The Devil's Blood - Drink It If You Dare

The Devil’s Blood.

The Blood of God has been digested by many sorcerers but to digest The Blood Of The Devil, is a act of empowerment like no other, partake of the elixir and become The Devil, the infernal incarnation.

Ingredients for The Devil’s Blood.

  • Bottle of Red Wine.

  • A Chalice or glass

  • A Blade suitable for drawing blood

  • A Seal Of a red and black pentagram

  • Three candles ( Two Red and One Black )

  • Salt.

Take the bottle of wine and a day of sun, pour it into a container or bowl, set it in the direction of the sun, meditate in front of it close your eyes visualize the sun above you and think of the sun’s dark core the blackened sun. Feel the demonic layers of the sun, Sorath and Lucifer, feel the hellish powers of the sun.

Then say " Solar Gate Of hell I open thee ". Push your intention towards the sky and feel the demonic solar powers come down to you. Look at the wine and visualize the suns rays charge the wine and say " May the dark powers of the sun ignite the wine before me ".

Visualize the rays of the sun enter the wine, meditate on it for a while until you feel the powers are charged within the wine.

Now pour the wine back into the bottle, and leave it sit in your home in the south. Then in the night when the moon is visible, pour the wine back into a bowl and place the bowl in the direction of the moon and meditate. Think of the demonic and dark powers of the moon as a gate of the nightside.

Then look to the moon and say " the lunar gate of hell i open thee ". Push your intention towards the sky and feel the demonic lunar powers come down to you. Look at the wine and visualize lunar rays charge the wine and say " May the dark powers of the moon empower the wine before me ".

Visualize the moons power enter the wine, meditate on it for a while until you feel the powers are charged within the wine.

Now look in the red wine and see the solar and lunar powers intertwine into one force, place your right hand over the wine and think of the intention of solidifying the solar and lunar powers in the wine. Then inhale feel the energy in your Zeal Chakra spike then exhale and push the godlike power into the liquid, then pour it into the bottle.

Now take the bottle and invoke the powers of darkness facing the west, and push that power into the wine and visualize the liquid become black, hold the bottle towards the west in the air and say " The powers of darkness, The powers of the sun and the powers of the moon awaken ".

Face the south pour the red wine into the glass or chalice, look at the inverted pentagram and open it by scrying into it, feel its power radiate from it place the chalice / glass on top of the pentagram.

With salt create a circle around the pentagram and glass place two red candles on each side then on top place a black candle to form a triangle. Draw your own blood and place one drop inside the wine.


" In the name of Abaddon, Amaymon, Azazel and Belial giveth your blessings to this liquid, May the nine demonic kings inflame the wine with hellfire, May emperor Lucifer release the dragon of hell to coil within this drink, may the infernal serpents swirl and coil may the powers of hell consecrate these liquids to boil ".

Then see the transformation of the liquid take form, the powers of darkness and the combination of solar and lunar force, increase the potency of the liquids transformation.

Meditate on the liquid observe it and visualize power in the air in each particle each particle shining like millions of small suns, inhale and feel the power enter you, the power of all creation and destruction the godlike force of the world.

Focus on this force building in your chest as you hold the power of omnipotence within with your right hand exhale push that power into the liquid, then say

" I awaken this power in the name of Salanayus Demon of power "

Then raise the drink and say

" I drink the blood of the devil " Then drink it and feel the power transform you, from the inside out, feel countless damned souls moving around you feel the alchemical empowerment within begin.

This ritual is potent when combined with the rite called ’ The Blood Of God ", drinking both drinks empowers the individual, if you do both rites before a ritual then expect amazing results i can verify this myself.


Conner Kendall.


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The Devil (as with any other spirit) is averse to salt; that’s why a pinch of salt is added to the water in the Catholic rite of making holy water. Hence also the popular superstition of throwing salt over your left shoulder such that it lands in the Devil’s eye.

Could another substance be substituted? Perhaps something more conducive to the rite like sulphur perhaps?


Strangely enough, salt is not seen as being repellent to spirits in the Japanese tradition.
In Shinto, for example, the kami and one’s ancestor spirits are given offerings of salt.

Perhaps it is not anything innate to the salt, but rather the cultural & personal expectations about the substance that give it its attributes. :thinking:


Could you explain the reasoning here. The devil’s aversion to salt?

certainly. Think back to the ancient Semitic cultures where a lot of these entities first popped up their heads. In those desert cultures, salt was one of the few ways to preserve food and disinfect wounds. Without salt, food would quickly putrify and wounds would quickly fester. Thus salt was seen as a purifying and cleansing agent. Conversely, the entities opposed to creation, the dominant god(s) and relgious orthodoxies were considered “unclean”. Hense they were believed to be averse to anything (like salt) that brought about a state of cleanliness, purification, etc. Disease itself, in these cultures was linked to demonic influence and healing was considered an act of exorcism. It is no accident that the first healing miracle attributed to Christ in the Gospel of Mark is also an exorcism. Thus an agent of healing like salt would be seen to be opposed to the demonic influence of disease.


Great work Conner! This ritual looks like it was channeled from the Enlightener himself


Thanks for the explanation.

I have never heard of salt used as a disinfectant. A preservative, yes. As a method of keeping a wound from festering quicker than the body can heal itself.

@Warlock The notion that salt is a cleansing is true but why use it then ?

Because if it has the ability to purify energy it can do the opposite too, so some angels are considered pure and carry waves of pure vibrations, the most demonic beings carry both pure and impure energies.

Just like salt if it has the ability to purify then it can make things impure too, in a spiritual and energetic way of course. Just like if you find a demon that makes individuals sick then you can evoke that spirit to heal sickness, so salt purifies and makes energies that may be pure impure.

It’s quite complicated i know but that is polarity if there is a force which energizes it can also reverse that to drain you, if you find a force which can awaken a individual that same force can be used to keep others from reaching the state of being awakened.

This is why salt is used, the spirit that gave this to me has been called the devil and he actually goes far back into the Semitic spirit known as Attar, so quite interesting you mention that.


Correct again brother :smirk:



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Dang @C.Kendall how am I just seeing this lol I feel I missed out. But it’s perfect timing :smirk::wink:


I’m just a beginner but I agree with you.

I’ve witnessed similar rituals from different lines and traditions.
The ingredients vary by culture, but I’ve never seen them use salt except to cleanse or drive away spirits.
Years ago in a meeting/ritual with 9 Kardecists I got a bag of salt from a spirit.
I was told by this spirit that salt cleans and keeps away both good and bad things and for that very reason I would feel “empty” after using it and therefore I should “recharge” later with new energies.

A few years later an “entity” that I won’t mention by name explained the concept of salt to me.
He told me that “everything in the world is transformed and dissolved and along with the water, in one way or another it is carried into the rivers which in turn end up in the sea. Everything ends up in the salt.”