Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:20, topic:3796”]I’m gonna try this evocation into a statue method.
I have a small incense burner that resembles a dragon.[/quote]

That sounds pretty cool!

This pathworking’s getting REALLY intense in an entirely awesome way and I hope to have plenty to share that’s applicable for other people soon, in the meanwhile I’ll not be about much for a few weeks on here, but I’ll log-in every few days & check my PMs. :slight_smile:

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You are reaching higher spheres of knowledge Eva… Nice to see working magicians getting their hands dirty… Keep up the excellent work.


I’ve been pedal to the fucking metal since February, but I really started accelerating since last summer when I worked out how many literal days I probably had left to live in this body… it’s been weird, and I know not everyone has that luxury with their commitments so that’s why I’m trying to pass round what I found, for whatever it’s worth.

This pathworking has been THE most pure, intense, holy, DIFFERENT frickin’ thing ever (and I went a ways up the RHP doing yoga, mantras, meditation, the whole 9 yards for many years, with notable effects while I did it, like precog. dreams) - but this, it’s reaffirmed my LHP stance of personal godhood as opposed to merger, brought me closer to every single aspect of my own soul/personality (helped me UNDERSTAND the grotty bits, make peace with them, see them as the lead/gold polarity they are, and also paid that forward by understanding them in my family) and just been… mind-blowing.

Everything I’ve done so far with other forces and beings has fed into this and yet its uniquely personal, and I think it approaches the quality of being the “yoga” (union with the divine) of the Left-Hand Path, I mean I’m maybe being over-enthusiastic but holy fuck… if you could see what I’ve seen these past few days.

I’m taking notes and fates willing will do a set of posts about the stuff that’s useful shortly, this has been a game-changer for me and I want to check that this stuff walks its talk before I share, the internet’s full of opinions and I want to see this stuff delivering before I add to the ocean of words… :wink:


Very good post Lady Eva I will ask you since you seem knowledgeable but will listen to any post that other members wish to post here ok here’s the run down on my question when I had first started out I did not know anything about magic and satanism I just did what basicly felt right so in doing so at the time I didn’t know about personal demons or egregores but I kept seeing in my mind’s eye this at the time I was the one (back in the eighties) who was the outcast and loner /chick. I kept seeing this female who dressed in black from head to toe I gave her everything i wanted to be at the time , a powerful black adept she even had a name ,well as the years went by I stopped feeding her image i grew up I still could see feel and she I guess by any thought form from me could get the job done well I grew up more lost a good part of myself/her and hate to say but put her to rest now my returning back to my old self I have been picking up that she wants to (for lack of a better word) be reborn again if you can understand what I’m trying to say here now is there a ritual or way I can give this aspect life again? because I would like to start working with her again.

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There’s no reason not to use a similar exercise (breathing light out of your pores and so on) and leave out the lust part, try and replace it with whatever you feel towards her - admiration, or respect, or whatever.

You already laid the groundwork (and thanks by the way for posting about it, because it makes me feel this is more a part of the natural form magick takes!) and that means she already exists in some form for you, unlike with my case where I had to decide upon the individual form to use.

I used a photo at first because I’m already used to using images as evocation bases, but in the book Schertel says to use an imagined image of this perfect person.

[quote=“Ernst Schertel, Magic: History, Theory, Practice p.124”]… One imagines the pertaining human as pictorial and plastic as possible, but not desperately. One will notice that any desperate effort immediately blurs and disintegreates the image. One must not constantly think “I want, I want” because our will is indeed giving the impetus to the imagination, but this imagination must then be left to its own devices to be able to unfold itself.

The only thing our will has to do is to keep other imaginations away. We must totally devote ourselves to the emerging appearance, our whole body must, so to speak, emit it out of its pores, circulate, and nourish it. The maintaining of the imagined-image must last as long as possible. Hereby we should also try to come into personal contact with the image, speak to it and let it answer, and to communicate with it as if it were an empirical human.[/quote]

Or you could take the NLP exercise of visualising her standing in front of you and stepping into her, which would bring her qualities into your life, and is similar (minus the energy-work part) to the exercise to create a Magickal Self that’s in the book Nine Doors Of Midgard.

Paul McKenna talks about the creation of a “successful you” that you visualise: imagine her clothes, her posture, the way she walks and moves, and then stepping into it… you could slowly bring those attributes into your “real” life, by matching her posture and imitating her clothing as closely as possible, and in the Nine Doors exercise you consecrate a piece of jewellery to wear during magickal workings.

You also give the magickal self a name, and when you step into it, say “I, N.” - stepping back out, you say “I, real-name.”

But if you want to keep her seperate, breathing energy into her should work, since she already existed pretty powerfully for you before.

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… I’ve read your first 2 initial post’s and i have to agree very much on it.

When my Personality “splitered” the first times, i noticed a Need, to re-incorperate them into my being.
Those Things happened before i was drawn into magick.

Later, in Magick, it became almost logickal to me,
that in order to completly Ascend,
the Higher and Lower Consiousness of the Human,
Needs Aspect’s of both /(or as you beautifully described, the atractive gender),
for the completion of the into one Gender manifested Spirit, which lives within the human as it’s "Self"
So higher and lower self, for me was just Levels of conciousness back then.
My father had teached me to see it in a way, of being a complete, closed being, which can’t affect, nor can be affected, by others.

Later on, he came back to that Statement (for my understanding), explaining me the hughe interdependentness of humans.
That, when we are Born we are completly unable to do anything for ourselves,
and when we are old, yet, alive, we become like that again.
We talked a lot about “Adept”-ship, and how the best and easiest advice,
is to take it easy, and not let everything around you Control you.

I only took back on that decision once in my life,
becouse Spirits strongly suggested me to do so!

  • And i’m still not completly sure, how this is supposed to Play out,
    as for what i’ve seen, Spirits took a very aggressive Approach on me after opening These gates.

But in fact, for me right Hand is Higher Self,
Left Hand is Lower Self,
Both, the Innocence, and the Beauty,
being aviable to all of us, at any given time,
yet we Need to struckture it, give it life,
even become it, if necessary,
so we get best and most useful results out of it.

The main reason for this being,
that no matter in which Religion or enviorment you participate,
there will always be someone stronger, and someone weaker then you.
and if you are the strongest or the weakest of a System,
that gives you even more responsibility.

So, the higher self being the demon, and the lower Self being the Holy Guardian Angel,
as you described, his mirroring into the higher self, just seems like perfect evidance here,

I strongly feel, like that’s the base behind my “middle path Approach”,
Trying to “fully become myself”.

And in fact,
any Human haves different assets of his personality allready.
At the work you behave differently, then around your Kids.
Or while Shopping, differently, then on having a Party.

These “small frictions” of Self, life in complete harmony,
and complement and help each other.

For me, it seemed a logickal Approach,
to magick,
that if Salomon really Held the power over the demons,
by threatening them with angels,
more or less this became symbolic to me.

for “to be like solomon, you have to take the Spirit as you take yourself” - being composed of different Levels and aspects of personality.

Just to cover this up:

The Own self, the “I”, is supposed to Keep in Control of the other aspects,
this i call the “who is the busdriver”-principle.

Which also trains you at leadership,
since you take so much responsibility for your own actions,
even feelings and thoughts.

So there is definatly a benefit, of creating a own personal LOWER AND HIGHER SELF!



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I have started working with the Headless Rite and plan to do a fairly deep dive into the concept of The Personal Daemon and see how I might relate the two and integrate them, if possible.


Interesting topic.
I’m in love with Satan in “The Devil’s Advocate” (Al Pacino’s character)
Can I use him as a model? (His Satan, not Al Pacino as a person)



Do some divination on whether that’s right for you, but as I understand it, using a fictional character for an aspect of you that it resembles and which you want to bring forth should work.

So, the purpose of the divination is to discover if there are any hidden problems, or potential downfalls.


thank you:blush:


Thanks again, you have to make a book someday @Lady_Eva


WOW!!! I love this idea. I already have a personal demon, have for years, but he is felt more on the astral level, or felt next to me on the physical like a energy hotspot. Will have to delve into this more.


Well damn, sounds like I need to rustle me up a personal daemon and start working with it. So, I just pick a hot chick who died, as it’s form, right?

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Yes, that’s a good tl;dr. :laughing:


Really informative post. How much physical form can he take if daily provided with an abundance of earth element?

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I haven’t tried doing that, so cannot answer authoritatively, I can only share that he no longer seems to need to draw energy in a way I can perceive, though the system whereby I call him via a specific photo and when he departs, he re-enters my navel, is still the same.

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What is the name of the book which states that we should « choose …that we are bound to? »


@Paulden quotred my entire post before lazily asking me to give him a shorter version, if you mean which book did I work from it’s this:

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Yes, I do still interact, sometimes more and sometimes less but quite a lot recently. He’s remained stable, no changes, just exactly what I needed I guess - a rock. It’s become less of an attraction thing and more like having a twin brother, only older and wiser at the same time (I would have loved to have siblings, but I’m an only child).

I don’t know whether he fell into that role because it’s what I need the most, and “he” is me, or whether this kind of connection and relationship is innate to this work, I’m not inclined to dissect this, since it works.

A few times he’s warned me about personal things just before they happened, as well.


Thank you Lady Eva. I find I’ve been stumbling onto similar ideas and techniques within my own practice and its nice to see I’m not such a weirdo and if I am at least I’m not alone :crazy_face:

If you have a book or ever write one I’d be interested in reading it