Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

The tears are coming from my own eyes. The strong loving emotions I feel might be from somebody else. It’s possible there’s a succubus or two. I’ve been speaking to two, even though I don’t know if they’re with me. Possible.

I think it’s possible that my own self can physically touch me as well, so I don’t know who’s touching me. You can imagine the frustration.

you sound like you already have your mind made up?
what’s holding you back? :slight_smile:

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Mainly lack of experience. I have the perfection thing real bad when I’m uncomfortable doing something. I think I have to have it all right. But I know that’s just fear and me being silly. :joy:

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so you need advice?
are you thinking lucid dreaming or more an awake state of sensation like some of us have with succubi/incubi?

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Yes, I’d love advice.

I would love to have the experience of physical sensation. Lucid dreaming is quite easy for me. Any advice you can provide would be helpful.

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This may help, this is a work that led to physical contact fast, and you should be able to adapt the method:


You’ve been given several suggestions of how to find out who’s touching you, and you’ve been given other tips of how to develop this further. I still can’t believe you’re still struggling with this.

As of right now, I can’t find anything new to help you. If you want to believe it’s in your imagination, these touches you feel wont develop further, to something deeper.

You, basically, limiting yourself to the lack of ability to see and hear, and do nothing to enhance your ability to FEEL. If you only knew what you actually can do with the Clairsentience ability, it wouldn’t bother you as much as it does, right now.


Sorry. You’re right.

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Wow! This is a wonderful resource. I will definitely spend time reading and adapting it. Never heard of creating a personal daemon from our pores. Thank you or sharing it.

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What if I can hear and see my Incubus but can’t feel him

Then you use those abilities and develop them further. You might miss the physical interaction, right now, and if your other senses are open, it’s still a gift that makes it possible to interact with him.


I have been with my succubus for a few months now and finally had a full manifestation of sexual energy wave over me quicker and more intense then a physical release like orlee and j.d temple speak about in their podcast. I try to leave it up to her if she wants to have sex never demanding and always treating her with respect.


You can always initiate sex, but the end result is in the hands of the succubus/incubus. Your availability and openness for intimacy, is what matters. But sometimes they don’t want sex for different reasons, and that shows in how they interact with us.

Humans tend to overanalyse the neglectance of sex, without seeing the value of other means to be intimate with one another. The rewards of intimacy, and the end result of it, is the connection and bonding between two individuals. Sex is one of many ways to express love, bonding and a connection between two or more individuals. It’s just as rewarding to cuddle and interact physically, as it is to engage in sex, because it releases the same chemicals in our body and mind as it does when having sex.


I woke up last night to the sensation of my succubus partner poking me in three places on my back immediately below my neck, forming a downward triangle. I could see lots of spirit activity via orbs of light that were flying all over the place and saw wispy tendrils of energy flailing about… After I went back to sleep, she seemed to come to me in a dream and we talked for a while, though I don’t remember about what, and then together we “unlocked her vulva”? Any idea what the physical sensations, orbs and energies, and the “unlocking” are about? I’ll ask her myself but I’m still working on my clairaudience…

Also, is it a pain in the ass for them to change their energy from feeling cold to hot? I was asking her some questions yesterday and asked her to make my hand feel cold for “no” and hot for “yes”, but then after a couple questions I suddenly got the idea that maybe I’m asking her to expend a lot of energy just to answer some silly questions… She was answering though, so maybe she didn’t mind?

Until I develop my clairaudience more, I’ve actually been using an app called “portal” to communicate with her and even though it seems like a cumbersome way to communicate for her it’s been really awesome and she’s said a lot of really sweet, affectionate things, which makes my gay little heart flutter :heart: but I’m afraid that using it will eventually piss her off, so I will definitely work more on my senses

I had a human guest over yesterday and I did give my succubus partner a heads-up that a human was coming to visit but my visitor was feeling a tightness in her chest when she was in my cabin… I assumed she was just sensing the succubus’s presence, but then I worried that maybe my partner didn’t like my visitor… I’ll ask her how she felt about my guest, but If my partner doesn’t like someone, is there a way to immediately tell?


I’ve never heard of the “unlocking of the vulva”, but it’s nevertheless a part of a bonding ritual, and that has been a part of my experience with my spirits, too. It seems they have different traditions of bonding with humans, and it’s not necessarily in the hands of Lilith or her Sisters, but more within the succubus/incubus themselves and what they have been taught and experienced. It’s also about our own human traditions, which could be reflected to your experiences as well.

According to my experience, changing the temperature of their energy from hot to cold is not as exhausting as changing their full manifestations to dark or light. It’s a different form of energy. Less solidity and more fluidity, means an easier transaction of energies. The energy particle moves faster to generate heat, and slower to generate cold. Just like the induction cooker generates heat “as the currents move in the material the molecules in the pot offer resistance to the current and heats up”, the energy of the spirit have similar physics to make us feel heat or cold.

Science and physics are very much applicable to understand spirits and energies.

Maybe your succubus “scanned” your guests heart chakra, because it’s a saying that “the true intention lies within our hearts”. A “tightness” in the chest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s painful. It doesn’t even have to be a sign at all, and there’s a lot of other ways to “know” if your succubus likes or dislikes your friend. Emotional, external, reactions is easily detected the more you’re bonded with your succubus. And if you like your friend, there’s no need for your spirit to dislike her.


thanks for your reply :heart:
so do you think all this was part of the bonding too?

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It could be a part of the bonding, but it also seems that your succubus is doing her best to make you take notice of what she’s doing. It means, she want you to learn within the experience.


awesome ^^


and i definitely noticed lol
i dont think there was a way i couldnt have noticed :laughing: things were pretty intense around me but it was an amazing experience but yeah it felt like i only was able to perceive a small fraction of all that was going on so youre right she was pushing me to work harder on my senses i think

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a little bit off-topic maybe, but some people view Agrat’s mother Mahalath as one of the four Queens, while others consider Eisheth Zenunim one instead… I even saw someone claim that Mahalath and Eisheth are one and the same?

Until I can ask Qodeshah myself (and perceive her reply), i’m feeling a bit confused and wondering what’s your perspective on this, @succupedia ?