Awaken the soul

Souls are indeed a controversial topic in our community, but i can tell you this they do exist 100%. I awakened mine, i have seen it, i have felt, tasted and felt it’s power. Now why awaken it and what does this exactly mean.

Awakening the soul is a act of total empowerment and spiritual evolution, i did this and it doesn’t just help our spiritual evolution but it also helps our actual daily life.

Soulful development is a great tool for the magician/witch. Once the soul is activated it must be work upon. Doing this will have various benefits, benefiting both your spiritual and mundane life.

The Benefits

  • Your physical energy will rise.

  • Your spiritual energy will rise.

  • You become connected with yourself on another level.

  • Your senses development a lot more.

  • Your subtle bodies align perfectly.

  • You’ll start to connect with your souls true power.

  • Your spiritual vitality becomes clean of anything that will harm you.

  • You’ll start to unlock the secrets that are hidden within you from meditating after you awaken your soul.

  • Your mental and emotional state becomes more balanced through your souls vibration.

Depending on the nature of your soul you may develop other benefits too.

How is this done.

First the environment you perform the rite in must be cleansed, clean the room physically, burn sage or perform a banishing ritual.

Then find a comfortable meditative position to sit in, now you must use the science of mantra to create the perfect environment.

Sit comfortably spine straight, now inhale deeply pulling all your power to sit in your throat then vibrate the mantra “OM”.

Do it three times out loud feel the vibration carry the power of the universal sound, carrying life, death and rebirth. Then repeat the mantra three times internally.

Feel the universal sounds course through you and all around the room. Now focus on the energy of the room, as you inhale feel the energy go from dense to solid, as you exhale feel it grow.

Visualize this amazing energy swirl all around you and within you, extend your arms and feel inside of you, your subtle bodies move and vibrate to the universal sound.

Now inhale deeply and see your body emanate golden light, as you exhale feel the light grow in intensity. Repeat this numerous times until its reached a critical mass.

Next put your arms down comfortably and look deep inside of yourself see and hear what your soul shows you.

Then you are ready for the next stage, once your soul speaks to you, through words or imagery or energy. This will create a moment of realization.

Next visualize the room filled with golden light, then feel the pours of your skin open up and as you inhale the golden light absorbs into you through your soul.

With your exhalation see that golden light flow down to your root chakra, deep within it is the womb of your soul.

Visualize the golden light form a golden seed in your root then as you inhale feel the light feed the seed of your soul.

Next place your hands into the prayer mudra with your hands above your head now inhale and see the seed create a line of gold light flowing through all chakras into your crown.

Focus on this and meditate on it for a few minutes take your time as it increases your connection with your soul.

Next feel all your subtle and energy bodies, merge together and become one body.

Then simply say

" I am my soul and my soul is me " X10.

When you do this focus on the intention of the soul waking up so to speak, the golden light will feed your soul so next vibrate “SATNAAM”.

Visualize the seed rise through the sacral chakra, then meditate on that connection for a minute then see the golden seed move to the next chakra and meditate on that chakra for a minute.

Until the seed and golden light has spread to all chakras then as it enters your crown chakra, feel the room spin, feel the connection with the earths movement, feel the magnetic plates in the ground move, feel the plants die and some plants blossom.

Now once this connection awakens a energy within, visualize a beacon of golden light shine through all the realms then as you inhale pull in the light of all existence into you.

Now visualize your chakra like this


Visualize on the left petal a miniature moon and on the right a miniature sun, inhale deeply and feel the moon and sun glow with power both lunar and solar, fire and water, masculine and feminine.

Then exhale and see the petals vibrate as you inhale see the miniature moon and sun enter the center of the triangle into a singular white bright orb.

Now visualize that orb become a pure white light shining through you, the more you inhale the stronger the energy gets the more you exhale it becomes solidified.

Then say

" May my soul awaken ".

Then see your souls light shine brighter than any light, see your golden light feed your aura.

Now feel your body, chakras and soul inflamed with amazing power.

Meditate on this feel who you really are, feel the energy of your soul, awaken incredible vibrations through you, then ground this force deep within.




Excellent excellent work, well layed out!
:wink: thanks for sharing that!

Only one thing though is that I noticed that the soul already is awakened and when merging with - integrating it - it’s core, asking it to be more integrated gives this sense of awakening. :wink:
The soul oversees all - is like a mini-god, a universe on it’s own, connected to the greater universe through the cosmic Self, ultimately, the almighty I AM-presence :slight_smile:

What you shared is really of great value, thanks again!, love it! :slight_smile: :wink: keep it up - you’re definitely making a difference…; people will find your posts :wink:

Totally bookmarked that one! :wink:

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Dude, with some slight tweaks, this will accomplish something that has been vexing me for a few weeks.

You have no idea.

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The Soul is already awakened. The “attention” what you are calling “soul” in this post, needs to match the darkness, no the other way around.

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No i mean the soul is awakened to a whole new level, because the soul operates on a basic level, but to consciously use the true power and abilities of our soul we must awaken the soul upon a whole new spectrum.

I too have merged my soul with all the spectrum of darkness, from shadow to darkness absolute, then in the path of smoke darkness eternal and through various alchemical rites darkness absolute.

Awakening the soul in this way brings the soul to higher-vibrations then grounding it, creates potent synergy which allows the individual to operate their souls through, intent, will and meditation.

This cannot be done with darkness, as the souls ascent must be through light, then you and your soul can use the totality of darkness and enter dark descent.

The soul is exists and is awakened to a degree, just like our mind is awakened, but not all aspects of the mind, there is always a new stage of awakening.



Archangel Barakiel brought me here. Thank you!


Dude its fucking incredible I tell you you don’t need middle pillar chakra balancing or cleansing or aura ones this meditation does all these and fucking MORE! I feel clean connected with to who I am I feel my confidence rise and many more
Great work man


Which chakra

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