Star Of Lucifer - The Stellar Eye - Technique

What is the Star Of Lucifer / The Stellar Eye.

This is the eye of Lucifer, a matrix of power which when you look at it opens the individuals sight, it’s also called the stellar star of Lucifer, because one of Lucifer’s realm is a stellar cosmic world that holds a perfect vibration for opening your sight and evolving it.

When i channeled this, i performed it straight away, it made me enter the TGS immediately i began seeing a lot of crazy shit so here is how it is done.


Sit in a meditative position in the east, do this in complete darkness and you can then do it later on in the light, but first do it in the darkness.

Now say

" Lucifer, Shiva, Attar, Azazel, Lucifuge Rofacle, Shemyaza,
Prometheus, Janus, Samael, Melek Taus, Lugh, Pan,
Come to me i speak your names "

Then close your eyes begin to feel the blanket manifestation in the air, feel the whole room buzzing with Lucifer’s power and presence, now simply feel that power increase the more you focus on it and say

" Lucifer open the gateway to your stellar realm, may the eye of lucifer manifest before, look upon me as my three eyes look upon you ".

Open your eyes, pick one singular spot in the air look there, now the important thing is look directly in that singular point in the darkness, don’t look behind it or around it, keep your eyes there.

Now simply visualize with your eyes open a dragon eye made of blue stellar light, as you do this continue to look in the one spot, then pull your sight back and start scrying into that one singular point.

You’ll then begin to see the eye / stellar star begin to manifest, keep your attention on it relax your eyes, feel the trance deepening more and more, feel yourself drop through the floor through rings of reality as your eyes are fixated in a scrying mode at the eye / star.

Now feel your two physical eyes and your Ajna Chakra, begin to build up energy and a pressure, now visualize three cords from three eyes into the eye of lucifer, creating a connection, continue to scry while doing this.

Then as you inhale feel lucifer’s energy and sight go through the cords into three of your eyes then as you exhale push your energy into the eye of Lucifer, this is Lucifer glance entering your eyes and you answering his.

Do this over and over while repeating Lucifers enn

" Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer "

As you do this reality disappears before your eyes and reappears in a new way, you may see some nuts shit the room and lines glowing in the room, faces and energy buzzing everywhere. You’ll even see wandering spirits in the room, if you pull your attention away from the eye then start again.

Do this in the dark and then afterwards in the day, if you continue to do this over and over you aren’t only awakening your sight but your evolving it and taking your astral sense of sight to a whole new level. No matter how much it it will have more room for improvement.

So try this and comment below your experience its truly incredible.


Conner Kendall.


I very much want to try this tonight. There are some rituals I read and am instantly thinking “yes, this will work”, and this is one of them for sure.


Great brother let us all know how it goes


awesome just what I’m looking for., Nobody else really tried this and could leave a comment?

I just wanted to share my 1st experience trying this.

so I did this at night in a dark room. I definitely felt something but i couldn’t visualize/see the blue dragon eye very well with my physical eyes.

regardless i did what was instructed and used a YouTube audio loop for the enn and chanted with that.

anyways no any intense visuals but some thing weird happened that never happened b4. while doing this my eyes started watering/crying. tears whete litteraly streaming down my face but i was not either happy or sad jusy calm.

I had to wipe my eyes multiple times. I wasnt pver concentrating or staring until the point of having my eyes water that’s the weird part.

anyways I did what was instructed didn’t see anything definitive aeound me but could easily sense it.

rhere was an immense pressure all around my head once I moved it off the wall to move my head in a position looking downaways. (i was sitting up against a wall on my bed doing this) it was lije rhere was a magnet pulling my head back to the original spot that my head was positioned in when i started this.

I will try again. my astral senses are not where i would like them to be but i am fairly new to everything.

I wanted to leave this review bc nobody else did unfortunately.


I’ll likely try this tomorrow night. Tonight I got a date with Lilith.


I have experienced this as well, it seems this is caused by straining ones visual cortex by focusing on a singular point anywhere. But since you felt the presence then definetely you did it. Nice

Any success with it?

is this safe? XD

I would agree but I have stared at specific spot on the wall and had nothing like this happen before! there were literally tears streaming down my face and I was perfectly calm. It wasnt just from staring at one spot because it was too extreme.

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Lucifer told to do that

I have amazing story
Ok so I was doing the ritual with lucifer, my everyday ritual
Then he told me
“search stellar eye”
I did I founded this and then begun the instruction
I was not in theta trance but I think I must been at alpha or beta anyways MY 3 EYE WAS ON FUCKING FIRE!
I felt a flaming hot sensation like lucifer was shooting laser at me!
I seen shapes too, I seen energies moving
When I finished the meditation he told
“now your senses are rising with this, you must trust yourself”
I must master trance work too, but I have some problems with it, I have chest pain and I have a weird feeling when I try to, I have an empty cold feeling


i googled and got eye shadow

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It’s been 3 days…
My senses are fucking rising!
Just finished today’s session my 3 eye is on fire ,the meditation is very effective and very enjoyable too


Well what do u do? how do you do it?

It says on the instructions


Hey I have a question. I had a martial arts friend who said that staring at a flame in a completely dark room for a couple minutes then blowing it out closing your eyes and visualizing it would open your senses. What do you think of this


It reminds me on similar technique where you focus on candle flame and then after closing your eyes the candle light flickers in your mind’s eye…so we can say for sure it is a similar technique with exact manifestations.
And you probably focus the candle light in your minds eye and voila…third eye gets open.
P.S. I use Lepaca and Sovelo rune for chakras as V K Jehannum suggested in one of his posts.


Ah, just scrolled up XD derp

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Thank you. A part of this had an answer for the meditation I’m currently doing and what was being seen.

Bump to share the offered wisdom.

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