Unrelenting Lust for Result

This is an interesting one for me as I have severe OCD so my mind doesn’t have a “pop up blocker” installed when it comes to intrusive thoughts. I’ve been able to leverage this where it’s actionable to get immersed in things like my company, music, study, etc.

I tend to have one obsession (usually a romantic prospect I go nuts for seeing that my heart is stronger than my head) that I have to act on over and over again in unrelated “mini rituals” and you can guess how the universe responds to that kind of arcane broadcasting… It doesn’t.

(If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it, the principle is general while the context applies to sex, love and relationships. Instinct says it belongs here)

There’s a girl I’ve been seeing for six months who became significant enough to me to take this repetitive place in my mind. We have amazing chemistry in every way, she’s obviously very into me but I feel like ever since my intrusive obsessions shifted to making my constant “mini rituals” about her there’s been a wall stopping the progression of the relationship.

I’m quite literally obsessed against my will with the manifestation of the result I want and even focusing on other women, producing a record, actively focusing on other things and doing my best to be as detached from it as I can be, it still evades me while being right in front of me just barely out of reach. (I’ll provide specifics in another thread if need be)

I was thinking maybe a servitor could help with this. How do you banish lust for result like this? Money Magick is easy yet closing the gap on an inevitible relationship with a girl who REALLY likes me doesn’t happen for whatever reason.

I’ve called on Raziel, Haniel, Sallos, and I did a small rite with Dantalion last night. Every ritual has felt great at the end like “it’s on it’s way, get stoked” but then I think my mind screws it up for me.

What would you do?


Try this to get that female ideal, which is driving you crazy, into a healthy place - it’ll also help you man up and stop acting like a puppy waiting for its owner to come home, let me tell you right now that’s never a good look:

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Oh I feel you, you sound like me and I have the same issue. Trying to work around it right now. One thing is if I do a few I lose track of some and I haven’t seen any results yet of anything so just have to see what happens


Big read that from the looks of I’m definitely going to want to internalize. Thanks for the value drop :wink: I haven’t gone through it yet but it looks right up my alley. I know Richard Bandler used to say there was no difference between Magick and NLP (at least for inner alchemy) this reminded me of that.


Sigils are jaw droppingly effective for how simple they are. If you haven’t experienced a result yet start there for something small and enjoy a nice engineered coincidence in your favor after you move on mentally to something else. I’m still quite new to the occult but outside of this post it’s quite rare that a result doesn’t manifest for me.

When you’re cold outside don’t think “warm”, think “lemon” and forget themerature altogether. That’s what helps my other workings. The really really important ones are where there’s work to be done


this may help


Something I noticed that has made a HUGE difference in my success: when I WANT something, with no feelings of romance or attachment involved- I can manifest it quickly. But once I have those " feels" , forget it. I believe it’s because feelings are flighty especially in love. There are SO many things going through a person in the throes of romance. This can affect the outcome . Lust, desire or want are very powerful. One of my favorite quotes sums that up " WANT is power." It’s basic and primal. It is exactly what it says it is, no explanation needed.