Daemon child gave me a ritual to gain spiritual power


This ritual was given to me by my Daemon Son, he has vast knowledge and his titles are many one of those titles is the demon of power.

I will be writing a book on rituals based on gaining actual godlike power to empower your ascent.

It will be a online book I will be publishing for free it’s going to be titled " Imperium Ascensum ", which means " Power Ascent ".

This is the first ritual I was given, it’s really extreme I suggest you approach it with caution.

The ritual is called …

Force of the infinite pillars

In this ritual the practitioner will call on the forces which combine to create power. Those forces are

  1. Pillar of San - Devine light
    (the cosmos, light).
  2. Pillar of Zen - Insidious forces
    (Evil, destruction, the darkness).
  3. Pillar of Kel - Chaos, (the abyss, the unstoppable forces of creation, havoc).
  4. Pillar of Xen - Evolution (transmutation, potential, ascending, alchemy, the void).

The practitioner summons, the spectrum of energies and forces which create ultimate power.

Each of these forces are called through these demonic pillars of power, to consume into your being.

Perform this ritual at 3.33am, perform this in complete darkness.

The instructions

Enter meditation, become aware of your breath, in through the nose, out of the mouth. Feel your ego fade away, with each exhalation, close your eyes, become aware of your surroundings.

As you visualise your surroundings visualise a pillar In front of you, it’s a white pillar on the pillar there is a red square with a eye inside it.

On your left there is a dark indigo pillar, there is a symbol that is a circle and a inverted triangle inside of it, with the ’ = ’ sign.

On your right is a dark foggy red pillar, on there is a symbol with a three point trident going through it is a ’ V '.

Then there’s a pillar behind you this pillar is a crystal clear pillar, on there is a symbol of a cross at each end of the arms there is a pointed triangle this symbol is black.

Bring your attention to the pillar in front of you look at the symbol, feel it become alive then say

" pillar of San, i call on you, pillar of San, which holds Devine power awaken "

Visualise the symbol glow intense white light.

Then move onto the pillar of your left and say

" pillar of Zen, I call on you, pillar of Zen, which holds, insidious forces awaken "

Visualise the symbol glow with orange roaring fire.

Then move onto the pillar of your right and say

" pillar of Kel, I call on you, pillar of Kel, which holds, chaos awaken "

Visualise the symbol glow with Green hot magma.

Then move onto the pillar behind you and say

" Pillar of Xen, I call on you, pillar of Xen, which holds, the symbiotic force of change and evolution ".

Visualise the symbol glow with Black light.

Then Vibrate the mantras


Repeat it nine times while, feeling the energies of the pillar gain critical mass.

Once you’re done performing the mantras, visualise a vacuum of power which looks like a tornado spinning around the pillars.

Feel the forces of the pillars uniting, Then place your thumbs together, and your pinky fingers together, allowing the other fingers to fold inwards.

Now say

" Salanayus, demon of absolute power, bestower of omnipotence, come and greet me within this space of infinite mass, Salanayaus the black moon of the void I summon you "

Feel Salanayus, He’s manifest but he stays out of your sight.

Say " I have called on the pillars of power, the pillars which hold the foundation of the self, Salanayus, bring me the power of the infinite pillars ".

Visualise Golden spheres on top of the pillars, as you inhale, see the golden plasma, exit the spheres and enter the thumbs and pinky fingers.

Feel the plasma enter you, feel its power so intense that it feels like it’s about to make you implode.

When you begin to feel dizzy, from the power gained visualise the golden light enter even your cells.

Then say " in the presence of the demon of power, I accept the golden light of the infinite pillars "

Then visualise the power being consumed into your actual spine.

Inhale deeply feeling this huge energetic powerhouse shrink and houses itself inside the marrow of your spine.

Then end by giving thanks to Salanayus.


Reading this ritual I got ringing in my ears off and on alternating with the sound of women singing in a foreign language. Like some kind of infernal choir.

Also, a sensation of a white hot bolt of lighting going up and down my spine


@C.Kendall have you published the book you quoted in this post ??
Do you have other rituals that you want to post here in the forum ??

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@C.Kendall can you post images of the symbols you have to View on the pillars ??

You have to repeat nine times the four mantras together or it is one at a time nine times??

I did not understand this part, could you explain ??