Advanced Vampirism

On a altar the place two black candles each side of a black scrying mirror, enter the TGS then when you see the static rain before you structure inside the static rain, the face of your victim.

As you do this, say their first and last name over and over and over, the structure of the face and the name act as powerful links which will make a connection to your target.

Now say these words " mirror open the veil so my three eyes may stare upon ( name ), from afar ".

You’ll begin to see the target, this is best done when their asleep, the vision as always will appear internally but with structuring the internal can be externalised into the mirror.

Now you may, focus on your aura, as you inhale feel your auric astral tendrils move, focus on it, feel it more than seeing it.

With each breath of Prana, you awake the vampiric tendrils, feel them thirst for their next prey.

With your breath, exhale and visualise and will and feel the tendrils, enter the split in the mirror created from the static rain, latching onto them.

Next to you, have an apple or a fruit to dump and dispose the targets Astral gunk into, place right hand on the fruit.

Now breathe in deeply feeling the tendrils, like vaccums, piercing not only the aura, but the physical body and subtle bodies.

To increase the feeding place out your right hand to also feed, the combination of the tendrils and hand technique is great.

As you inhale and feel the victim draining, pull it through the mirror into yourself.

But close your eyes and bring that energy into your core, into the solar plexus, if this chakra is open place the targets energy in there.

This chakra can burn / boil / separate the gunk from the energy, the gunk is like a greyish blackish fog type of energy.

With breath, focus, visualisation and tactile imaging, push the gunk into the fruit.

While you’re doing this you can still keep draining your victim, now the apple is filled with the gunk.

You can curse that victim since you’ve drained them or you can increase the astral gunk in the apple and programme the energy through a statement of intent to become physically harmful and give it to someone to cause sickness.

Sincerely Conner Kendall.


Why I love how you ended this!

I wanted to add that you can put in place filtering mechanisms in your tendrils ( knowing a bit of medicine and chemistry might help here. Just the basic stuff that help to purify gases. Same technique can apply here) that’ll help to sift out the gunk so that you only take in the good stuff


Great post!!!


This could be something that you might want to looking into after the conversation we just had.

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Can we put gunk into crystals?

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after i did lilith ritual, lucifer also qliphoth. i feel really addicted to blood in the last 1 month … i tried cutting my finger and suck it, it only took a few drops and was satisfied. I also felt my magic increase thanks to that

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