Tutorial : Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands

I’ll have a think about sharing some stuff I did, thanks, in the meantime maybe other people can share their methods. :slight_smile:


Random bump for members who are new here and may not have access to tools for various reasons. :+1:


you remind me of two things:

To frighten the christian folks, good ol chucky went out with a friend,
and read publicly his copy of the satanic bible, doing a “satanic bible study”
and drawing pentagrams over their food
but in all seriousness: i guess one could do something counter clockwise/“destructive” to shed weakness and to destroy bad habits, and i remember the clockwise motion of my spoon, back in my RHP days

This is the second thing you remind me to, as it says “sanguis bibimus corpus edibus”

Besides, the mere intention, pronounciation and thought will influence fluids,
as shown with those experiments by the japanese (different input gets different water crystals)


@Lady-Eva Thank you so much for posting this. I realize it’s an old post/thread, but, for various reasons I have to use tool-free magick without use of ritual materials. This also fits with my personal preference for not standing on “formal” or elaborate rituals. Do you consider the use of just visualization, your will, intent, focus, desires, etc… to be a valid and effective “gets results” way of performing magick, even with communication and forming connections and working relationships with demons/spirits/ancient gods? I ask because doing it this way is kind of a necessity for me at this point in my life. Could you possibly start a thread dedicated to such methods of practice? I believe there are more people like me, for which this is necessary and still want to get results, than many who take being able to obtain ritual materials for granted, may realize. Thank you.



I will also maintain that the hands can serve the functions of the elemental tools as well.

Depending on polarity, hands palm up to receive or down to redeem for Earth.

Extended fore finger is your Air wand.

Cupped hands are a Water chalice.

Depending on polarity, the hand in a blade to form or a thumbs up to sever for a Fire dagger.

Your spine is something else as well IMO, but I’m not sure of that one yet.


Yes, I do, some tools are powerful in their own right but it is absolutely possible to function without them in all the ways you mention. Core shamanism uses no tools and all these things are posible using that method, Law of Attraction uses no tools, scrying using a wall uses no tool, these are all methods I use, if not daily, then very close.

And I get results using them, and have done for many years.

I don’t have time to do a detailed OP on it right now to share things, but go ahead and make a new topic asking people to share their own tool-free methods if you wish! :+1:

This method uses no tools, and creates a magickal companion:

This is available online and needs only a notebook and pen:


WOW! welcome back sir, Wish U were more active in the forum .


LOL, the third pic of all those offerings looks exactly like the Altar of my ancestral home, except there were more pics of deities . All those ingredients are almost same.


I have no physical altar, I guess you could say my altar is in my head. Getting the materials and setting up a dedicated space wouldn’t go over well in my house. I may be almost 45 years old, but currently I do not hold the reigns of power around the house where I live now (not to mention the purse strings, lol). It’s my fault for basically fucking up a lot when I was younger, but that’s where I’m at currently so I do the best I can. This is a big reason why tool-less magic using no materials, altars, making offerings (about the only physical thing I can do, I just set them on my computer table, which is the dining room table and call to King Paimon and Prince Lucifer aloud when home alone and mentally when my family member I live with is here), and using improvised methods (chaos magick, I guess. I just speak respectfully, honestly, and so on) etc… is so important to me.


Great post. I’ve been using a qi gong on blessing foods / water for the last year, there similarities. So love learning more


Great thread :heart_eyes:


Something I have often wondered if it’s just me or if this is a ‘thing’:

When I ask myself a question I often notice that with the immediate impulse answer or feeling, I get an automatic initial bodily reaction like scratching an itch on my nose even though there was no itch, or I might sniff or clear my throat for no apparent reason or I suddenly become aware of blinking right after I feel or see this initial impulse answer.

I might suddenly make a statement to myself and instantly there is some kind of bodily action for no apparent reason and I wonder if this is a subtle energy trying to give me a hint of some kind.

Are these subtle reactions indicating my limitations that I can change? I think so.
When I get a negative answer that comes along with one of these reactions I replay the scene or question a few times until I get a clear projection of what I would like to see.

I suppose this is what we all do but not necessarily notice all the time.


I think so as well, I have a gut feeling about some things and it’s always correct, yet, stupidly, I still ignore it sometimes! :roll_eyes:


I think that more people have restrictions about contacting a Demon.
I live in a country were 90% of the people are muslim, therefore I have to be careful with what I do.
I know what it means when you are not free to do what you want to do.


Is it okay if I screenshot this and post it to my IG with a link to BALG and this forum?


You are welcome to do so. :+1:

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I just posted something regarding this exact topic a few minutes ago, and then I scroll down, and I see this.

Synchronicity is insane sometimes.


From my research, I have read and heard, time and again, that daemons often find subtle ways to guide you. You are sometimes following coincidences that are them trying to guide you. This is just my guess, as I have researched much and practiced little. I hope @Lady_Eva don’t mind, but I have questions to PM her


You never stop learning if you are serious about anything. Even in the non-occult. I’ve been playing guitar for more than 30 years and yet I’m not above watching a beginner level lesson. Same is true in magick IMHO


Sure, keep them short and specific though please, not open ended stuff like “How did you get started” - things like that need a book to answer! :smiley: