Love magick tips?

I found someone I like but I’m unsure if they feel the same. Either way, I’d like to attract a partner. Does anyone have any advice or anything from their experiences that can help? Especially with same sex love magick? Will be using search function soon.


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Work to attract the RIGHT person, not what you may have your eye on, is all I have here really, My love life was a car crash (aided and abetted by my own utter stupidity and weirdness) and that’s kind of how it worked out, though honestly I think my gods and spirits all just took pity on me and kinda steered me the right way, because i was NOT accomplishing jack left to my own devices… :man_shrugging:

Consider a working like this to co-create your Godman/-woman/-being:

… that way, you won’t have that template and keep projecting it onto thew wrong people. I did this after finding my hun but I know it helps with avoding destrictuve crushes because other people (offline) have used it for this and gotten their shit sorted out fast.

It’s like, part of us seeks an idealised cxomplement that is also in some ways an aspect of ourselves we have not yet manifested, and we can pin that onto another person and think it’s love, when really it’s internal and nothing to do with that person’s reality.


Here are some starting points

Plants & Herbs: Rose, hyacinth, Apple blossom, Strawberry, cinnamon.
Crystals: rose quartz, garnet, moonstone, lapis lazuli, carnelian.
Deities: Aphrodite, Lilith, Asmoday, Hekate, Apollo, Dionysus, Hercules, Hermes, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, Inanna, Aset, Hathor, Set, Horus, Enki, Lucifer, Samael, ect…


leave all worries,past,negativity,fears behind

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From my experience, I would say be careful.

I once did an obsession spell on someone I was really physically attracted to and it worked,but he turned out to be an abusive personality type and it was super hard to get rid of him.

It is better to either draw this person to you with a mantra spell I have which will not create obsession,but an interest. It is better still to put it out to the Universe and the right person will meet you as someone said above.

Best of luck


@anon88243269 What kind of obsession spell you did? The cotton one?

But I’m with you on that and want to add a thing: sometimes when you do an obsession spell that comes back to you. In other words, you will become more and more obsessed, I was on that in my beginning. If you’re doing some obsession spells, put some rules on them like a specific lifetime. If those spells last forever, it will be a pain in the ass, really.

And @itsnathanm7 work on you first. Love ALWAYS come from us before come for us. Love yourself first and you’ll attract love. That’s a rule told me by Sallos once. And works like hell!

Like yourself first and them you’ll be liked. Well, call Sallos if you’re on Goetia Demons, or Haniel if you’re on angels. Also, that has a lot of “true love” spells that you can try. But by loving yourself, 50% of the job will be done, you’ll see.


I do not do any love magic at ball now, that was years ago. It was a blood binding ritual with photographs and was Hoodoo. Worked too well. Yuck.

That is why I suggested a kind of ‘notice me’ spell and not a love or obsession type spell. If the guy turns out to be cute but a prick you won’t be stuck with him that way. :slight_smile:


As with all projects, you should start off by performing thorough divinations to get a feel for your current situation and the blockages that stand in your way/ the routes available to you.
After that, you’ll want to get on with the magic component. I recommend casting a wide net: aim to attract many partners then pick out one you like. To this end, you could form a pact. Zepar works well for me, but I’m not sure how well his energy would mesh with homosexual attraction. His energy is on the more masculine side, so it’s probably going to come down to how dominant you are.
The obsession jar spell is another ritual I really can’t praise highly enough. Easy to do, just charge it periodically, and dispersing the magic is also very easy.


Evoke Fro’ghla’tasch from the Book of Azazel:

He “is capable of fulfilling every sexual, intimate, or emotional need, calling into the life of the Evocator
a lover, spouse, a friend, or any person that is able to help fulfill the specific needs of the Evocator, whether such a person already exists in his or her life and is unresponsive, or if that person is called out of a crowd of strangers from great distances to the Summoner’s doorstep/”


I’ve always had a hard time getting results with targeted love spells but I have a few tips and tricks I use. Give me a call tonight and I’ll fill you in on them.


@itsnathanm7 the things I listed will probably help you attract love (open ended) not necessarily your intended target. You might be able to make yourself more attractive to the person as well.

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@anon88243269 I had some problems using cotton and blood in a binding spell. First I get the lady, we were together for a year or so but after that the girl almost killed herself. She was nuts, completely crazy, out of her mind. She tried to hurt me physically not once, but dozens. Blood spells generally can’t be undone, so I had to wait to it fade. I called some entities trying to change her mind but only worked when I ask them to keep her safe from suicide, and let time passes.

I’ll PM, if I can, you to talk about it. I’m making a grimoire of successful cases that goes worse than the spellcaster could imagine. Can I PM you?


Ah, forgot to mention: when the effects faded on her, I found myself totally obsessed by her. I couldn’t even work and I almost lost my job on that time.

That’s when I found binding love spells very dangerous.

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I say do positive self improvement spells first or for both parties involved because it’s not just a love spells. Something like both of you get rich or something like that. I don’t see nothing wrong with a money/love spells mixed together. No one wants to be poor and in love.

Yes. I will reply when I have finished work.

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If that’s not one of the most relatable things I’ve read this month I don’t know what is :joy:


Also hi! Seems like I’ve been summoned from the deep.

Let’s see here, so the first thing is if you want to find out if the person feels the same way you can always use divination to do that easily. I can help with that if you’d like.

On the other hand, regardless of how they’re feeling if you still want them you can work magic to make them see you in a more favorable light. Or you can bind them to you ( I’d not advice this in instance )

I’d not advice this because I suspect you’re just looking for a companion and you can always cast a spell to attract an ideal partner into your life, someone that would suit your needs and would provide you with what you’re looking for.

Feel free to message me if you need more info or clarification on this.


Do you have an affinity towards any system of spirituality/magick in particular?
You could go with invoking Venus, Aphrodite, Ezrulie, Mother Mary etc. However, if you want to go the “grimoire” route you could try Hagith from the Arbatel, Freyja or Frigg from the Norse pantheon etc.