Invocation of the seven sons of the Phoenix

@bfields5 today posted a topic about the seven sons of the Phoenix and I remember when I worked through the O.A.A, I was mesmerised by the seven sons of the Phoenix.

So I channeled a invocation from these beings to share with those of the order, and with those who wish to work with these powerful immortal souls.

Invocation of the seven sons of the Phoenix

I call forth
the seven sons of the Phoenix
Beings of creation and destruction
I invoke thee
The Seven sons of the Phoenix
The beings who rise
From the realms of immortal flames
Come from the flames
And rise within me
Enter my body
May the immortal flames
Flow within me
Enter my mind
May the immortal flames
Flow within me
Enter my subtle bodies
May the immortal flames
Flow within me
Seven sons of the Phoenix
I invoke thee
The embodiments
Of power and inextinguishable
Fire, may the hells rise
May the heavens split
across the skies
May the order of the flames
Of eternal ascent
Bring their power to me
And stand along me
As brothers and sisters
May the seven sons of the Phoenix
And the flames of ascent course
Through my entire being


@C.Kendall Just performed it. A bit wordy I must say compared to invocations I am used to. Felt a wave of power at the end of the invocation. Also, I feel a bit light somewhat floating actually if you understand what I mean.

Isn’t there a seal to be used while saying that, i just read out loud that while i was sitting on my cinema recliner, i didn’t feel anything.:slight_smile:

@Bowling270 That’s probably because you aren’t familiar with methods of invocation similar to the ones I use. An invocation for me generally involves speaking/chanting word/s of power without any grand ritual. This sort of thing is normal for me. I would even say this invocation is a bit wordy compared to invocations I am used to.

So what should i have felt, did something arrived while i was saying it, i don’t believe it didn’t work.

@Bowling270[quote=“Bowling270, post:5, topic:17549”]
i don’t believe it didn’t work.
If absolutely nothing happened then I think “it didn’t work” is a good conclusion. It’s an invocation, so you should have felt their power enter you. Invocation is a manifestation within yourself. Evocation is a manifestation outside yourself.

Do you think im brain dead, i could read every evocation, invocation on Earth, i will get the same result, i don’t know what is wrong with my mind because it making me look like a idiot.

@Bowling270 Okay. Calm down. I will PM you something.

Well years ago 6 years ago i went to see a nurologist, to have cat scans on my brain apparently i do have Lesion of the brain.

@Bowling270 Once you figure out how to invoke PM me. Their is an invocation for healing long term illnesses in one of my grimoires.

Is lesion of the brain serious, can something like that interfere with ascent.

Yes. Again learn to invoke. There are invocations to purge yourself of all of that.

Good morning, question is invocation the same as and/or similar to possession? How much control do you have over your body and thoughts?

Similar, but different. [quote=“DragonPhoenix777, post:13, topic:17549”]
How much control do you have over your body and thoughts?
Complete control generally. Unless realigning your spirit/emotions is the point of the invocation or the energies are truly overwhelming. With certain beings it’s a bit blurry. The boundary between perfect invocation and possession seems thin at most.

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How so? Is it like partial possession?

Essentially. You are allowing the Spirit into yourself to a lesser degree than full possession. As I said before the line can be blurry at times. I’ve had my body controlled by the Spirits (automatic writing in a wild animalistic frenzy actually) even during what was technically an invocation. If the energies rise up in you to that degree there will be times when the Spirits literally guide your hand (or more) from within you.


I would think that is to be expected. Has there ever been a time where the spirit made you or tried to make you do something you didn’t want to do?

No. I trust the Spirits I work with not to try and forcefully possess me. Also, if they really wanted to make me do something they could just tell me to. The terms of the implicit pact require pretty much absolute obedience. Far less hassle really than the forceful possession route. They’ve never called on me to do something I didn’t want to though.


@DragonPhoenix777 I find invocation to be a rather vague term really. At one end it’s calling the Spirits into yourself to grant you power, and blessings. On the other hand there’s calling on the Spirits to realign your soul a well as some near possession like phenomena.


Let’s say you want know/learn everything a particular spirit has to offer in as far as help with ascension and retain the teachings can that be done through invocation or full or partial possession?

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