Inner Alchemy : section one - skeletonised meditation

Inner Alchemy

This is the first installation of a serious of posts I will be presenting you all on inner alchemy.

In this series I will be teaching and presenting various techniques and teachings on empowering, strengthening and evolving you internally, physically and spiritually.

To perfect your outer temple the inner temple must be perfected too, to hold the power of a god you should mold your spiritual nature to greatness.

The first instalment will be on storing energy in our skeleton, this allows for us to carry extra energy, without spiralling out of control.

It also helps us physically as the skeleton is continuously working, so this is a great help.

Although this is a small step it, will come in handy for your inner alchemical perfection.

Using bones as a vessel of energy.

Start of with meditation
Once in the TGS state
Visualise your skeleton
Your skull, bones etc.

Inhale deeply
As your inhale feel
Your skeleton tighten
As if your skeleton
are breathing inwards
And then exhale
Feel your skeleton
Expand as if your
Bones were breathing outwards.

As you repeat this
skeletonised breathing
Each time your bones
Inhale visualise energy
Enter the inner bone marrow
Do this several times
Until your marrow is full
Of energy.

As you exhale feel
the energy
Shine and compress
Feel the energy build within
your skeleton.

Focus on how the energy feels
In your bone marrow
Think of the bones as a muscle
And the energy is the mass
That you’re going to add
to your muscle.

Now visualise yourself
As just a skeleton
That shines with pure
White strong energy.


Thanks for sharing this, I’ll try it out later today!


No problem dude good luck.


Wow. I am going to do this tonight when I meditate. Do you do this every day with the shape shifting meditation/goal too? How do you suggest incorporating the two things together? @C.Kendall I am very curious!!


This isn’t apart of shapeshifting this is just working on your inner alchemy.

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Ohhhh. Ok. I found it on the shape shifting thread so I thought you were saying it is a good way to start… hehehe! sorry!

I did it by the way. It was pretty cool. Weird. But cool.

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Haha no probs i’ll tag you in the techniques.

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I’d like that. Thank you.

Thanks C. I am extremely interested and seem to, have a natural feel or sensitivity towards auras and all types of energy , especially since practicing power meditation from jos, this all began from the lucifer meditation you gave us through the forum, to which im eternally gratefull for, I’m about to begin this first working towards alchemical transformation of my radiant energy body ( or soul) . I am very dedicated to my practice and would be excited beyond words if you tagged me about the technique posts you may soon be offering on the forum? Again I would be extremely grateful if i could keep in the loop and up to date regarding that. If there I anything I may do in return plz msssage me
. Thanks again C. Kendall. From Rors​:smiling_imp::slight_smile:


I’m glad your finding the post helpful if you need anymore insight just let me know.

Adding this meditation to my own. :pray:

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This is like dragons breath.

Is this meditation based off of Taoist inner alchemy? It reminded me of it so I thought I’d ask.

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