Imaginary Friends + Introduction

What kind of imaginary friends are there, are some of them real beings or not

Please, make an introduction.

How old are you? Have you been practicing magic or are you new in this path? What areas of magic interest you?

Is one of the rules around here, the others being civil and not threatening people.

Have a nice day.

PS: Yes, I’m covering for the Knight today.

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@Ink_Sans Please properly introduce yourself as you have been asked to do twice now. Tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you have. It is a rule of this forum.

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What do you mean? :upside_down_face:

My name is Ink Sans, and i am 16 years old. I am able to create different aus, and i am from the multiverse from Undertale

Sorry, but, no. We need a proper, real world introduction, not some made up fantasy crap. Please do an actual introduction according to our rule.

Tell us about the real you, and your real experience in magick. Otherwise, you run the risk of being branded a troll and removed.

My name is B, im 16 years old and live in the US

Not much for following clear instructions, are you? :roll_eyes:

Do you have any actual experience in magick?

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No, but i am trying to learn, but i am mostly here to learn about the supernatural, and spirits, because my sister has been going through it for a long time.

And pls there is no need to be so rude, not everyone wants to or has the time to deal with… please and thank you

Thoughtforms are imaginary friends, they’re not real beings. However, sometimes real beings get confused as imaginary friends/thoughtforms and vice versa but more the latter.


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well, my sister says that that lucy was a girl that was burned alive and her soul got trapped in her doll, and that her grandma took care of the doll like it was a child. if someone is mean to my sister or doesn’t believe in lucy, lucy will sometimes hurt them or show herself to them, to make them believe.

Can’t say for sure, it’s not improbable but the story is kind of too close to the usual haunted doll movies lol. Ever seen the doll? People can read the energy of an object.

She has showed me the picture of the doll, and she sometimes has dreams about it too, when she was little she got abusived very badly, and lucy made the person get cancer, and they died two weeks ago

First, please be polite to people trying to help you navigate this forum, for the first time possibly in your LIFE you are not in a normal top-down authority environment, moderation is distributed across all members (especially those with “Regular” as their title) so you will yourself, we hope, be willing and able to guide new people if you stick around and learn the ropes.

Secondly, and mod hat OFF, I have a soft spot for imaginary friends myself and did some posts that might be useful for you, if you are that way inclined:

Not actually “imaginary” but uses the same muscles for real magickal impact:

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It’s not a matter of being rude. Many of us are busy people leading busy lives. I myself have a family I have to care for and provide for. I work and have many responsibilities to my job. Then I have my personal practice.

My introduction was not adequate and @DarkestKnight commented to me much like he did you in the first post. It doesn’t take long and allows other members to assist you in the best way possible. Without it many will not even speak to you beyond asking you to do a proper introduction.

Good luck this forum is very active, informative, and helpful. You would be hard pressed to find another as active that isn’t on toxicbook. Even then most of the active ones do not deal with the darker side of the occult. You just need the secret password aka your introduction.

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