Who can I call upon to help with my transition?

So, at the end of last year I began my journey to transitioning from female to male. Yesterday, I phoned up the Gender Identity Clinic and found out that I will have to wait 19 months to be seen. Private healthcare is sadly not an option given my financial situation.
Dysphoria is getting worse every day I have to look at myself. I can’t even look at my chest anymore. Is there any spirit or entity who can help this process move along faster, so I can be seen faster and start HRT?

Belial is known to be very open-minded with members of the LGBTQ community, so I would call on him. His info can be found here.


Lucifer could help you with how you are perceived by yourself and others, and could help you feel more masculine. His duke Beelzebub in particular is strong with the powers of beauty and illusion, though Lucifer himself could also assist you.

A relatively well-known power of demons is to amplify your attractiveness through glamour. What they are actually doing is altering some of your subtle non-verbal behaviors, making changes to your aura, and influencing the perceptions of others so that you appear more attractive to them. Think of it like wearing make-up that also changes your own behavior. These same powers could apply to appearing more masculine or feminine as well.

The wonderful thing about beauty magick is that it affects more than just others. When nearly everyone around you starts to find you attractive, or at least many more people than before, it’s obviously a huge confidence boost, which in-turn makes you more attractive.

In-fact, the power can actually take a little getting used to. If you are perceptive you will notice when people are attracted to you, but remember that attraction does not always lead to conscious flirtation. You may find that people show overt signs of attraction, but have no intention of pursuing anything further. The glamour helps start the conversation and may accelerate or smooth-out the process, but you still have to let things progress through the normal stages of a relationship. (and no means no, even with glamour. Don’t be creepy)

You may also want to limit the effects to a small group initially. Again, the power can take a little getting used to. Being attractive to everyone is very advantageous, as it generally improves how people think about you in nearly every way, but you may want to become acclimated to the effects with a smaller group first before allowing it to be expressed fully.

If you are interested in Lucifer magick, I personally use the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose, and I have experienced many delightful results from it.


I might recommend in the meantime upping your lifting, and cutting to get more definition, it’ll help make the chest fat shrink and build up your pecs so you look built not curvy.

Here’s my fave inspirational mtf guy - home gym routines and detailed transition info - channel him if you’re into chaos magik

As in, exercise? I am focusing more on weight lifting to reduce chest fat.

Spot reduction is a myth, so weight lifting won’t reduce fat - burning fat by having a calorie deficit reduces fat.

Weight lifting will add muscle - you could gain weight, but, if it’s muscle bear in mind every lb of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day so add enough and if you don’t eat more you’ll start cutting fat automatically (the not eating more is a big if though - bodybuilders have tons of advice on eating for muscle not fat - check out bodybuilding.com). You could also stay the same weight, but with more muscle, which is three times as dense as fat, you’ll trim down also.

Lift heavy and fatigue out within 3-6 reps and you’ll gain the fastest. Until you start on T, it’ll be hard to bulk, but get your body used to the routine and you’ll have a ball when you do start. Also, strenuous workouts cause the body to naturally produce more of it’s own T - and studies show more is produced when it’s psychologically hard, like if you feel you’re losing, use that to your advantage to get back on top.

I have a PT who’s helping me and is aware of my situation, being that he’s trans too. He’s helping me with cardio as well as weights. And losing weight too.

When i performed an invocation of Diana i experienced physical shifts including skin getting softer, body fat shifting to breast and hip regions and my voice increasing in pitch, thats the anthethisis of what asking although perhaps going with the same concept with a very masculine figure such as Mars, Hercules, and Odin to name a few it theoretically would have a similar physiological effect.

I recommend working to feel more comfortable in your body, until your appointment arrives. Working and regularly invoking feminine energies should go someway towards helping. Regular meditation in which you actively seek to mould the dissatisfaction with your body into acceptance and drawing power from your physical state.
You could also look into possessions to try and align your astral body and thoughts with your sex. The Baphomet springs to mind.

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This might sound rude but have you thought about going to a psychologist until while you wait? I mean a therapist or someone similar would be very well equipped to handle this u feel. If payment is an option I’m sure you could do something about it. Are there any charities that help with medical/psychological bills? There is definitely some magick you could do but I don’t know enough. I would recommend talking to @DarkestKnight or @Lady_Eva about the magick side

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Well said. Today’s social climate does unfortunately mean that many mental illnesses are mislabelled as a healthy state and thus people don’t always seek the genuine help and support they need.
The stats alone highlight the need to emphasise the importance of seeking psychological assistance when someone experiences a disconnect between their sex and the sex they feel they should have been. Ultimately, ignoring this fact just harms the patient.

Speaking for myself, you can explore gender polarity (we each have access to both magicakly speaking) via this: Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

You can merge with the Daemon, once created, and once you have it strong enough to be able to interact.

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I have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Seen two psychologists , as per NHS regulations.

What is happening to me is completely natural. I was born this way, thanks to genetics and hormones not doing what theyre supposed to. Transitioning it the only way to fix that disconnect.

Are you getting support in the meantime though, I think was the thing. I know it can be hard to shake loose ongoing treatment from the NH… I think GP surgeries only do limited counselling, and if you use that up it’s gone.

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I am, yeah. I have a few friends who went through transition so theyve been super helpful.

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Okay I appreciate everyone has strong feelings, however please remember this forum cannot offer psychological advice, etc., to anyone, beyond raising things people may wish to consider from our own experiences. Cheers. :+1:


Wait what happened?

Do I even want to know what was said?

Nothing major, I was just trying to avoid misunderstandings. :+1:

Back on topic, are you watching your diet for mood-boosting food, plenty of healthy fats and plenty of liquids? I know that may seem like bows and arrows against the lightning but it does make a difference I have found, even with bereavement, eating well gives you that slight edge of resilience.

Blood-sugar crashes don’t help anyone handle pre-existing problems. :thinking:

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