On Nephilim, Cambions, Demigods etc

I could see in theory how that might work.


Humans are just incarnated spirts - from what I understand from my own demonic Child, a spirit that was half-demonic King or part-god may have to attenuate its consciousness to fit in human form, in a manner that would only be useful if they had a task in mind.

When you work with someone’s Higher Self you’ll see that it’s a kind of godlike being in many respects, and capable of being present in more than one location at the same time, which is very like gods and demons.

Also regarding later possessing a (human) child from the same mother, it should be possible to avoid any messy issues there with the child and simply co-conceive with the human father providing the earthly DNA, and the entity as the spiritual father. I’d personally find it unpleasant to offer one (human) child as a vessel to another (spirit) Child, but that’s just me. :heart:


My personal thoughts? Some of the gods and demi-gods of the past were very real, flesh and blood beings. Maybe they were specific incarnations of an entity, basically in human form, but I personally feel some of them ascended spiritually to become the entity we know of, while others have become representative ‘public faces’ of some force as of yet unknown or even created through things like mass hero or ancestor worship.

I’m still in the air on the whole Annunaki/Nephilim thing, but there is a compelling amount of alleged evidence supporting the claims that there was indeed a race of giants on Earth at one point.

As for Merlin, I believe he was descended from the Tuatha de Danann, who I feel were a very real people whose history has been lost and destroyed, sometimes with intent, by various invaders and time. I do not believe they were mere mythology.


I’ve heard about this “Higher Self” for ages and ages now but have never bothered to do any research on the topic. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to ignore it, as it has always sounded like complete gibberish to me. I know absolutely nothing about it, other than that it reminds me of something from the Greeks. However, I’ve had a change of heart. Do you have any good articles on the topic that you would consider generally accurate?

I’ve been thinking lately about all the close-escapes and good fortune I have had throughout my life (things generally fall into place for me, always pulling me out of a pinch even when I make no attempt to get pulled out of the pinch), as well as on my occult awakening some time ago (about the time I fell out of Christianity), which seemed to come about by a multitude of omens and providential occurrences.

It occurred to me, could it be my own “Higher Self” that has been responsible for guiding my steps and pulling me out of the fire? Or perhaps some yet unidentified spirit? Or maybe it’s just because my birth chart favors good luck? Who knows, but it would be nice to figure out one day.


The easiest way for such things to be produced is for a spirit to either alter reality to have a ‘human’ body temporarily or to possess someone and in the process of breeding with a human to alter the child with its powers giving it not only a half-human soul but also modifying the body and its genetics to be a more fitting vessel. The vibration and patterns being more streamlined to channel such energies.
It is similar to what I learned to do to myself to enhance my body but being applied at the moment of conception would probably be infinitely more effective than after market alterations as it were.
If anyone is wondering the modifications were highly based off working on building up and enhancing my chakras and meridians and then modifying them with the intent to resonate down physically as well. So many practices focusing on ones energy system does this as a side effect I just learned to focus it intentionally towards that end in myself.


In many ways, it really is - I’ve not actually got textual sources to hand, because I learned the concept experientially, via core shamanism where it’s a key concept.

it has aspects of the Greek daimon (as I understand it from lightweight study), aspects of the HGA, and contains a hefty dollop of the “Earth school” theory very popular amongst the new age love and light set, that we incarnate to “learn lessons” and shed attachments.

This has the eastern-derived goal of eventually realising we are One with both all things and the All, with which we then merge forever, thus fixing the inexplicable error that is life - I prefer the concept of life as a game, life-as-a-mistake actually fucked me up pretty badly, but that’s getting near to off-topic. :wink:

I outlined something I did to break free from that simplistic paradigm in which the HS takes a kind of parental role, whilst retaining its power, here: Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

That was in late 2013 - I’ve been very happy with that bit of work, and more conventionally, I’ve successfully healed humans and animals using their own HS as given in core shamanism as well, so I find that while having a concept that there’s a Higher Self, an embodied self, past lives, dead people you can still talk to, and reincarnation, is all a bit of a jumble, it yeilds results, reliably, and I continue to use it and recommend it for that reason.


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Ok, here is my alien abduction story…


Here is my symbol…

Tap into the symbol with the words “I Anecdot All My Ers”. Say it as it comes together like “I anecdotal myers”.

This is the key I am giving you.

Now here is a wealth of notes and images on my facebook if you wish to see the truth of what I am…

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This was the method of my fleshly conception. My father was merged with the god for three years. Said god is also my soul father. Kind of a double dose.


Do you have enhanced physiology/psi abilities? I wish my Father had merged with Zeus back in the '60’s! maybe I whould be a hellava lot more powerful now! :confounded:


Yes, I do. Like the other gods, I too have my own set of aspects that are highly developed. My father god imbued me with one of his other aspects this last year as well…a gift, if you will.
It made for a tough early life though. My father did his best to help me understand my power…or its potential, so at least I had that.

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bad azz! Good for you! I have had psychic readings saying I have “angelic” DNA but if I do it is certainly dormant.I just had J.S. Garrett’s Rite of deification recently so i’m hoping it will jump start my ascent. POWAH! is what i’m craving at mid-life!!


Check out my thread on Aspect Exploration. It helps you unlock those godly aspects. I’ve started the thread to help beginners with their evolution. :slight_smile:

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This is a topic that I can’t help but find really interesting even though I don’t think that it’s physically possible. In order to conceive, you need sperm and an egg. Demons, angels, spirits, etc don’t have physical bodies, so they can’t produce sperm or eggs the same way that we can. Any way you spin it, you’re getting a person with fully human DNA.
Now, here’s where I think there could be a grain of truth…I do think it’s possible that if someone was possessed or if a demon, angel, spirit etc were to influence the developing embryo or even just the sperm or egg, they could possibly imprint some of their power on that embryo. Even still though, you’d end up with a completely human baby, but possibly one who grew up to be naturally more psychically or magically inclined than other people.


Perhaps if one were to allow one of these beings to occupy them during conception.

An alternative theory is channeling their energy into the egg before the soul occupies it, effectively creating a space in the child that is occupied by this entities energy.

This would give the illusion of a half breed, spiritually they would be a hybrid energy body.

In a literal sense, I doubt it. However there are ways around the physical limitations of reproduction.


Maybe the answer isn’t in DNA but in the blood. Anyone here looked in the rhesus factor and how some people are rhesus negative? And how some say it’s because they are “hybrids”. Any opinions? A rhesus negative women’s body will try to destroy the foreign blood cells of the rhesus positive child if their blood gets mixed. It’s like two different species trying to mate.


Im not Rh neg. Different set of hybrids, that.

I believe certain things in my DNA might have been altered during my fathers possession but I have no proof and not inclined to let strangers investigate it. It is what it is.

I live as a normal human in my human body. Maybe there are things he added or altered that I just consider normal for me though.


I’d say that would be possible.

Now that I think about it, since spirits are incorporeal and would need a body to inhabit to make a physical baby, it may be that the proof isn’t in our physical bodies but in our spiritual makeup (so to speak).

But I also have a feeling that some hybrids weren’t really hybrids. It may have been that either women had sex before marriage, committed adultery etc. and didn’t want to face punishment, so they would claim that the gods gave them the child or something.

My question though would be how does one find out?

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