GT's Journey: Journal

I’ve decided that the best way for me to go about my journey is to document it on here and hold myself accountable every day to do the necessary tasks. So I guess this is my journal. I’m a beginner who is interested in evocation, chaos/natural magick, divination, soul travel, you name it. I’ll post goals every few weeks and as I cross things off the list replace with new goals. I’ll also have a reading list for myself.


Goals (As of Rn)

  1. Meditate 20 mins a day (different forms)
  2. Practice Trancework (TGS) daily
  3. Learn protection, banishing, grounding
  4. Develop Chakras/3rd Eye through meditation
  5. Start practicing evocation
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Types of Meditation

Reading List

  1. Initiation into Hermetics, Franz Bardon
  2. E-Squared by Pam

I plan to do E.A.'s Mastery and OAA courses but this should hold me and help build a solid foundation until then.

I realize now that before I even do any advanced magick, that I should start simple with a cleanse, banishing, and protection. This will develop a safe base for me before I decide to start really deeply working on my psychic abilities.

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