Do spirits hate homosexuals/transgenders?

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Spirits don’t have a gender, tho most appear “male” to most people. I’ve seen many spirits shift into different looks and genders as they choose to. They don’t discriminate based on sexual preference. I’m bi and they always respond to me. As long as you’re not demanding a bunch of ridiculous things of them, you’re good :blush:


OK. So before this to which sex are primarily attracted to?

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To add:

Most of the entities that are considered male, appeared to me as female. And, yes they were fully anatomically female. (Nuff said.) I have posted my experiences in other threads on the Balg site.

Gender as an expression of feminine or masculine energy is nothing. I have known many males (not gay) who are feminine. And many strong females (who are not lesbian) who are masculine.


What is the difference between invocation and possession? Thank you :slight_smile:

Possession is when you allow them control of you and your body. They occupy your body. Invocation is you call them into you but not fully.


And what is the purpose of invocation and possession?

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Anybody can correct me if I’m wrong, but they both to a degree one more than the other allows you to gain there knowledge and power. For example you want to learn a particular path or Magick you would evoke that entity that deals with that subject. Then instead of learning the old fashion way by practicing you would ask that entity to enter your mind and/or body by either invoking or possession (it is said that if you are a beginner invocation is strongly advised because full blown possession could be harmful if you are not ready for it) and that entity will impart that knowledge to you. I hope I described it correctly.


This, and you need a working relationship with them. No entity will just possess you right out of the gate.


This is also true, forgot that part. :+1:


Thank you DragonPhoenix777


That said, traditional/conservative/fundamentalist Judaism, Christianity and Islam have very often frown upon homosexuality, especially male homosexuality with harsh penalties going all the way up to stoning, immolation, hanging, precipitation (from a rooftop) or beheading.

A dozen predominantly Muslim countries (incl. Banda Aceh in Indonesia and Chechnya) still prescribe harsh penalties for homosexual relations incl. flogging/caning and death.

Chechnya literally now has its own concentration camps for gays! It’s all over the news, and it’s now confirmed. Photos of beat up/scarred/burned victims were published, and some countries incl. Canada have welcome LGBT Chechen refugees.

A British man recently went through Hell in Dubai (UAE) after accidentally touching another man’s hip at a bar… He’s had to spend a fortune in legal fees, and he was detained for months! As for Gigi Gorgeous, she was denied entry in Dubai just for being transgender (airport officers somehow found out about her transgenderism), and she was detained for five hours before being kicked out for good.

Yet, Lindsay Lohan and Will Smith depict the UAE as this tolerant place and blame some Americans for being “Islamophobic”.

My point is, there must unfortunately be spirits that support such torrid, hardcore homophobia and transphobia—the same spirits that fuel the fundamentalist religious currents I’ve mentioned.


No all they care about is your relationship with them and that you keep your end of things

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You are very welcome.

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Nah you good fam

As a hetero, it’s your skin, whatever makes you feel comfortable in it.

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The gay- and transgender community is heavily promoted nowadays. It reminds me of these toys commercials in the 80’s.

Are you influenced by the populism and commercialism of the gay community, or genuine in your pursue to be a part of that lifestyle?

Just be whatever and whoever you want to be. That’s all you have to care about.


If you wanted to fully explore the gender polarity within yourself, you could try this method for maximum access to BOTH:

This explians a method of comprehnding gender within magick: The Kybalion, Chapter XIII - Gender.

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I am a transgender/transsexual man. Which by the way I don’t refer myself to “trans” for various of reasons, due to my mental health. I just consider myself a guy and don’t even bother to tell anyone unless they are a really close friend or I am getting involved in a romantic relationship.

So as to your question. I say no they don’t care. In fact I think demons are fluid in their “gender”. A few demons that have been considered male has appeared female to me. Gomory and Sitri. And Paimon appeared androgynous. But from what I understand, I honestly feel like they do not care. As someone pointed out, we have an unhealthy society programming, and demons defy it.