Dark side of soul

Is it possible to make a pact or to invoke/evoke the dark side of ourselves?

If yes, how can I do that?


@Vovin Interesting. May I help out? PM please. I think I know how.

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It is possible.

Any method I come up with would be tailored to myself, and probably not work for you or anyone else unless you are an intuitive like I am.

Yeah just like you can visit the higher self you can visit the shadow/wild self.

I am also interested in this @TheStorm
I will PM you.

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@Abythoth Sure.

Template for a method here, adjust what kind of energy you breathe out into it, and the model you use accordingly (a same sex anime or fictional character might be really good for this):


Have you seen and felt your truly dark side before?

I ask because it might be easier to evoke him or her if they have ever had to come out/take control of your body and handle business before.

I found an image as inspiration and an amazing tattoo artist. I now have mine on my back which is wicked fun.


Is it possible that the dark side of ourselves could be our subconscious mind such a link to external demonic forces?

There are those who believe that magick is purely psychological and that there are no angels/gods/demons, it is all you, which is kinda the exact opposite of what you said.
Your idea is very interesting… Kind of like the All Is One, as opposed to the One Is All.