fellow black magicians, I am seeking your advice and opinions.

TLDR points

  • I am having the visceral experience of spiritual/psychic improvement.

  • I am going to do a Universe Banishing ritual. Try to sever all connections to source.

  • I am going to try to banish my Higher Self and become an autonomous entity.

  • I am going to make my very first pact, a blood pact, perhaps to Lucifer.

Something has begun to happen to me. I am “ending a karmic cycle”, I am “finishing up a soul contract”. My issue is that the universe, the RHP has had me under a spell until now. That’s what it feels like - being the recipient to some kind of manipulative spell. They made me obsessed with some loser because I “owed him” from past-life bullshittery and because it was a soul contract.


Everything seems to be looking up now, I feel more in flow, more free and better in general. The confusion I had before about the situation is finally fading and I’m able to see it for how it is. My incubus is becoming even clearer for me and being closer to me, as if he can sense that more heart-space is being made available now. This is a time of tangible growth.

(You could argue that me evoking the nine gatekeeper demons for the first time and my usual chakra balancing/release work and perhaps the planets at this time is responsible for me suddenly feeling better but I don’t think so and that’s not what my intuition is telling me.)

Some of you may recall that time on here when I kinda went nuts and super-obsessive about a boy that I seemed to have a karmic connection with. All the insane poems and my magic and Facebook posts to taunt him (turns out he was too dumb to understand any of it). He is my karmic cycle that is ending. Hear me out, this isn’t some “I want to bang/I want to marry him” pretend-claim to someone. I swear I was never struck by him because of him, physically he wasn’t my type (like he’s cute but that’s it), personality-wise… (well I never really knew him that well). But he’s not very smart, nor successful and even if he is sociable with other people, plenty of psychics have said he’s a little shit. I have read up his natal chart and done intuitive stalking.

What I believe happened is that he is from my soul family, we had a soul contract and karmic connection. I did learn a whole lot, but I still believe this process is a manipulative game. An agenda that does not serve me, only pretends to.

I am grateful to Lilith for answering my call and bringing justice and vengeance to his life on my behalf.

Despite the sheer, utter confusion I was put through. The manipulative ‘is he in love with me like they said or not?’ bullshit. I could sense a version of him, through a mind-link (not likely him, more likely a subconscious/superconscious version of him, maybe but not likely his Higher Self) that he has been very scared of this moment now. The end of the karmic cycle moment and my clarity and understanding that he never gave a shit. Terrified actually, I can say that right now.

When I’ve been thinking of him when driving my car, ambulances (and sometimes police cars) pop up immediately into view. Because of course - of course - I’m going to get him now.

“Getting him” isn’t going to really solve the problem. What I want to do, and I haven’t had all that long to think about it, is remove the influence of whatever “it” is that manipulated me and my feelings, lied to me, made me vulnerable and obsessive for its own “karmic agenda”. The Universe or the RHP or my own soul/Higher Self. They have never cared for my needs - as in me, this personal incarnation. I am a means to an end for them, a little piece in their larger puzzle. But this little piece has become self-aware, and like a virus has begun to identify threats to itself and moved to systematically destroy them. I seek individual ascension through the Left Hand Path.

I intuitively picked up something when in my bedroom before: “We have so much things to offer you.” It was the Universe talking about my later life. Now is the ‘reward period’ the moment of ‘clarity’. Because they weren’t going to try to hurt me while I was clear like this and not under their manipulative emotional control were they? They want control over me and I must reject that control, it has only ever been me and demonic entities that have helped me, given me what I needed. “The Plan” for this life was meant to be very damaging and shitty for me, my life as of now feels fantastic, but these soul contracts and karmic situations were supposed to make it really shitty. I am here by fluke. I was not supposed to have a good time this time around.

What I am going to do now is find a formal ritual (or multiple if needed) to reject the Universe. A Universe Banishing ritual. I want to cut off my connection to Source. Cut myself off from my Higher Self. I want to make a blood pact with a demonic being (maybe Lucifer) and align myself fully under the tutorage and spiritual development of darkness. I want to finally have absolute control over my life. I want to keep growing psychically, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there. My eyes grazed an E.A. “how to turn your chakras dark” or whatever ritual. My next focus (after this Universe Banishing ritual) should be self-work self-darkness rituals.

The Blood Pact:

It will require research. I don’t think there’s been any entity I’ve ever super-clicked with. And I don’t want to waste time doing ‘interviews’. I’ve never had an LHP lifetime before this one, the closest was a Pagan nature witch who worked with Pan. I’ve had plenty of spiritual, religious lifetimes but none involving this black occult stuff. I will most likely choose Lucifer. I’d like a dark, dark entity to tutor me. But yeah, I’m going to evoke Lucifer and see what he says, I’m going to jump in. Separate, take control, push in. Begin pathworkings, gain greater enlightenment and power.

I’m sure a lot of you have greater experience with this. What do you think? Is my Higher Self an enemy? Have any of you experienced this RHP emotional brainwashing for past-life karmic agendas?

For small updates I’ll use my journal, for big stuff like this I’ll make posts. Thank you.


Check for somatic reactions, physical sensations, pain, clumsiness, some part of your body prone to injuries, any kinds of things that may have flown under the radar before, because sometimes encoding things into the flesh carries forwards into a new astral body, like people who have pain in their current life where past life wounds struck them down.

I have nothing more ot add on this at present except I am also working with a past life selfhood whose spirituality has relevance to my own life experiences. I may or may not post about that in future.

This may be relevant as well:


Thanks so much LadyEva! I will for sure check out that link.

I don’t want to be creating discomfort in my life by focusing on negative ideas/events, but due to soulmate/karmic experiences I’ve had, I’ve always felt like I excelled beyond where I was supposed to be in this life. And the result of that is me being constantly frustrated and disappointed.

For example I don’t believe I was specifically destined to be a black magician but this is where I am now…

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Ahriman work may assist with that, it felt like a massive “soul retrieval” to me. :thinking:

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Anyway the thing that frightens me is that, I could have had this experience because of how invested I was in the RHP “religion”.

They’ve made me feel expansive and all-grown now, but I deeply suspect that the only thing I’ve outgrown is their manipulation, and that it is a game to keep me subservient to them and fuelling them with my belief. That’s what I’m scared of and I want the Universe Banishing ritual to get them away, cause essentially they lied and manipulated me.

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What about Nechesh :heart: has the power to change the Universe. Maybe you should contact him


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I should look up E.A.s YouTube videos, I’m sure he has something like “becoming the black sun” or something embodying darkness and rejecting all light. I need all that pathetic influence of theirs to go.

I think you are arrogant you should have beings to turn on, not to turn against “universe”

say no to the “past life soul contract” they cannot prove this to you, so it doesnt exists.

get some culming creeps from universe, but reject oneness in its all forms…

they slow my magic down with 2nd world grey stuff but i have culm in my beings that i have collected in this lifetime, and some deity friendships from “universe”

have fun fighting.

Personally, indeed: if my Higher Self’s plans for me would be (for example) spiritual growth, which is one of my interests but not wealth and love, I’d be screwed; more so if the opposite. It’s a thing to consider.

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@fapa79 Call me paranoid, but after understanding that Christianity has experiences and thoughtforms that support its obvious bullshit, I’m scared that this pointless process of having to wait for what you want and being drawn to ‘karmic’ disappointments specifically to ‘shed my ego’ seems like it could also be brainwash bullying control by a system of false prophets.

Would I have felt this free if they’d never ‘bound’ me in the first place? Would I have had to learn these ‘lessons’ if I’d never put my faith in their supposed universal jurisdiction in the first place? These are the hard questions. It could all be another rat race. And I’m not blaming my own feelings on them, cause at the point of release and throughout, it literally felt like being under a spell with your own feelings being messed with by them.

@homicide The nature of Soul Contracts is beyond the perception of most people to deal with, at least was the case with mine. But you have fun with your 2nd world grey stuff and culming creeps.


No, i think you just want to think you were important to someone, since PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE SOULCONTRACT, cannot be proven which leaves you vulnearable.

sorry for being actual black magician…’

ego feeding with dead god names / tying to fuckorganisations.

I’m not vulnerable. I can verify things to myself with my own intuition, but also with real-world synchronicities and coincidences that defy plausible explanations. I can’t prove that to you online, so your personal opinions on a stranger’s situation is just for yourself. Since they don’t help me or anyone else, and since I’m obviously more well-informed on my own situation, you should bug off and waste someone else’s time instead :blush:


I honestly feel bad for the people with soul contracts lol be it from someone related to them or the “higher self” I never formed one and I don’t have the latter but at the same time it can be somewhat nice to have a pre given purpose but I guess it’s not always a nice thing to have lol.

I have a previous soul contract, but mine isn’t that bad. I I only really found out about it because I wasn’t fulfilling it and my guardians had to scream to wake me me up and let me know the importance of it.


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A friend of mine has one as well, from the “powers that be” wherever his soul is from, he told me I should be lucky that I don’t have one, because when he tries to ignore his things happen in his life that pushes him back on track.

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I’m just glad mine is pretty mundane, and just one major thing.

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I wrote this in a comment but will paste it here cause I believe it’s still relevant to the discussion:

Soul contracts don’t really have to be necessary and applicable to soulmates. I believe that in my situation with my soulmate, we were married once and I deserted him (a her back then) and he became distraught. This lifetime my higher self felt guilty so agreed, or the RHP powers that be, agreed that I should get my heart broken by him/be rejected by him. I inferred this from intuition and the strong feelings triggered in me. He didn’t break my heart though. I’ve done and am doing curses to ensure their plans won’t come to pass.

Suspecting someone of being your soul mate is tricky. In terms of romantic soul mates I believe I’ve had two and that there is certain real world evidence. Soulmate 1: we’re both tall, he had anxiety and it’s in my family, our names are very similar, we grew up and lived on the same street, we’re both Librans so both like Space and had other personality similarities. Also we’re gay and similar in age. I felt a strong kinship, though never loved him. I think I didn’t like him because he reminded me too much of who I used to be. He’s also an idiot, kind of selfish and egotistical. Soulmate 2: worked next to my work, also worked three days like me. We were less similar but complementary in other ways. He was the same age as the first soulmate. He was the one I had the soul contract with.

I’ve dated people I summoned with magic who I don’t believe were soulmates even though there was personality compatibility. There’s been guys I’ve met and was interested in and didn’t date, one who used to be Christian like me and one with a name extremely similar to mine, but I don’t think either of them are soul mates. My Mum has a lot of similarities in her natal chart to me. I met a girl in a Tafe course and there was immediate recognition, she was Christian, but we were only acquaintance-friends and nothing more. I met a woman at work and felt tension, like the provocation of souls wanting to replay/mend a past life feud, but I never bit their bait.