HEEEEYYYYYY! [Introduction]

Hey, New here and New to all this, Complete Beginner like never even meditated ever! EVER ever! So let me introduce myself as fast as possible!

• Your name
Same as username

• Photos if you’re comfortable

Quite a looker, I know!

• Kinds of magick you like
The ones that work I guess?

• Current goals
Experience Magic
Learn to meditate
World domination?
World peace, Maybe?

• Current struggles
Magic books with verbal Diarrhea
Woo woo and Fluffy talks in books
Dogma everywhere
Thinking about struggles?

• Special Notes
Want to experience magic and bring change with conformity with will (or whatever) without evoking or invoking any entity for now and No ritualistic things as well because don’t have space nor privacy and it’s kinda weird. Don’t want Aunt Susan to know how weird I am either.

• Reason to be here in this forum
Use search Function
Meet decent people who practice it and to learn from them
Only decent active forum on this stuff out there
Seem really edgy?
Wants to become a living God? (No idea what it is)

• How can you help?
Suggest me Books
Suggest me Practical exercises with No Bullshit
Help me with questions and doubts
Keeping this thread only focused on helping and not fighting with each other or to show how big of pussy slayer you are, Just be decent.
Maybe tell stories and tips and tricks on how you got sorted all this out when you started out?
Just Give practical advice?

If armchair magician, Please do mention that when you answer

Appreciate you reading and Thanks! In case any forum rules broken, I am really sorry because I don’t know what they are.


Thanks, it’s what I was looking for and Nice illustration.
In one of your post you said something about “Reality Edit”, What is it?


This topic has some suggestions: Overcoming Addictions, And More.


Hi. Not sure whether you are borderline troll, very classy sassy or just very blunt, but anyway, welcome to the forum and enjoy.
I am very rude myself sometimes without trying to, so it is alles gut.

Some people post a lot of useful practical stuff so have a search and read.


Why not all?
Yeah I am Trying to, So far haven’t found anything I would like to practice

Edit: Thanks for the welcome btw




Posting because it’ll be easy to find this again.

The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer might be to your liking. Otherwise, almost any book by The Gallery of Magick also has very straightforward practical rituals (usually no other equipment needed other than the book), usually with almost no theory involved, just advice on how to get the magick working.

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I find GOM to be hard to work with. If you’re doing self-improvement, it’s not too bad because a lot of that is in your own hands. Trying to affect things outside of yourself seems more difficult.

OP should maybe check out psionics?

Thank you so much for posting all the useful tutorials you have discovered lol I bookmarked your thread asjdnkafnad
Welcome to the forum :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

In my experience with their books I’ve had no problem affecting things outside of myself, in fact, there were quite a few times where I didn’t even need to put it ANY effort. So depends on the person. The thing is their books SHOULDN’T be difficult, you shouldn’t worry about the technical rituals of the ritual or if you’re doing it right, just do it with calm and fun mindset and afterwards just relax and move on.

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