To be honest I want to be a woman but I don’t have money for suregy and my family is strict its hard they will never accept even if they accept IAM Muslim from society will reject me and I can’t go out from my country the green card is hard to get here so this is why IAM asking all the time for a body swap and gender change spell or anything to feel feminine or even to dream being a woman for a day will be good IAM really sorry if I said or did something wrong


You did not, I was concerned you were asking people to curse you and this is why I replied with PM, I will also post the same information here for others who may be looking for this:

You may be able to talk to people who can understand what you are going through and who have had that conversation with their own family via one of these links:

I am NOT a Muslim but I believe actual shariah law recognises transgender as reality and as valid, not sinful:

The Sharia Board said that the fatwa should be made formal through legislation, and that it is the government’s duty to protect the marginalized community.

Classifying discrimination against transgendered people a sin, it also says that families that abandon their gender variant children are committing a sin, and will be questioned by Allah.


I realise this does not fix your problem but it may help your parents to see that this is an experience people have.

If you cannot always safely use website, this company does a free emergency VPN., I do not know if they will assist you but I am sharing just in case:

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Thank you again

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And another:

As early as 1988, gender reassignment surgery was declared acceptable under Islamic law by scholars at Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the world’s oldest Islamic university. In Iran, in 1987, Ayatollah Khomeini declared transgender surgical operations allowable. The basis for this attitude of acceptance is the belief that a person is born transgender…

All of this is very far outside my zone of personal experience but the support forums and pages should be able to be more on-point than I can be here.

Speaking purely magickally, NOT as any kind of medical or psychological thing, this may help you to experience the opposite gender, if you merge with the Daemon once created with the intention to feel their form and experience that gender (this is classic astral shapeshifting and can be done to experience any form of life, or even harmonise with crystals and natural elements):