Banishing ritual

Hi everybody,

I have read the LRBP and I’ve exorcised a banishing ritual mediation on youtube from Motivation Magic.

After doing the second one I get the feeling to create my own ritual.

Is that possible? State who you invite and who is not welcome. I got the same feeling with the circle of protection. Sometimes it’s needed than I imagine one and sometimes it just feels good.

I am sensing and feeling things very clear. My astral senses need to develop but on the other hand my feelings and dreams ar telling me what to do or what not to.

I think i need to follow my senses or do i miss something here?

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YES! I do this all the time, I never work with othewr people’s systems, it;s like I’m almost allergic to it lol. :+1:


Trust yourself.

Read the OP on these to get an idea how I operate, and I’m not the only person doing this:


One of the requirements for entry into the Illuminates of Thanateros is to come up with your own banishing ritual. Peter Carroll talks about it in his text on chaos magic (sorry; can’t bring myself to spell magic with a “k”) Liber Null. I, however tend to stick with the LBRP (including the archangelic invocations which EA noticeably left out in his video on the same topic); it works well for me.


Thanks @Lady_Eva, the ritual I did on YT has similarities that got me thinking. So it’s a great share.

I’m still looking when I have contact with a guardian, higher self or a God, Angel, Daemon. I beginning to see difference. At the moment it’s developing very fast. Thanks for this tip to.

So what’s the difference in Magic and with a k.

Thanks. I can imagine when something works for you