Remote orgasm

Hi ok I want really to try this btw IAM still a virgin can someone try it on me please

You can ask here Giving Remote orgasms

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I asked him but he is ignoring me can you help me please or can you send me a succubus please

Work for it. They won’t respect you if you are not the one summoning them. When you summon a succubus, you tie a contract with them.


ehm… No lol

I WILL DO IT, just for U . Watch the video first.

Then Just imagine yourself in the place of that spirit, I will take care of the rest. I PROMISE.

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It ok if they don’t respect me I just want to try it can you send me one

Okay, first, just because you don’t get an immediate response doesn’t mean you are being ignored. There are people here in many different time zones and @dagar simply may not be online when you are.

Second, you cannot demand that someone give you something when you want it. It doesn’t work that way here. When someone offers something to members of the forum, like the remote orgasm thread, it is always their choice and on their time if and when to provide it, not yours.


Thank you! I couldn’t find the words to be clear but not rude about it.


I have watched the video

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Sorry noxlotus

Sorry darkest Knight

No worries. But if you really have interest in succubi/inccubi, and you are not only interested in them for having sexual pleasure why don’t you start studying magick?

Thirst for knowledge is a very important base for being a good warlock!


I want one for sexual pleasure just one time IAM still a virgin
And IAM not good at summoning

I gave you a link in your other succubus thread. Use that ritual to call for a succubus yourself. It’s not complicated.


Sorry, I only work with girls. And i do it personally. So can’t help U. I am not Gay.

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So you are not interested truly in succubi then.
I was suggesting you getting started on the path of magick, not directly into summoning. That would be a very stupid move.

But I would like to give you a personal advise: Even though the capitalist world works the way you think…( I want this, so I get it immediately), that is an ilusion. The real world, and that, my dear, includes the spiritual world, doesn’t work like that.

I recommend you to change a bit your perception about your desires, and work about them. You cannot have everything you want NOW, giving the others the responsibility to give it to you immediately. That is not how life is.


agreed. My man @issam I don’t want to be rude but I’m a virgin too and you were kinda creeping me out :joy: I’m all for giving you an orgasm just relax my mans. I’ve had a wierd week

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Then you won’t get a succubi.
It’s a RELATIONSHIP not a booty call.

Stop making these threads they are spam and might get you a temp ban from the site.
This one will be flagged as such.

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Try this only make it clear you wish to have sex with the being you create:

And, moderator hat on, please STOP making threads or asking people about this, it’s annoying members, please! :+1: