It took me 2 years to find the people that really have power

Not everyone here does magick for money, Lina. Once you decide which way you want to go, create another thread and specifically ask for help on pursuing that goal. You’ll either find someone who will help or you’ll get advice on how to learn magick so you can do it for yourself.


When you cut cords remember to replace that energy with your own positive.


I am sorry I posted on the forum by accident

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Do you believe this?

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I do. Ive seen ppl reaching their goals , or get help via rituals , soells. Sure not everyone can do this, but if u find the rights one for sure its working. 2 years ago, before Ive got in this situation, ive been to Morocco, what Ive seen changed my view regarding this. Plus since I was kid Ive seen this in the village where I grew up. I wont lie, ive been scamed from the start, but this doesnt mean that the spells dont work. U should find the right person who has that power.


sorry , dont understand what u mean ???

Thank you very much. As I mentioned before, I am new to this forum, so didnt know what and where I should post . Thank you for advise. should I open another post where I wright Free???

I am broke too. When i first went into magic,i hired lots of people what they call “master” lol
all the charm and talisman or whatever,i already spent more then $50000 over it.
i know i am going crazy over it, and stupid enough paying double price to some people just to get the spell kits and materials…
I am not rich or what,so i am trying to study myself now.

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same here. But its important from those who really knows.

Lina, I think you should get very, very clear on exactly what you want. You’ve got a lot of different viewpoints in this thread.

Now, you have to decide for yourself what’s best for you in this situation. No one can do anything to help you until you decide that for yourself.

So there are really two different questions you need to answer for yourself …

(1) Do I use magick to over-ride his free will and bring him back to me? Or do I use magick to help myself heal and move past the need for him?

(2) Do I want to learn magick so I can do this for myself? Or do I just want to find someone to do this for me? In other words, do you really want to learn magick? Or just want to find someone to change this one situation?

When you get very clear on those answers, start a new thread and ask for help achieving that specific goal.

Of course, you’re completely free to do whatever you want. That’s just my own personal advice.


Magick can make anything happen it’s all in your intent with the spell,evocation, or summoning


OK fine, but be forewarned, a member of this forum who has been on a brief hiatus, my arch nemesis, Iam Incide, will be returning in the near future. I highly advise you to ignore anything that Crowley cock sucking sycophant has to say. He is a schizoid toxic magician saturated with energies spooled from the blackest pools of the abyss. He will lead you down a glittering seductive path that greets you with your own ruin at its end. Regards.

Nosetraldamus or Nostrildamus, I use them interchangeably at the counsel of our resident Plague Doctor, Adam Thoth.


So it’s IamIncide’s turn to get the light soon? I am sure it’ll be fine. We’ll keep him on his toes. Rest well.


thank you very much, I will be careful

“Nostrildamus” is just being silly, I won’t get into the backstory or I might have a sudden moment of recalling all the rules, and 'twould not end well for our hero!

Seriously, back on your topic, I was a martyr for love, liust. romance, for ages and then I realised that the alchemical union with the masculine, which I had poured so much need and yearning into, could also be found within myself, much later (and now in a happy, loving relationship with a veritable Living God of my own, I’m so pleased to say) I formalised a way to create that romatic ideal to be there as a strong presence when needed, and I shared that working, which is based on a known system, on here.

I highly recommenbd you try it rather than risking, even if you get out of this,remaining bamboozled by the next adorable male you meet. Men are wonderful beings but attaching too much to them and trying to make them your All is bad for you, and places a hideous obligation on the man:


Lady Eva wrote:

" I might have a sudden moment of recalling all the rules, and 'twould not end well for our hero!"



A while back when I first joined this forum, I was in the same situation as you.
I’m glad now that I didn’t succeed in getting my ex back.

Here is what I can tell you. Don’t go after him, you’ll eventually find some
one better if you look hard.

But if you want him back here is what you can do.

Don’t go after a magic bullet. go after small rituals that will add up to the bigger goal.
What I’m about to type will be blunt, but honest.

  1. You need to snap out of it. No matter what you do if you don’t get your life
    back together your rituals will fail and your life will decay. Get a life again

  2. Be more attractive to his taste. Look we like to sugar coat things now a days
    by saying we date people based off personality, but that’s bull. When we first meet
    someone we know very little about their personality. We judge them based off first
    impressions and looks. So workout and get HOT. Not only will it help get him back, but
    others will look towards you too.

  3. You need to be completely honest and find out why he left. You can’t just assume
    he left because he didn’t love you and found someone better. Divination helps with this.
    Find out why he did to the core. Find out the most Honest and real reason.

  4. Now take action physically and spiritually. Don’t go for the big ritual. preform
    a series of small rituals. example: a ritual to get him around you more. a ritual to
    push his friends that tell him to stay away from you. a ritual to make men seek for you more
    a ritual to get him to dream extremely positive and comfortable dreams with you. a ritual
    to get you to lose attachment to him. a ritual to get him to think about you.
    a ritual to make you feel happy even without him. and so on

4 1/2: The above examples can all be done as candle magic, cheap candles too.
the link can be picture of him if you have no others.

5: Get-A-Life. can’t stress that enough. Get your shit together. Focus on making your life

  1. after all this you will get results. You’ll need to realize that your old relationship is dead.
    COMPLETELY DEAD, You’ll need to forge new relationship with him from the ground up.
    Using your new knowledge on what you learned you did wrong the last time. Don’t fuck it up
    again. don’t force him to stay, make him want to stay. divine what will make him stay.

  2. done. so Aum/Amen/OM it be.

P.s. Now incase you procrastinate to do the work and continue to seek the magic
bullet, but end up failing at least get your life back together. You need to focus on getting
stronger and making your life Better. Your happiness is inside. Nothing outside of you
should ever be your source of happiness.

Good luck, and like me move on and get someone who will love you no matter what.
I love my current fiancé and she is way better than the ex I tried so hard to get back. It
wasn’t worth all the sadness and crying in bed during the nights.


Great advice move on find somene worth your devotion and love imo. There’s no point loving anything that offers nothing positive in your life.
Join a new club or temple or a dating site get out there live have fun don’t hold yourself back letting your time pass by trust me I’m speaking from experience get on with it.

I recall Asenath Mason wrote a reply about love spells today under blog (Love Spells and How do They Work) Asenath cited how love attraction spells tend or don’t last long that’s sound advice from a practiced sorceress as she highlighted relationships take work both sides.

I feel for you stop feeling sorry for yourself get back out there find a person you deserve and that appreciates you. Everyday look into the mirror tell yourself something positive and that soon you will meet someone new, download ‘unlimited power’ Anthony Robbins better yet listen to his MP3 some are free that may help you too change your mindset and you meet someone then lookback think what waste energy it was with ex! IMO


I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you’ve got a great new lady and are engaged! :smiley:

Great stuff, and yes, you are a very good example of how to move past something, and all your advice there is solid gold, wish I’d known that when I was going through some shit in the past.

Okay sorry to get off topic, just needed to be said. :slight_smile:


Yes… I concur. This is wisdom found beyond the corporeal veil of illusion. I will say this Yoda style… “A true practitioner you must be.”

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