Azazel Black Flame Meditation

This was a meditation I was working on to strengthen, empower and stimulate the black flame.

I created the ritual but Azazel insisted he want to add key components in this so here it goes.


Enter a meditative state, relax your body
And mind visualise yourself in pure darkness.
Visualise Azazel’s sigil in your chest
Focus on it and say
" itz rel itz rel Azazel "
Keep repeating this while visualising the sigil
Glow and activate.

Then say

" I invoke thee Azazel
He who is the teacher
of the forbidden
I call into me
Samjaza Azazel
He who has appeared
As many forms
The scapegoat,
The watcher,
The Prometheus force,
I invoke thee
The embodiement
Of the Saturnian infernal
Powers, come now
Descend and enter my body
That I offer as a temple
Of your greatness,
Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel,
I invoke thee
Azazel come Azazel come
Eya on Ca Azazel Aken
Enter my mind, enter my body
, enter my soul ignite the black within "

Once azazels essence has been invoked

Visualise in your core a tiny dark sparks of light

And say

" nats farata infernum Negra "

Repeat This while visualising the black flame

Igniting from a spark to a roaring blaze of black fire.

Say this Latin chant

" inomine tenebris inferno imperium "

Then state so it is done.


Synchronicity is beutiful, I just saw a video from @RavensAscent about this I think he gave her similar incantation. and was thinking to go back to it to take notes.
Thanks for putting this up.


I wonder if she’s ok. No one’s seen her…

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I have been in contact with her recently, she works on her own website to teach serious sorcerers, I think she has done that for 1 or 2 years now :slight_smile:

Weird she’s not on YouTube anymore

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Yes currently she is not making YouTube videos, but maybe we will see some more in the future, I just know that she works on her own website :slight_smile:

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Absolute amazing , again man this working was another monumental one, If I’m correct in what my hypothesis is , about the uncontrollable energy surge that not only makes my entire body arch in half ( close to as possible ) but sends tingles like electric schock, out of the now 4 Times I have had this intimidating, almost scary surge of energy up my spine. other times the visuals would be fleeting , a few solid inverted pentagrams flashing across my vision. But at the end of this meditation once I could feel azazels presence( like a heavy warm electric blanket draping over and into my physical body.
I continued to meditate on the energy , suddenly I could see this mass of black fogor smoke or cloud building at my root chakra becoming more dense. Moreover , it was a third person view , but at that moment it was clear to me what I needed to do, and like I had done it as my profession, with each breath spinig and vibrating the mass of black errupted into an explosion of black flame through my spine out my head , my hands and entire aura exploded upwards in a brilliant black flame with whisps of violet , and undertones of white outlines…beautiful, powerful, and intensely vivid. Thank you very much yet again for posting this black Flame meditation with azazel. Much love! :smiling_imp::blush: Rors.


Interesting is that some magicians say Azazel is Melek Taus but thou they feel different. Why is that?

I have a Question. Is it the sigil of saturn or the real sigil ohlf Azazel?