Talk with Anubis

Hi everyone , i’m new to all this stuff , i just want to talk to Anubis and ask him few things , how i do this ? Maybe if you can tell me with easy words :blush: ( sorry for my bad english!)


Hi there stranger! First of all:


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Second… Since you are a beginner it might be a bit toughie to actually talk with him. You need to learn a few things first about the mind states and practice! But, don’t get disappointed, you can always just meditate to connect with him.
Normally I’d tell you to use the magnifying glass top right, but since I’m feeling extremely large today (lol no comment please :smirk:) I’ll give you some links that will help you on your journey!


Thank you soo much for the help ! It’s all about mental status ? There are some possibilities that i can ear his voice ? Or maybe see him ? I’m not very pratical with meditation , i prefer concrete things , just to make sure it’s not only my mind’s joke .


If you can’t hear and/or see them already then yes you need to work on your astral senses, which means patience and meditation. Meditation plays a very important role in what we’re doing :slight_smile:


Of course alternatively you could just do the typical “offering and praying” like you would do with every God. You won’t be able to see or/and hear him but be sure that he will hear you, Anubis is a dear!


Ha, ha ha, :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Joke’s on you my friend Lol its your physical concrete reality that is the joke…


Hmm… oook. So i need to train ma astral sensens , so whats the strongest evocation rite i can do ? And which language should i use to talk with him ?


If you click the links above you’ll get all your answers. Use whatever language is comfortable for you.


@Anassa so benevolent of you :pray: :joy:

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BAHAHA love it…!! :joy:

@Sedagive I knooowww, I feel like granting some wishes today :nail_care:

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Listen to your Breath, it will tell you how.

You need to get out of your mind.

Ok… what ?? Hahah , i tried so much things , but i need something very powerfull

@James_Noir Please go to my first reply and click the YUUUUUGE banner :raised_hand: to introduce yourself to the rest of us before you continue.


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I can’t find the detailed procedure for the ritual in your first answer , i searched in the web … but them looks like are soo fake

The “ritual”? Get the sigil of the Demon you want to summon, get into TGS, use the enn and summon him. If there’s no sigil, either make one or use anything that links you to the said Spirit. If there’s no enn, just use whatever words you like to call him. Don’t expect to see hear or feel anything before you learn to conquer and free your mind :smirk:

Thank you very much !! But …what’s a TGS ?
Hahah sorry for troubling you :sweat_smile: